DJ Parrot of One Piece

DJ Parrot is a parrot and a character specially created by Oda for the third One Piece Live Attraction at Tokyo One Piece Tower. He is the host at the Live Music Club on Tongari Island and DJ Ann’s homecoming celebration. Oda personally asked MC Ryu to lend his voice to the parrot.


Conceptual drawings Parrots

DJ Parrot is a small parrot with basically red plumage, with red, yellow and blue feathers on his wings and tail. On his head, he has shoulder-length, pink “hairs”. These, however, are largely covered by a white hat with “DJ” written in an orange circle on the front. He also wears a pendant around his neck.
During the Live Attraction he is represented by a doll.


To celebrate Ann’s return to Tongari Island, a concert was held by her at the Live Music Club and DJ Parrot acted as the promoter, informing and firing up the crowd. The Straw Hat Pirates was also on hand, but the celebration was interrupted due to Ann’s kidnapping by Buggy. After Monkey D. Luffy was able to defeat Buggy, Puggy, and Charlotte Cracker, everyone returned to the Live Music Club and the celebration continued.

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