Donquixote Doflamingo of One Piece

Donquixote Doflamingo was one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and until recently reigned as King of Dress Rosa. He is known by the epithets “Ten’yasha” (天夜叉, “Skyyakṣa”) and “Charisma of Evil” (悪のカリスマ, “Aku No Karisuma”). Moreover, as a mediator of the underworld, he also posed as a “joker” (ジョーカー, “Jōkā”). He is a descendant of the King of Dress Rosa 800 years ago, who was one of 20 founding fathers of the world government who lived in Mary Geoise, also known as the World Noble. He is also the son of Donquixote Homing and the older brother of Donquixote Rosinante. After his defeat by Monkey D. Luffy, he was arrested by the Navy and imprisoned in Impel Down.


Doflamingo sketches

Flamingo is a 3.05 m tall, well-toned man. He has a pink feather cape, which he wears over an orange shirt with white stripes, which always has the first few buttons open. To stay true to this outfit, his pants also look very flashy. He has blond hair and wears sunglasses with purple lenses. He used to wear similar ones but with a different temple design. At the age of 25, he had acquired the present ones. On his feet he wears black shoes, similar to the zapatillas (shoes of the toreros). His ears are very small compared to his mouth, which is abnormally large.

Two years later, he wears a plain white shirt, which he has opened a bit as usual. He now wears his feather cloak only draped over his shoulders, as most naval officers do, rather than with his arms tucked into his sleeves. Furthermore, he now wears pants with a purple and white zebra pattern and the color of his glasses is now orange. On each of his ears he now has an earring.

Even as a child, Doflamingo had never been seen without sunglasses. Before leaving Mary Geoises, he wore the typical costume of the Sky Dragons, but not the typical hairstyle, because his hair was too short, instead he wore a simple pot cut. After leaving, Doflamingo’s wardrobe consisted of simple but beautiful things: a cleavage free shirt with buttons with black stripes and a frilly scarf. Due to the hardships of life on the run from angry citizens, Doflamingo’s appearance began to look neglected and his shirt and hair grew scruffy and unkempt. At 17, his hair was longer than it currently is, he had two earrings on his left ear, and he wore goggles on his forehead.


Among all samurai, he is probably the most brutal and the one with the worst manners and the least respect for the world government. This was first shown at the meeting of the samurai, where he made two vice admirals fight each other for fun. During the subsequent conversation with Grand Admiral Sengoku, he sat on the table and displayed his disinterest. He was not even afraid of blackmailing the world aristocrats or even killing his father for not sharing his values.

When as a child he was tortured and tormented by angry citizens because of his ancestry, because of which he still suffered from nightmares years later, he did not beg for mercy, but threatened to kill them all. Because of this, his brother Rosinante considered him a vicious monster. Momonosuke was also deeply shocked by his bloodthirsty behavior when he saw how much pleasure he took in slaughtering his captured gladiators.

Doflamingo himself was once a world aristocrat and has not discarded many of their bad qualities to this day, first and foremost the greed for power and wealth. To achieve this, he is willing to use any means, as seen in the takeover of Dress Rosa. He also supported the slave trade on the Sabaody Archipelago and was also the owner of the Human Auctioning House, but had abandoned it because he no longer expected any benefit from it in the future. In the following years, he preferred to devote himself to other businesses such as the trade of SAD or gladiator fights. He is also always eager to do business with high-ranking criminal figures such as Kaidou or even Crocodile.

He also has a habit of making big, dramatic speeches and constantly putting himself on display. According to him, only the strongest pirates will survive in the coming era. His gait is also extremely strange, as he strolls around more than he walks properly.

For Doflamingo, his crew is more like a family than his brother and father, so he introduced the “blood rule of the family”. He also has anyone who laughs at Pica’s high voice punished. He even left Corazón’s position, the heart throne, vacant for years so that one day Trafalgar Law could take it. Still, he had no problem ordering Vergo to kill Law, or ordering Mone and Vergo to blow themselves up to die for him. The members of his gang always call him young master/mistress and seem to have great confidence in him. According to Mone, Doflamingo intends to become a pirate king.

Skills and strength

Doflamingo threads

The samurai of the seas Donquixote Doflamingo is considered influential and feared at the same time in the world of One Piece. He ruled Dress Rosa as king for a long time and enjoyed immunity from the navy together with his pirate gang. In addition, thanks to his rank, he was able to establish unchallenged contacts with high-ranking members of the world government and the underworld. Thus, after Luffy defeated Doflamingo, he and Law made several enemies among the underground criminals who had profited from his dark dealings.

