Dosun of One Piece

Dosun is commander of the New Fishmen pirate gang.


The New Fishmen Pirates As Kids

Dosun is a large hammerhead fish man, which also determines his appearance. Thus, according to its genus, it has the head shape similar to a hammer, with its eyes on the upper, outer edge and its head elongated. Furthermore, it has many pointed and dangerous teeth, as well as purple, wide lips.

Dosun is also distinguished by his size, being more than twice the height of an average human, and is only surpassed by Ikaros Much within his pirate band. His light blue body is very voluminous, with a broad upper body and wide upper arms, but small, narrow legs and forearms. On its neck, a dorsal fin also protrudes from between its long, pink hair, and there are gills on its neck. Just like almost all members of the New Fishmen Pirates, Dosun wears a tattoo in the shape of their Jolly Roger; in his case, on his left arm.

The New Fishmen Piratesbang As Teens

He wears an open dark green shirt with short sleeves, which is decorated with yellow symbols, similar to a hammer. He has a belt tied across his torso, which runs from his right hip to his left shoulder and often contains his giant hammer. He also wears pink pants and sandals. Around his waist he also wears a white sash, similar to a bandage.

His appearance has changed a lot over the years, so his body in childhood was not so voluminous and especially his facial features not so pronounced. At the same time, his entire face was even rounder and his hair shorter. He later exchanged his white t-shirt for a dark grey shirt with a black pattern, which he wore open. He wore black trousers with it.

After aging, as a result of taking the E.S. pills, his hair turned gray and his entire body became weak, which is especially visible due to the attached fat and sagging skin. His eyes also droop low on his face and his lips have lost their vibrant color, instead now being brittle and grayish.


Dosun holds the same principles as Hody Jones, that humans are a lesser race who must serve the fish-men, and any fish-man who fraternizes with a human is not worthy to live. However, he also fears Hody, knowing that once he would stand in his way in any way, the latter would not hesitate to kill him. However, he himself takes a similar approach and does not shy away from attacking his own men when they tried to flee the battlefield because of the falling Noah.

Skills and strength

As the commander of the New Fishmen Pirates, Dosun has directive authority over the lower members, and this position alone speaks to tremendous strength. He fights primarily with a large hammer and, even among fishmen who already have ten times the physical strength of humans, possesses tremendous physical strength that can even be magnified by taking E.S. to the point where he can knock away an entire house with one blow. However, his current strength level can be gauged by the last word he says. Should he say “Kotsun“at the end of a sentence he is at his weakest, he should say “Dosun” instead he is in normal condition and should he say “Bagon“his power is at its peak. However, when the side effects of the E.S. pills kicked in, his strength faded.


Dosun and his comrades take action against “traitors

Jones and his later crew, including Dosun, grew up in the orphanage, the Fishmen’s District. There, the children were particularly influenced by Arlong, who preached his views of humans to them.
When the children finally turned 15, Fisher Tiger attacked Mary Geoise and the Sun Pirates was formed. Jones and the rest were excited by the actions of their kind and hoped that they would teach the humans a lesson. Constantly following the actions of the Sun Pirates through the newspaper, the children dreamed of joining them one day.

As they grew larger, their violence against humans and sea creatures friendly with them continued to increase. For example, they burned down the home of a fellow fishman who dared to donate blood to a human. Driven by their hatred of humanity, they eventually formed the New Fishmen Pirates and subsequently enslaved over 30,000 pirates. Following in Arlong’s footsteps, they set out to spread fear and terror across the world with the help of energy steroids and an army of over 100,000 men.


The takeover of Fish-Man Island

Fukaboshi stops Dosun

Dosun was first seen in the Noah with the other commanders of the New Fishmen Pirates when the pirate Gyro and his gang attempted to flee from the New Fishmen Pirates and Hody Jones set out to stop him. He was also present at the formation of the alliance between Hody Jones and Vander Decken IX.

Some time later, the New Fishmen Pirates set out to carry out their plans and take over the island. Hody Jones and Vander Decken IX, as well as many of their men made their way to the castle while the commanders occupied the various precincts. Dosun attempted to occupy the northern part of the island, forcing the civilians to step on a picture of Otohime. In doing so, he threatened violence to anyone who refused. However, he was stopped and quickly defeated by Fukaboshi, who was on his way to the castle.

After the Neptune brothers left, the inhabitants of the northern part of the island wondered what to do with the bound Dosun and his men. Dosun was already fearing that Hody Jones would kill him for his failure when one of his men spit an E.S. pill into his mouth. Dosun regained his strength, broke his bonds, destroyed a house in rage, and vowed to take revenge on Fukaboshi.

Straw Hat Pirates vs New Fish-Men Pirates

Dosun vs. Chopper

He also got this revenge when he, together with the other commanders, was able to defeat and capture the three princes. But this was not enough for him and he wanted to see more destruction. When Jinbe and Princess Shirahoshi were captured and Hody Jones revealed that he was the one who killed Otohime, Dosun just laughed while everyone else reacted shocked except for the commanders. Monkey D. Luffy then appeared with the entire Straw Hat Pirates and the hostages were freed. The Hammerhead Fishman still tried to prevent Hoe from escaping with the royal family, but failed. After the Straw Hats then radically reduced the number of opponents, Dosun and Ikaros Much stood in the way of the Straw Hat moving towards Hody Jones. They ordered the subordinates to stay out of it, as they could not stop him, but neither could they. Both were stopped by Zoro and Sanji, while Luffy didn’t even pay them any mind and walked purposefully towards Jones.

Dosun imprisoned and aged

Knocked out by just one attack, he was able to quickly pick himself up and attacked Usopp, who he accused of poor defense, but he was warned by Chopper and dodged. He then faced the reindeer for a fight and his hammer clashed with Chopper’s Heavy Gong. Dosun was shocked that his opponent was able to stop the attack with his bare fist. Later, he noticed some of his men trying to flee from the falling Noah and stopped them by hitting them with his hammer. After Chopper then switched to his Monster Point, Dosun turned his attention back to him and attacked him. However, he was quickly taken out by Chopper’s Kokutei: Palme.

Afterwards, Hody Jones, Vander Decken IX, and the commanders of the New Fishmen Pirates were imprisoned in the Palace’s prison tower. However, due to the after-effects of the E.S. Pills, they were all increasingly aging. Weakened, Dosun commented that they must take revenge on the Straw Hat Pirates for this.


  • Dosun in Japanese is the onomatopoeic word for a dull thud. This could be a reference to his species as a hammerhead shark.
  • His favorite dish is ikanago.

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