Dojaku of One Piece

Dojaku is a member of the Navy, but was infiltrated into Foxy’s pirate gang for a time. His mission was to capture the Straw Hat Pirates under Komei’s command.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 16 – Adventures on Nebulandia.


Disguised as a pirate

Dojaku is a tall, middle-aged man. He wears a full beard that goes down below his chest. His hair, which goes far below his shoulders, is tied in a braid. Furthermore, a tattoo of the navy logo adorns his left chest.


Dojaku is quite loud and has a big ego, which is why he always calls himself a genius. He loves to show off his contraptions and was crestfallen when he was interrupted to show off his latest masterpiece. He seems to respect Franky somewhat and felt that praise from him would be an honor. Further, he always seems to be in a good mood and has a grin on his face at almost all times. He is very loyal to the Navy and Komei, he emphasized this by also joining in the cheers that Komei would end the pirate age.

Skills & Strengths

Dojaku seems to have good shipwright skills. Among other things, he rebuilt the Sexy Foxy and added various functions to it, such as a land mode and mirror coating.


At an unknown time, Komei infiltrated Dojaku and himself into Foxy’s pirate gang by intentionally losing a Davy Back Fight to the pirate gang.

Dojaku added a few new extras to Sexy Foxy for Foxy, allowing it to be used as a land vehicle. He also helped set up the stage for another Davy Back Fight against the Straw Hat Pirates. During the Davy Back Fight, he would join Porche and Hamburger against Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji in a mushroom eating contest.

While Porche Hamburger and the Straw Hats began eating, Dojaku did not eat a single mushroom, but waited until one after another collapsed. He then left the stage and pulled a lever that turned the stage into a cage. Dojaku was confident that no one could leave the cage, but Luffy, after being cured by Robin of the side effects of the mushrooms, managed to escape. Komei and Dojaku then announced that they were still part of the Navy and this was all part of their plan to capture the Straw Hats. They threw Luffy a log port for Nebulandia in case he wanted to rescue his friends, with the ulterior motive of trapping him there with the rest of his friends.

After apparently trapping the Straw Hat Pirates, he was going to present his masterpiece to take them to Impel Down. However, his demonstration was interrupted by the power mushroom conda that Brook and Chopper befriended, and Dojaku was knocked unconscious by a falling rock.

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