As a former world aristocrat, he held command of the CP0 until his arrest, for with his knowledge of a dangerous national treasure of Mary Geoise, he blackmailed the current world aristocrats. They could not kill him with all their available means, so they were finally forced to cooperate with him and thus buy his silence. Thanks to their help, he was able to deceive the whole world with a false news about his resignation, only to trap Trafalgar Law and the Straw Hats.

Doflamingo’s powers are “awakened

Donquixote Doflamingo is an extremely powerful opponent thanks to his devilish powers and his haki. He has eaten of the thread fruit, with the help of which, as its name suggests, he can produce threads and manipulate them. Over the years, he had trained these abilities to perfection, even to their “awakening”, and discovered various uses for them. Thus he can control other persons like a puppeteer and let them fight for him, for example. In doing so, he moves his hand or fingers as if he were playing with puppets. Both Vice Admiral Mozambia and Jozu, Whitebeard’s commander of the third division, were helpless against this attack. Thus, he also managed to control King Riku Doldo III along with his army and take over his throne.

Flamingo can easily separate body parts

With his threads he easily defeated Little Oz Junior, because although the threads are very thin, they have a high destructive power and can be reinforced with armor persimmons if necessary. He inflicted serious injuries on Vice Admiral Smoker this way and could have even killed him. He also cut a meteorite of Admiral Fujitora in such a way before its impact. The threads have a long range, so he can also use them to cling to clouds to fly through the air and travel from Dress Rosa to Punk Hazard without a ship, for example. If he forms a huge dome with them, he can trap an entire island that way. He is also able to create copies or bodies in general by means of a created thread construct. Even organs damaged in battle and internal injuries can be medically treated by Doflamingo with his threads.

Otherwise, just like Sanji, Donquixote Doflamingo defends himself mainly with his legs. He was even able to fend off a Diable Jambe-enhanced kick from the latter. His own kicks are strong enough to cut the towers of his palace in half, much like Kaku’s Rankyaku Amanedachi. However, in the fight against Luffy, he also used his arms. When he focuses his haki on his arms or legs, they take on the characteristic black coloration. He is also proficient in observation haki and was also born with king haki, which he used to collapse several marines on Punk Hazard.

Doflamingo has often proved his fighting skills and high resistance in battles against very powerful opponents with devilish powers. He was one of the few to emerge unharmed from the Battle of Marine Ford, although he did fight two now former Samurai of the Seas, Crocodile and Gecko Moria. When the enraged Baby 5 attacked him, he remained calm, dodging their attacks and continuing to make phone calls unmolested. When he was hit, he apparently suffered no injuries. Not even a freezing attack by Kuzan, a former Navy admiral, could stop him for long. In the battle for Dress Rosa, he was severely wounded by Law’s deadly Gamma Knife, and shortly thereafter was hit multiple times by Luffy’s Gear 4-enhanced attacks. Always, he was able to recover quickly and was immediately ready to fight. Thanks to his innate resilience and willpower, he survived the torment and torture inflicted on him by the angry population of the Northblues while still a child.

Doflamingo also carries a pistol with him. However, he does not use it in combat, but against opponents who are already lying on the ground. Against Law he used ammunition made of lead.


The fallen Tenryuubito

Homing had imagined everything quite differently

Doflamingo points the pistol at his own father.

Donquixote Doflamingo is the descendant of a royal family at least 800 years old that ruled Dress Rosa. However, he himself grew up with his family in Mary Geoise, as his royal ancestors founded the World Government together with 19 other royal families and moved to Mary Geoise as the World Noble, with the exception of the Nefertari family. The life of a world aristocrat could not be more luxurious and he lacked nothing in his childhood.

Thirty-three years ago in Mary Geoise, his father, Donquixote Homing, publicly announced that he, along with his wife and two sons, wished to give up his status and luxuries to live among the common people. The people of Mary Geoise were appalled by his decision and called him a traitor. The family moved north by ship to a place that was not part of the world government and now wanted to live a modest life. The young Donquixote Doflamingo seemed not to have understood his situation and asked where his slaves were. He also demanded that the citizens kneel before him as world aristocrats. As a result, the townspeople learned the origin of the newly arrived family and drove them out by burning down their house. The family sought shelter in a crumbling hut and Doflamingo overheard his father making contact with the world aristocrats. He asked that at least his wife and children be taken back to Mary Geoise, but none of the Donquixote family was welcome there either.

Doflamingo and his brother Rosinante often took beatings from the angry people and had to feed themselves and their parents with whatever food they could scrounge up on the streets. When Doflamingo was eight years old, his mother died. According to him, this was solely the fault of his father. The remaining three members of the family were again subjected to the torture of the citizens, but managed to survive. Doflamingo threatened to kill them all for this one day.

