Douglas Bullet of One Piece

Douglas Bullet is a former member of the Navy and the Roger Pirates. He is also known by the nickname Devil’s He ir (jap. “鬼 “の跡目, “Oni” no atoms). He was once held captive in the underwater prison Impel Down.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Stampede (2019).


Bullet is a very broadly built muscular man with long light hair. On his head he wears headphones. He wears a black uniform buttoned up with six large buttons. Two badges are pinned to his left chest, with the letters “GF” visible on one of the badges. Attached to his upper left arm is an armband that also bears the initials “GF” and on his left sleeve is a skull and crossbones with small stars arranged in a circle around it. He also wears a belt, black pants, brown heeled boots and white gloves. His body is adorned with several small cross-shaped scars, but most noticeable is his large burn scar that extends down the left side of his body. Bullet also has a tattoo of a red skull on his upper left arm.

As a young man, Bullet was still much slimmer. At that time he possessed only a short hairline. A few years later, he grew his hair significantly.


For Douglas Bullet there was only in his life from early childhood, which is why only strength counts for him. Early on, through the betrayal committed against him, the attitude solidified in him that you can only become the strongest alone, because only one person can stand at the top. The betrayal by his only confidant then made him so incensed that he defeated an entire army in anger. This attitude was reinforced by the death of Whitebeard, who sacrificed himself for his “family”. His character is thus in complete contrast to Monkey D. Luffy, who always fights with his friends or for his friends. A brief change of heart during his time with the Roger Pirates was averted by the news that his former captain was terminally ill. On his way to the top to become the strongest being in the world, he takes no heed, not caring if pirates, the Navy, or even civilians stand in his way. So he agreed to Buena Festa’s idea of having a festival, with the navy also arriving to finish everyone off.

Skills & Strength

Bullet is a real monster

Bullet has eaten from the Combine Fruit, which allows him to combine different items like weapons. For example, he can create a large robot. However, he trained the power during his imprisonment in Impel Down to the point that it even Awakened. This allowed him to merge with the entire island and become a colossus.

But even without his devil powers, he is immensely strong, so he was able to defeat many Worst Generation pirate captains without using them, even though they used their devil powers. For example, Capone Bege’s “Big Father”, who was able to protect the Alliance from Big Mom’s strikes for a while, was history after only one strike. His strength was also shown at a young age, so much so that he was called a “monster” by his comrades at the time, and he was able to take out an entire army. He even survived a buster call and was able to destroy the enemy navy fleet. It was only through the combination of the Navy, led by Garp and Sengoku, and some pirates that he was captured at all. According to Buggy, in his time with the Roger Pirates, he was on par with Silvers Rayleigh, the later Pirate King’s right-hand man.

Furthermore, he is proficient in all three types of haki and especially his armor haki is very trained. So he could “cover” the whole colossus with armor haki.


Child soldier of the Galz Force

Bullet as a child soldier of the Galz Force

Born in a land where “war never ends,” Douglas Bullet was disowned by his mother at an early age because his father was an enemy soldier. He was then found by soldiers of the Galzburg army, who trained him to be a soldier in their ranks. Under the command of Douglas Gray, he was sent forward with other child soldiers as “casualties” and formed the advance guard, for example, to detect minefields early. Knowing only war, he was always anxious to receive notice by his deeds in war, and did all he could to receive the medal awarded to the one with the greatest achievements on the battlefield. However, when he almost achieved his goal, he was betrayed by his comrades who saw him as nothing but a monster because of his strength. He took revenge and eliminated all of them and was able to secure the medal. This experience solidified in him the opinion that you can only be strong alone and allies only weaken you. At the age of nine, Douglas was recognized as the strongest child soldier, but four years later he reached his limit on the battlefield and threatened to starve to death. As a result, he saw a fruit and ate it, but it was the combiner fruit. 31 years ago, at the age of 14, he had already almost helped his country to victory and Douglas Gray was promoted to general. However, he saw young Douglas Bullet as a threat to his position and had him surrounded. The betrayal of the only person Douglas Bullet ever trusted freaked him out, so he single-handedly destroyed the army and his country.

Duels with Gol D. Roger

Bullet succumbs to Roger

He then set sail and was sought by the world government as a pirate. A year later he met Gol D. Roger and suffered the first defeat of his life. He tried again and again, but failed each time. To find out what Roger’s strength was, he joined him and the Roger Pirates. At the age of 17, he gained his nickname “the Devil’s Heir”, but he had to learn shortly after that Gol D. Roger was terminally ill and Douglas feared that there was not enough time left for him to surpass and defeat him. He believed that he would not become stronger, but rather weaker, if he worried about others and fought Gol D. Roger one last time, but he lost again. He then left the Roger Pirates and made a name for himself as a rookie. He then fought Crocodile 26 years ago, who was also a rookie at the time, however the outcome is unknown.

