Dogra of One Piece

Dogra is a member of Dadan’s mountain bandit gang, based in Luffy’s home.


Dogra is a small man with a broad face, an equally broad mouth, small ears and wide eyes. He wears a light-colored turban and dotted dungarees. He always carries a sword with him.


Dogra is extremely loyal to Dadan and always carries out her orders. He rescued Luffy and brought him to Dadan’s hut after he was injured by Bluejam’s gang. He cried in fear, as Dadan and Ace might not have survived the events at Gray Terminal.

Skills & Strength

Dogra is a member of Dadan’s band of mountain bandits, moreover he seems to take a leading position, as he can often be seen at Dadan’s side. He also fights with a sword.


When Garp left his grandson Luffy to Dadan to raise, Dogra and Magra were also present. The latter did not want to take the child, but the Vice Admiral forced the mountain robbers, since they had already committed quite a few crimes. From that day on, they lived together not only with Ace, who was also handed over by Garp, but also with Luffy. They were later joined by Sabo, who could no longer live safely in Gray Terminal thanks to an incident with a member of the dreaded Bluejam pirate gang. Also, Dogra and Magra later enlightened their boss about the geography of the kingdom they live in.

After Ace, Luffy, and Sabo decided to live on their own, Dadan sent Magra and Dogra after the kids.

Dogra witnessed Sabo go out to sea alone and be sunk by the World Aristocrat Saint Jalmack. The next day, through a News Coo, he received a note Sabo had sent just before his departure and presented it to Ace.


Messages from Ace and Luffy

After the war on Marine Ford, Dadan’s mountain bandits occupied Party’s bar to ambush Garp and confront him about why he couldn’t prevent Ace’s death.

Two years later, the mountain bandits celebrated the return of the Straw Hat Pirates. He wore a straw hat similar to Luffy’s and cut out pictures from the newspaper, which were then pasted into Dadan’s photo albums about Luffy and Ace.

A short time later, Luffy’s bounty was increased to 500 million berries. Of course, the mountain bandits celebrated this too, this time in Party’s bar together with residents of the Foosha Village. Dogra was sitting at the bar, happily eating something and wearing the same hat as Sabo.

After the conclusion of the Levely negotiations, a report of Sabo’s tragic fate in Mary Geoise reached Mount Corbo. The mountain raiders had only recently learned that he was still alive and burst into tears upon reading the article.


  • A 1988 Japanese horror film is titled “Dogra magura – Abracadabra”.

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