One day Donquixote Flamingo met Vergo and those who were later known as Trébol, Diamante and Pica. They were impressed that Doflamingo was still alive, and also found out that he had the hidden gift of the King’s Shaki. According to Trébol, this is the sign of a ruler. He also gave him the thread fruit and a pistol, which he eventually used to kill his father in revenge at the age of ten. His brother begged him not to do this. With his father’s head, he traveled back to Mary Geoise and presented it to the world aristocrats, hoping that he would thus become one of them again. But again they expelled him from their city, still considering him a traitor.

Life as a young pirate captain

Doflamingo at the execution

Doflamingo was also present at Gol D. Roger’s execution. His face was a little more pointed then than it is now, but apart from that he had not changed.

Doflamingo quickly became famous and gained notoriety throughout the Northblue. Before that, however, and wisely, Doflamingo had Vergo infiltrate the Navy as his personal informant. The gang continued to grow and included crew members of various ages, including children. Later, his brother Rosinante contacted him again and asked to join his crew. Doflamingo agreed and gave him Vergo’s old post and alias “Corazón”.

At an unknown time, Bellamy and his crew, impressed by the performance of the Donquixote family, sought them out. Sarquiss and Rivers were already part of his own crew. He wanted his own gang to one day become like that of Donquixote Doflamingo. The latter allowed him to sail under his Jolly Roger as long as he would not dare to lose to another pirate in battle.

At the age of 25, Donquixote Doflamingo first met the still very young Trafalgar Law. He had only a few years to live due to an illness, had lost his entire family and acquaintance, and wanted to destroy as much of the world as possible in his remaining time as a pirate. Doflamingo remembered this hatred for himself and accepted him as an aspirant. He also found out about Flevance, Law’s home, and assured his crew that his illness was not contagious. Only a short time later, he made him a full crew member. He even encouraged him that, thanks to his dealings in devil fruit on the black market, he could find a cure within the next three years.

Betrayed by his own brother

A Mexican standoff between the two brothers

After about two years, Law and Corazón suddenly disappeared because Corazón wanted to find a cure for Law. Six months later, Vergo came forward with information about a deal between the Navy and Diez Barrels’ pirate gang on Rubeck Island, who had also once belonged to the Navy. The Navy wanted to buy the Operations fruit from him for a lot of money. Doflamingo, however, wanted to claim this fruit for himself, because thanks to it one can obtain eternal youth. To do this, he would have to have someone else eat the fruit and they would have to sacrifice their lives for him. Doflamingo’s plan was for Corazón to eat the fruit and end up giving up his life for his eternal youth. To this end, he contacted his brother and Law by Den-den Mushi and told them to meet the rest of the gang on Swallow Island three days before the deal was to take place. After the phone call, the commanders wondered why the pirate gang had been attacked by the Navy much less frequently than usual in the last six months. Pica suspected Corazón of being a Navy spy because of this, while Diamante believed it was just a silly coincidence. Doflamingo also could not imagine that his brother could betray him.

Three weeks later, he learned that he had been wrong about his brother. Vergo informed Doflamingo of his latest findings from Minion Island using a Den-den Mushi. The rest of the gang had also already arrived on Minion and had defeated and questioned some of Diez Barrels’ gang members. Someone had stolen the Devil Fruit and Doflamingo was sure that only Corazón could be the thief. To prevent him from escaping, he imprisoned much of the island in his “bird cage.” The Navy, in turn, was locked out by the cage, while the Barrels pirates were locked in. Doflamingo tracked down Barrels, who could not tell him any more information about the whereabouts of the Operation Fruit. He then shot him with the same gun he had already used to gun down his own father.

Donquixote Doflamingo’s gang did not have to search long for the traitor, because he had voluntarily drawn attention to himself. The pirates attacked him and he was lying with his back to the treasure chest in which Law was hiding. With his last strength he pulled out a pistol, pointed it at Doflamingo and revealed himself as a commander and spy of the Navy. The latter was unimpressed and only wanted to know where the operation fruit and Trafalgar Law were. Rosinante answered the former truthfully, but on the latter he lied that Law had escaped the cage in time. From above, Baby told Buffalo’s back that the Navy had just taken into custody someone Doflamingo mistook for Law. With that, Doflamingo no longer saw any use in his brother and pointed his pistol at him as well. Rosinante made it clear to him once again that from now on he had no command over Law, since he was no longer the same as he had been over two years ago. He had conquered his illness with his devil powers and he would never want to sacrifice his life for Doflamingo’s immortality. Rosinante’s last request, therefore, was that Doflamingo desist from the boy. But the latter never dreamed of doing so and ended his brother’s life with several pistol shots to his torso. While the gang was taking the treasures to their ship, Donquixote Doflamingo spotted Vice Admiral Crane’s naval ship and had to flee.