Capture and stay at Impel Down

The Buster Call Against Douglas Bullet

After Gol D. Roger was executed, he made the seas unsafe as he could not win against a deceased and became a huge threat to the World Government and Navy. He was able to survive an initial Buster Call on him and destroy the entire naval fleet. In the process, all he received was the scar on his left shoulder. 23 years ago, the Navy attacked him again, this time with Monkey D. Garp and Sengoku, and was able to defeat and capture him with the help of other pirates. He then spent the next 20 years in Impel Down, where he made the decision to become a pirate king and defeat all strong people, whether navy or pirate, to be the strongest. He concentrated and continued his training in silence. Then, when the great escape occurred, due in part to the involvement of Monkey D. Luffy and Marshall D. Teach, Douglas Bullet escaped. Marshall D. Teach recognized him and told his men to let him go. He also heard of Whitebeard’s death, who sacrificed himself for his comrades, and was strengthened in his belief that one could only come to true strength alone. In addition, he met Buena Festa and made a plan with him over the next two years that he would put into action at the Pirates Festival.This information comes from the special episodes of One Piece – Stampede.

At an unknown time before the capture, Douglas Bullet invaded Cidre’s home village, leaving it completely destroyed and engulfed in flames.


Bullet reshuffles the cards

Before the pirate expo had even started on Delta, he ran into Trafalgar Law and severely wounded him. Then, when the treasure hunt began and Buggy was able to grab the treasure Gol D. Rogers on Treasure Island at the end of the knock-up stream, Douglas Bullet destroyed the island with one blow. The pirates all fell down to Delta and Douglas confronted Usopp, who had the Eternal Port in his hands after Laugh Tale. He was able to defeat him easily and take the treasure. He then rose in front of the other pirates and while those who recognized him froze in fear, Luffy caught sight of the enemy holding an unconscious Usopp in his arms. After Douglas took out the weaker pirates using King Shaki, the pirate captains of the Worst Generation, with the exception of Law, attacked him, but they were no match. Luffy, however, was able to hit him, giving them credit for some strength.

Douglas Bullet reveals his devil powers

To their amazement, Douglas Bullet then revealed to them that he had eaten from a devil fruit and fought them without those powers until now. Transformed into a giant robot by the combining fruit, Douglas Bullet took out his opponents one by one, reinforcing his attitude that one is stronger without friends. However, when he was about to deal them the death blow, Usopp stood up again and attacked him with several projectiles, which apparently had no effect. Still, some seeds were able to embed themselves in the latter’s machine armor. Bullet then made his way to the coastal city on Delta and attacked the fleeing pirates and marines. It turned out that he had “Awakened” his devil powers, turning him into a giant colossus that could control the land and raise the coast so no one could escape. He planned to kill everyone there to demonstrate his supremacy.

Later, Luffy regained consciousness and attacked Douglas Bullet, but his attacks were again ineffective and Luffy took another heavy blow. By now others had joined the fight against Colossus and Boa Hancock attacked him, which was followed by Crocodile’s attack. These attacks allowed Trafalgar Law to cut through Bullet’s haki armor at one point, which Sabo and Smoker used to attack that very point. This allowed them to sever one of his arms, and when Douglas tried to reconnect it to his body, Rob Lucci intervened and destroyed the arm. Despite this, Bullet was confident that one arm would be enough. Afterwards, Sabo, Smoker, Hancock and Law attacked and weakened him further, while coincidentally Buggy was also in the mix. Though Bullet pushed them off into the distance, they were able to buy Luffy enough time for him to launch into a powerful attack.

Luffy defeats Bullet

His Gomu Gomu no-King-King Gun clashed with Bullet’s Ultimate Fist, and the Straw Hat was able to break through his opponent’s colossal form. Now back in his “simpler” and much smaller machine armor, Douglas Bullet was about to strike the final blow, but at that moment the seeds of Usopp’s Green Star: Serpent Fireworks that he had previously planted in the latter’s armor opened up, destroying it. Now the two were face to face and the final battle began, but it was not only a battle between two pirates, but also a comparison between two completely different views: While Luffy fought for his friends, Bullet fought for himself alone. Luffy’s gum-gum King Kong Gatling clashed with Douglas Bullet’s strongest punch, and though Bullet was eventually able to land a hit on the straw hat’s face, the latter yelled at him that he could never do it alone. At this, Bullet remembered Gol D. Roger and was eventually able to be defeated by Luffy.


  • His name Douglas Bullet came from his time in the “Galz Force”. The child soldiers who were part of the Vanguard were called “Bullet” and the unit Douglas Bullet was assigned to was led by Commander Douglas Gray. In addition, the children were numbered and Douglas Bullet was given the number 9, so he was “The 9th Bullet (Bullet) of Douglas’ Squad” and from this his name “Douglas Bullet” was derived.

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