Doc Q of One Piece

Doc Q is a ship’s doctor in Blackbeard’s band of pirates. He is also called the Grim Reaper (jap. 死神, Shinigami). After the time jump, he has risen to captain of the Ninth Fleet.



Q always makes a pained expression. He has grey hair and wears a black hat. He also wears a brown, thick fur coat and always has a large pole on his back. There are tattoos next to his eyes. Doc Q can actually always be found on his horse Stronger.


Doc Q has a very peculiar sense of humor, so he gave away exploding apples in Mocktown just for fun and for his own amusement.

Skills and strength

Since Doc Q is a ship’s doctor, he must also know a lot about medicine. A contradiction, however, is that he himself always makes a sickly impression. Sometimes he even falls off his horse Stronger, coughing heavily, who is similarly unwell.

During the battle between Whitebeard, his Alliance and the Navy, and the Seven Warlords of the Sea, it becomes clear that Doc Q is fighting with a scythe.


Attack on Drum

A few weeks before the Straw Hat Pirates docked in Drum, Blackbeard and his crew raided Winter Island. This caused the tyrant Wapol to flee, inadvertently sparking a revolution in the country with their action. However, by the time Portgas D. Ace arrived on the island in search of Blackbeard a short time later, the gang had already disappeared.


The Blackbeard Gang on Jaya

The gang wants to go after Luffy

In Mocktown, Doc Q met Monkey D. Luffy. Because he had helped him back to Stronger, he offered him an apple, which Luffy accepted. They learned from passersby that a man was giving away exploding apples. However, Doc Q told Luffy that he was lucky since he got a normal one. When Blackbeard learned that Luffy was in town, the gang gave chase.

However, the Straw Hat Pirates was in the middle of a knock-up stream. In an attempt to follow them, the Blackbeard pirates’ ship was torn apart and they landed in the water. Jesus Burgess wanted to shoot the Straw Hats down immediately, but Blackbeard said that as long as they were on the Grand Line, there would be no escape for them anyway.

Banaro – Ace vs Blackbeard

Doc Q on Banaro

The Blackbeard gang was looting a town on Banaro when they found out in the paper that Luffy had attacked Enie’s lobby and was now in Water 7. They were about to head there so Blackbeard could turn him over to the World Government in exchange for a samurai post, but that’s when Ace revealed himself. He wanted revenge for Thatch and a fight with Blackbeard. Van Augur and Jesus Burgess tried to attack Ace, but failed miserably against Ace’s devil power. So their captain fought alone against the commander of Whitebeard’s 2nd division. In the process, the entire island was devastated. Blackbeard ultimately emerged victorious from this battle and was elevated to the post of samurai, while Ace was turned over to the world government, imprisoned in Impel Down, and sentenced to execution.

Attack on the Impel Down

The gang attacks Impel Down

Blackbeard’s gang was present at the meeting in Marine Ford, but left shortly after and attacked Impel Down. In the process, the entire gang slaughtered their way down to Level 4, where they encountered Luffy. After a short fight with Blackbeard, they split up again. Doc Q’s captain wanted to continue his plan, but was stopped by Magellan. He defeated the whole gang with a poison attack and left the pirates afterwards.

However, shortly after, Shiryu appeared and gave the gang members each an antidote, allowing them to survive. Shortly after, he also joined the gang.


The Blackbeard Pirates Kill Whitebeard

After Ace was killed by Admiral Akainu and Whitebeard destroyed the naval headquarters in anger, the Blackbeard pirates were discovered and had been watching the fighting for a while. Meanwhile, the crew was augmented by former inmates of the Impel Downs. Thanks to Laffitte, who made sure the Gate of Justice was opened, the crew eventually made it to Marine Ford. Later, Doc Q and his crew attacked and killed the weakened Whitebeard. Afterwards, the gang threw a black cloth on the dead Whitebeard, Blackbeard went under it and appropriated the devil power of the strongest man in the world. Sengoku could not watch this any longer and activated his abilities that made him huge. Thus, he attacked the Blackbeard pirates with a powerful shockwave, making the pirates spit blood.

After the war

Some time after the events in Marine Ford, the Blackbeard gang held Jewelry Bonney captive on an uncharted island in the New World, but escaped when Akainu showed up.

A year after the battle, the Blackbeard gang and the remaining Whitebeard pirates engaged in a war of retaliation, in which the Whitebeard pirates suffered a devastating defeat. Blackbeard thus officially secured the position of emperor.

After the time jump

After the events on Dress Rosa, the Blackbeard pirates attacked and destroyed the Revolutionaries’ headquarters on Baltigo. However, they fled when the Navy and Cipher Pol appeared there.

Doc Q’s silhouette was seen later when Blackbeard read a newspaper report about Luffy and said that it was too early for Luffy to ascend to emperor.


  • He reminds a bit of Donquixote by his appearance and the “Q” in his name.
  • Doc Q’s favorite food is apples with no bombs inside.

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