Rise to the samurai of the seas

Doflamingo quickly became even more famous than ever. His most impressive act was when he managed to hijack the ships that were supposed to transport the “Sky Gold” to the World Noble, without the World Noble doing anything about it. Through this action, Doflamingo was offered the status of Samurai of the Seas, which he accepted.

A few years later, he enriched his gang with the two sisters Sugar and Monet. With their help, all preparations were made to usurp the kingdom of Dress Rosa, the homeland of his ancestors.

Dress Rosa acquisition

Doflamingo visits King Riku

Eight years before Luffy set out on his journey, Doflamingo took power on Dress Rosa. To achieve this, he secretly visited the then King Riku one night. Since the Donquixote family was the original royal family of Dress Rosa, he claimed his kingdom. However, he gave King Riku the chance to buy the kingdom from him for 10 billion berries, but he was not allowed to inform anyone about this deal, otherwise Doflamingo would attack the kingdom. The king had his subjects collect the money. When they had the money together, Doflamingo used his devilish powers to control the body of King Riku. He sent him and later his army from village to village and had them attack all the inhabitants of Dress Rosa. Since no one knew that the king and his army were being controlled, the inhabitants thought that the king had gone evil and mad.

The pirate gang takes over Dress Rosa

After all the people hated the king and begged for rescue, Doflamingo appeared in public with his men and pretended to be the savior who stopped the evil king. The people cheered Doflamingo and his band of pirates and had no objections when he took power. He overthrew the royal family and became king himself. He had everyone who belonged to the old royal family killed. Only Viola was spared when she begged for her father’s life and joined his gang. When Kyros wanted to free the king, Doflamingo had a chain put on him. But Kyros cut off his leg to escape the chain and attack Doflamingo. Sugar protected him and turned Kyros into a toy soldier. Nevertheless, he managed to free the king and escape with him.

The world government accepted this overthrow because the Donquixote family were once the original rulers of the island. The people in turn accepted the overthrow, as the old king had not been particularly popular with the people. From Green Bit, Doflamingo had 500 dwarves kidnapped and enslaved, including the princess of the dwarf people, Mansherry. Furthermore, Doflamingo had one of his gang turn people into toys, which meant that none of the inhabitants could remember them. The toys were allowed to live among the other inhabitants, but they always had to return to the toy house at night.


At the meeting of the samurai

In conversation with Sengoku

While the Straw Hats were on Jaya, a meeting of the six remaining Samurai of the Seas was called and Flamingo attended. He arrived at Mary Geoise along with Bartholomew Kuma. It was here that his former bounty was announced. At first he played with some Navy members until he was finally asked by Grand Admiral Sengoku to stop before he hurt anyone else. When asked why he had come at all, he simply said that he had not wanted to come at all at first, but his business on the island was just too good.

On Jaya

Flamingo about the new era

While the Straw Hat Pirates floated down from the sky with the Balloon Octopus, Donquixote Doflamingo appeared on Jaya. He wanted to punish Bellamy for soiling his mark by defeating Luffy. Although Bellamy swore his allegiance and will to Flamingo, he simply had Bigknife Sarquiss wound him in the back with a Kukri sword through his puppeteering skills. After that, he disappeared again.

It’s going to start soon! Get ready for it!
Only real pirates can survive! Away with the weak!
With the inexorable passage of time, the New Era of Pirates begins!
– Donquixote Doflamingo on the “New Era”.

Flamingo on the Den-Den Mushi

Flamingo talks with disco

As it has now become known, Doflamingo is the owner of the Human Auctioning House on the Sabaody Archipelago. However, during the stay of the Straw Hat Pirates there, he handed it over to Disko. He also said that the Seven Samurai were called to fight the Whitebeard Gang.

Fight against Whitebeard

Flamingo mutilates Little Oz

Doflamingo defends itself
against Crocodile

Afterward, he was seen sitting at a table on Mary Geoise with the other samurai, except Jinbe and Boa Hancock, and some Navy officers.
Finally, he too found himself in front of the naval headquarters, waiting for the arrival of Whitebeard’s pirate band, who wanted to save his “son” Portgas D. Ace from execution. When the Emperor finally arrived, along with several other pirate ships in tow, the battle that would go down in history as the “Great Event” began. In the course of this war, Oars Jr. attempted to rush to the scaffold. After Bartholomew Kuma had already used his Ursus Shock against him, Doflamingo attacked the giant with his Devil Fruit, thanks to which he was able to incapacitate him by cutting off one of his feet, which ultimately meant his death.

