Dobon of One Piece

Dobon is a star of the Beasts Pirates and deputy chief warden of the prisoner mines on Wano Country.


Dobon with hippo mouth closed

Dobon’s appearance is strongly influenced by the consumption of the hippopotamus smile devil fruit. Thus, he grew a hippopotamus body from his own torso, the head of which in turn encases his human body. However, the hippo body has no front legs, so Dobon’s legs act as such. When the hippo body’s mouth closes, only the arms and legs are visible from the Smile user. This means that the Devil Fruit user is sitting in the mouth of the grown hippo body. Furthermore, the face has also become similar to that of a hippo.

Dobon himself is a tall man with short, dark hair, which is mostly covered by a black hat. He wears very wide light-colored pants, which are fastened above the navel with a studded belt and two suspenders. Over this he wears no T-shirt, though a white bandana and a padded schooner that reaches over his shoulders. His eyes are covered by small sunglasses. He also wears black shoes and black gloves on his hands. Flame pattern tattoos can be seen on both forearms, but only up to the base of the gloves. The hippo body, on the other hand, is only wearing dark pants.


Dobon has a bad character, so he trampled on the old and exhausted prisoner Hyo and so it is also the law in the prisoner mines that disobeying orders of the guards leads to punishment. First time cutting off the arms, second time cutting off the legs and third time death follows. Furthermore, he takes advantage of his position, such as trying to kill Kid and Luffy even though they had earned their food stamps according to the rules of the mine. He is also very gluttonous, which he claims about himself.

Skills and strength

Dobon has eaten from a hippopotamus smile and has changed a lot in appearance as a result. Whether this offers any advantages or even disadvantages in combat remains to be seen. At the very least, he doesn’t always seem to have the hippo body under control, so it occasionally closes its mouth on its own. On the other hand, as a star within the Emperor Gang as well as deputy chief overseer, he enjoys a very high level of authority and is certainly no pushover, but he is powerless against calibers like Luffy and Kid. He also carries a sword in each hand.


The prisoner mines

Dobon was alarmed when he himself was given only three kibi dangos to eat as the supplies were eaten up by inmates. Angered, he made his way to the culprits, stepping on the old inmate Hyo. Stopping on him, the two inmates responsible for this were to be brought before him, but his subordinates could no longer understand him as the hippo’s mouth closed on its own. Eventually it opened again and the two culprits stood before him, they were Eustass Kid and Monkey D. Luffy. As punishment he wanted to kill them both, but they had no problems with him, knocked him unconscious with ease and went away unimpressed with the injured Hyo.


  • Its name comes from the Japanese card game “Dobon”.

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