Pirates are evil!? The Navy is justice!? That’s how you may feel…!
The imprinting of brats who do not know “peace” is different,
than those of brats who do not know the “war”!
Those who are at the top decide whether good or evil! This place is just neutral!
They say justice always prevails!? That’s how it is!
Justice is the only winner!
– Donquixote Doflamingo about the ongoing event.

Finally, Luffy and his alliance also reached the island, which Doflamingo also noticed. Doflamingo was amused to see that now all the samurai of the seas, except Blackbeard, were gathered in one place and the famous rookie Monkey D. Luffy also joined the fight. When Sengoku said that Luffy’s father was the famous revolutionary Monkey D. Dragon, Donquixote Doflamingo said that it now made much more sense for Emporio Ivankov to fight on the side of the young pirate. When Ivankov met Bartholomew Kuma and spoke to him, Doflamingo asked if he knew him. When Ivankov answered in the affirmative, the Samurai of the Seas declared that Bear was dead. Ivankov, who could not believe this, said that he was standing in front of him, to which Doflamingo replied that he was standing in front of him, but that he was no longer the same, since Vegapunk had now finished his experiment and had thus converted him into a complete Pacifista. The revolutionary could not believe this either, so he replied that Bartholomew Kuma hated the world government and would never cooperate with it. To this, Donquixote Doflamingo only said that although he did not know what deal Bear had negotiated with the world government, until a few days ago he still had his old personality, but now he was merely a weapon of the government. Later he interfered in the fight between Crocodile and Jozu. When the latter tried to attack Crocodile in his diamond form, Doflamingo stopped the commander. Doflamingo asked his former samurai colleague if he didn’t want to work with him, to which Crocodile replied that he shouldn’t think that they were both on the same level. At this, Flamingo was very amused and said that he had hoped that the ex-samurai could think rationally, to which the latter replied that he would not be here in that case. Crocodile, Flamingo and Jozu then attacked with a massive sandstorm. However, this battle was finally interrupted. During the further course of the battle, the Samurai of the Seas kept amusing himself about the further events, for example when Squard pierced Whitebeard with his sword, or when Whitebeard made Marine Ford tremble. Later, when Crocodile rescued Ace from his executioners, he beheaded him with the help of his devil powers. He asked the ex-samurai why he had joined the emperor but refused his offer, whereupon Crocodile said that he had not allied himself with anyone. After that, the two exchanged blows again, but were also interrupted. To the displeasure of the navy, Doflamingo felt that it would be best if Ace and Luffy escaped. Even when Blackbeard joined the battle, he thought it was for the best and that the whole event would now be really exciting. Even when Whitebeard died, he laughed. When Shanks appeared and Sengoku declared the war over, the samurai also left the battlefield.

After the battle

Doflamingo to execute Moria

After Shanks and Sengoku announced the end of the battle, a little further away from the crowd, Doflamingo Gecko attacked Moria with some Pacifista. When Moria wanted to know why Doflamingo was doing this, the latter explained that he had been ordered to do so. At first Moria suspected that Sengoku was behind it, but Doflamingo denied this and said that Moria should try it further up.
Later, the Samurai of the Seas told an employee of the World Government that Moria had escaped from him. When the latter tried to reprimand him, Doflamingo threatened him not to forget who he was talking to, since he was a pirate and therefore not subject to the world government. Besides, he could give up his post as samurai of the seas at any time, as soon as he got bored.

Stores on Punk Hazard

Law revealed
Joker’s true identity

Two years later, on Punk Hazard, Luffy, Law and Smoker were captured by Vergo and Mone. When Luffy inquired how Law knew Vergo, who held the rank of vice admiral, he explained that they had both once belonged to the same pirate crew. Their captain had even inducted Vergo into the Navy. Law further explained that the mysterious captain, known as the underworld broker Joker, was none other than Donquixote Doflamingo. Later, it turned out that Doflamingo was doing business with Caesar Clown, and that’s why he also planted Mone with him as his assistant.

After Luffy and the others escaped, Vergo reported to Doflamingo via Den-den Mushi. He was on Dress Rosa, where he was attacked by Baby 5 for killing one of her fiancés again. Doflamingo casually fended off all of her attacks and calmly talked to Vergo about Law, ordering him to kill Law as cruelly as possible. Furthermore, he then sent Baby 5 and Buffalo to bring Caesar and Mone to him. During the fight between Law and Vergo, Law guessed that Doflamingo was listening in on everything with a Den-den Mushi. When Law defeated Vergo, he shouted to Doflamingo that the worst possible scenario would play out for him, as Law would take the available SAD and Luffy would kidnap Caesar. For the first time, Doflamingo was not seen with his usual grin.

Trip to Punk Hazard

Doflamingo wants to intervene personally

Kuzan holds Doflamingo before he kills Smoker

After both Vergo and Mone lost to the alliance of Luffy, Law, and Navy personnel, Doflamingo ordered Mone to blow up the labs on Punk Hazard. In doing so, he asked her to die for him. He apologized for this, but they were both willing to do it for him. However, Mone was accidentally killed by Caesar before that. When Doflamingo realized that something had happened to Mone before she could complete her last mission, he decided to personally travel to Punk Hazard and apparently jumped through the air at high speed.

But Doflamingo’s “airways” seemed to be interrupted, which is why he was late. On the way, however, he encountered a raft on which were the heads of Baby 5 and Buffalo – severed by Law’s devil powers and thus still alive. Also on board was a Den-den Mushi, which belonged to Law. A conversation ensued between Law and Doflamingo. Law explained that he and Luffy had kidnapped Caesar, which meant he could no longer get SAD, which Doflamingo needed to make artificial devil fruit (Smile). Since Kaidou in turn needed these fruits for his army, Doflamingo would soon fall out of favor with him. When Doflamingo asked what he should do to get Caesar back, Law replied that he would have to give up his position as Samurai of the Seas by the end of the day. A little later, Doflamingo arrived at Punk Hazard. He gave Buffalo and Baby 5 back their bodies and freed them from the Navy. When Smoker mentioned to him that he knew about the latter’s business and his relationship with Vergo, the Samurai of the Seas decided to kill every Marine on the island. However, just as he was about to kill Smoker, Kuzan appeared behind him and stopped him. After a brief confrontation, which Doflamingo voluntarily ended, he returned to Dress Rosa with Baby 5 and Buffalo. The next morning, the alliance learned from Luffy and Law that Donquixote Doflamingo had given up both his status as Samurai of the Seas and his royal title of Dress Rosa. During another conversation with Law, the latter wanted to drop Caesar off on Green Bit; Doflamingo could pick him up there at three o’clock.

Dress Rosa – Doflamingos intrigue

Donquixote wants to lure Luffy with the fire fruit

On Dress Rosa, Luffy and Franky learned of a tournament at the Corrida Colosseum. The winner of this tournament would win as the main prize the reborn Fire Fruit, the former Devil Fruit of Ace. Donquixote was sure that Luffy wanted to win the fruit at any cost and entrusted it to Diamante, the hero of the Colosseum and a participant himself. Later, Doflamingo announced through the CP0 to his people that his resignation as king and samurai of the seas was a false report, however, everyone would be forbidden to talk about it until 15:00.

Green Bit – Fight against Law

The meeting

On Green Bit Doflamingo arrived at the appointed time. Law already knew that it was all a feint and that Doflamingo was still a samurai. When Admiral Fujitora also appeared, he inquired about Caesar. Doflamingo stated that he was his subordinate, so the admiral was not allowed to arrest the scientist. After Law also admitted to having formed an equal alliance with Luffy, Fujitora stripped him of his samurai status. As a result, Doflamingo and Fujitora fought Law together. During the course of the fight, Law learned that Doflamingo was a former world aristocrat who still possessed enough power to spread a hoax regarding his samurai title. Furthermore, the Donquixote family was once first-time rulers of Dress Rosa until they became world aristocrats and handed over the rule of the island to another family. Thirteen years ago, Doflamingo had taken back the kingdom, which was rightfully his family’s. While pursuing Law, Doflamingo noticed the Thousand Sunny and wanted to attack them. However, his attack was repelled by Sanji. The Straw Hat, however, was quickly put in his place. Law rescued Sanji and managed the Sunny’s escape while facing Doflamingo alone on the iron bridge. Doflamingo asked Law why he was putting so much hope in Luffy of all people. The latter replied that the D. always ignites a storm.

Back in Dress Pink

Doflamingo finishes his fight with Law

Doflamingo vs Fujitora

Flamingo is apparently beheaded by Kyros

However, the fight shifted back to Dress Rosa, at the end of which Doflamingo shot him down. Luffy, Zoro and Kinemon tried to rescue Law, but all failed. The Samurai of the Seas and the Admiral, with Law as their prey, went to the royal palace to talk. When the navy set out to arrest Franky, Flamingo showed gratitude to the admiral, saying he had made the right decision. Issho, however, only commented that he shouldn’t think of him as an ally. It would be his job, if Luffy wanted to fight him, to reduce the damage and protect the population. He wanted to take care of Flamingo as soon as the time was right. Furthermore, he mentioned to the samurai that he had only taken the title of admiral to be able to make a difference. His goal was to abolish the system of the Samurai of the Seas. Therefore, he wanted to bring this up at the next Levely. Doflamingo then tried to attack Fujitora with a kick, which the admiral easily blocked. Issho said that the fabric of the three-power was breaking and that if Doflamingo committed any more crimes, his bounty would continue to skyrocket. In response to Flamingo’s concerns about what would then happen to the balance of the world, Issho said only that a judgment could be made afterward. The samurai concluded that the admiral would now kill him. The latter, however, refrained from doing so. They were friends as long as it was necessary and he would protect Dress Rosa, regardless of his crimes.

While watching the finals of the Fire Fruit tournament, he heard that someone had managed to break into his underground catacombs. He was also told that Luffy was no longer inside the Coliseum. Later, he was also told that the dwarves of Green Bit had allied with the Straw Hat Pirates and that the unknowns who ventured into the underground trading port were targeting Sugar. After Sugar was actually eliminated by Usopp, all the toys changed back to their original form. Among them was Kyros, who managed to decapitate the Samurai of the Seas with a single mighty sword stroke. However, it turned out that the decapitated Donquixote Doflamingo was a thread double. Together with his clone, he wanted to kill Kyros, but was prevented from doing so by Luffy. After a brief exchange of blows, the samurai managed to knock Luffy aside.

Now he ordered Pica, Luffy, Viola, Riku Doldo, Law and Kyros to be thrown out of the palace, while he himself got ready to use the birdcage. In doing so, he locked the entire island in a cage made of strings. Using his devil powers, he also began to bring parts of the population under his control and have them fight each other. Pica then reshaped the landscape of the island. Doflamingo then launched a bounty hunt. The game would be over if either someone succeeded in entering the palace and killing him, or if twelve people he had placed on a special list died instead. Everyone on this list was assigned a number of stars, each representing a value of 100 million. Rebecca, Robin, Viola, Kinemon and Franky were given one star, Zoro and Kyros two, Sabo, Luffy, Law and Riku Doldo three and Usopp, for his attack on Sugar, five.

The birdcage

Law can land an injection shot

The Gamma Knife gives Doflamingo a hard time

Later, he was seen talking to some of his commanders. He also forgave Trébol and Diamante for their mistakes and broke the key to the Smile factory. He also told his gang that Fujitora would not interfere in their affairs, but that he himself planned to eliminate the admiral after his work was done, even though it would not be easy. When a lowly member of the gang laughed at Pica’s high voice and was subsequently shot by Baby 5, Donquixote Doflamingo said that his gang was his family and he would not forgive anyone who laughed at them. To eliminate his adversaries Luffy and Law, he set a trap for them with the help of the Funk brothers, who wanted to collect the bounty on the two pirates. However, before he could kill them with one of his doubles, he was stopped by Abdullah and Jeet. Later, when some high-ranking leaders of his gang had already been defeated, his worst adversaries Luffy and Law had reached him. He now faced these two together with Trébol and Bellamy. In the course of this fight, Doflamingo first managed to separate Luffy and Law from each other and, with Bellamy under his control, was able to keep the Straw Hat occupied for some time. He now devoted himself entirely to Law. He explained to him why he still possessed such power as a fallen Tenryuubito and that no one could stop him in his urge to destroy the world. He learned from Law that he was also a D. bearer and was hit hard by his next attack “Injection Shot”. Despite this, he was able to sever his former subordinate’s right arm with ease, ultimately nearly killing him. Not wanting to let any information about the day’s events get out, Doflamingo decided to kill all the island’s inhabitants and let the birdcage start shrinking.

Final fight on Dress Rosa

In the end, not even Doflamingo can stand up to Luffy’s Gear 4

The finale: Luffy breaks Doflamingo’s strings!

Shortly after, Luffy had finished his fight against the thread double and Bellamy, and went back to the roof of the palace to finish the fight. Here, Luffy was confronted by the obviously dead Law. Thereupon, the Straw Hat captain lunged at him in a rage, however, Law suddenly switched places with him. Completely surprised by this, Doflamingo could not counter Law’s “Gamma Knife”. According to Law, a normal man would not have survived this attack, but Doflamingo was able to patch himself up with the help of his devil powers and continue the fight. He tried to kill Law for good, but was stopped by Luffy. At this, his King’s Shaki and Luffy’s met and the fight entered the hot phase. Law, meanwhile, managed to seriously injure Trébol before he blew up the palace plateau with his last ounce of strength.

After that, Doflamingo was confronted with Luffy’s new technique Gear 4. For his part, he demonstrated the capabilities of his devil fruit. In particular, since he had reached the state of awakening, he possessed limitless power. Nevertheless, he was defeated by Luffy as long as the latter was in Gear 4. However, he managed to hold on and tend to his wounds until Luffy could no longer maintain his state and changed back to his normal form. It took him some time to cure the effects of Luffy’s last attack, yet he had noticed that Luffy was back to normal and seemed unable to move. He wanted to finish the fight and kill Luffy, but the latter was protected by numerous gladiators, fighters present and, first and foremost, by Gatz, so he did not manage to reach Luffy until the latter had recovered. When he tried to have Viola, who had stood in his way, killed by Rebecca, the rubber man reappeared. In the final showdown between him and Luffy, Doflamingo offered everything. Thus, he turned the entire city into threads. However, he eventually succumbed to Luffy’s gum-gum King Kong Gun and was hurled into the underground harbor. Along with his consciousness, the birdcage also disappeared, which meant salvation for Dress Rosa.

In naval custody

Flamingo predicts crane war

Immediately after his defeat, he was officially stripped of his title as Samurai of the Seas and shackled with sea stone handcuffs. He was to be taken to Impel Down with the help of a naval convoy specially assembled for him – consisting of Sengoku, Crane and Fujitora, among others. He was guarded in his cell by Crane. She he now asked what horrors might be in store for the world now that he was no longer in control of the world’s beasts. The world government and especially the world aristocrats were in for hard times. It should tell the Tenryuubito from him to prepare for its fall. The convoy was attacked by the pirate Jack during its crossing. However, he did not manage to free Doflamingo.

Doflamingo was eventually imprisoned in Level 6 of Impel Down. There he expected assassins to be sent from “above” to prevent him from sharing his knowledge of the treasure in Mary Geoise. Magellan therefore seemed to have been assigned to Doflamingo’s safety.

After the conclusion of the Levely negotiations, Doflamingo read the newspaper and was visibly amused by what was going on on the surface worldwide.


  • Information about Donquixote Doflamingo’s naming.
  • Doflamingo’s deck name “Joker” also fits the card motif as found in the deck names of the commanders of the Donquixote Pirates. Joker only appears in games with a “French hand”.
    • In addition, Eiichiro Oda was also involved in naming the members of Kaidou’s 100-beast pirate gang, to which Doflamingo belonged as a Joker has a direct connection, the card game theme was used.
    • In the SBS to Volume 98, Oda confirms that Doflamingo’s alias Joker is a remnant of a discarded idea that Doflamingo should have fought the Straw Hats on Wano Country as a strong ally of Kaidou.
  • Charisma (Karisuma) is a loanword in Japanese, which besides its actual meaning “someone has charisma” (in the sense of “someone is charismatic”), is mainly used as a buzzword in the usage “someone is a charisma” in the sense of “superstar/celebrity” in Japanese usage, which does not necessarily imply that that person would be charismatic at the same time. Therefore, Flamingo’s epithet Ornans should rather be understood as a Evil superstar read
  • The chief commanders of his pirate band often call Doflamingo Doffy respectively in the German Manga Defi.
    • Viola also calls him that when she confronts him in person one last time to stall for time. In the SBS for volume 83, Oda also explains that there is a secret behind why Viola and Doflamingo call each other “Doffy” and “Violet.” However, since it involves an adult subject, he doesn’t reveal it in a shounen manga like One Piece.
  • Like many characters, Flamingo has a unique laugh, namely several Fu, so Fufufufufu etc.
  • His favorite food is lobster. However, he does not like barbecue because it reminds him of a traumatic experience.
  • In the SBS to volume 63, Oda drew the samurai as children, including Flamingo. (Show image / Hide)
  • In SBS Volume 76, Oda shows us what Flamingo would look like if he were female. (Show image / Hide)
  • A big wrestling fan, Oda may have based Doflamingo’s appearance on Jesse Ventura oriented. (Show image / Hide)
  • Visually, Doflamingo is also reminiscent of the French singer Michel Polnareff. (Show image / Hide)
  • The SBS to Volume 90 shows what Doflamingo’s son would look like. (Show image / Hide)

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