Divine Soldiers of One Piece

Divine Soldierss (jap. 神兵, Shinpei), or Sky TroopersThey are the loyal subordinates of the ruler of the sky island of Skypiea, who is called the God. They are something like the god’s common soldiers, and both the god of Skypiea of 400 years ago and Gan Fall and even Enel employed such a warrior troop.

Gan Fall’s Divine Soldiers

Already 400 years ago the sky troop fought for Skypiea

Already 400 years ago, Divine Soldierss served the then God Skypieas, who sent them into battle, for example, when the Upper Yard appeared in the sky to occupy this land so rich in Vearth. After the war with the Shandia, God Gan Fall also took over this force.
The Divine Soldierss of the rightful Gods of Skypiea are clad in long, wide, white robes without sleeves, which also have a crimson piece of cloth in the shoulder area. Their hair throughout is shaped into a sort of antenna.
After Enel’s rise to power, many of the former Divine Soldierss were forced into construction work on Maxim’s Ark. A few other, more loyal subordinates eventually became the White Berets.

After Enel’s defeat, a new Divine Guard was formed, including the Shandia warriors Wyper, Mantis, Genbo, and Braham.

Enel’s Divine Soldiers

A God warrior from Enel’s retinue…

The Divine Soldierss of Enel were fierce looking, goat-like creatures with two small but pointed horns on their heads and two long ears hanging down. They wore white robes that exposed their forearms and white pants.

Likewise, they all possessed a brown ribbon worn around the collar of the robe with a gold ring for a chain. Their hands were covered by brown gloves, under which they wore either an axe-dial used only by them or an impact-dial, which they used in combat. On their feet they wear wavers so that they could move about on the Sky Roads.

Like all other creatures native to the area, Divine Soldierss also possessed white wings on their backs. It is likely that Enel brought his own Divine Soldierss with him from Birka. The former god Gan Fall told of a “strong army” with which the upstart Enel invaded Skypiea and inflicted a crushing defeat on both the troops of the god of the time and the warriors of Shandia. This “strong army” of invaders will have consisted largely of the goat-like Divine Soldierss. These god-warriors, moreover, while speaking, occasionally “mow” like goats.

Hierarchy under Enel

In the hierarchy of the Upper Yard, they were in last place as “foot soldiers”. They are the subordinates of Corporal Yama, who coordinates them in the field.

Below him are the two vice-commanders of the Divine Soldierss, Hotori and Kotori, who are distinguished by both a different appearance and increased strength.

Just before Enel officially declared a war for survival in the Upper Yard, an advisor had reported to him that Lance Corporal Yama, along with his Divine Soldierss, constituted an army of 50 men. This, along with the three remaining priests, was referred to as the entire God Force. After there had been an initial fallout of this battle with the priest Shura defeated by Wyper, Yama unleashed his Divine Soldierss on the Shandia and the Blaumeerians in the forest.

The first of them was defeated by Luffy after he tried to attack him from behind with a Dial. Luffy initially thought a goat was nearby due to the warrior’s sounds, but was then disappointed when he realized the sounds were coming from an enemy.

Three of them pursued Chopper, who was fearfully fleeing from them, until they were met by three Shandia warriors, whom they had to deal with, as they offered a more serious target. However, the three Shandia were defeated by them. Later, Robin was prevented from advancing by another Divine Soldiers, as the path they had taken apparently led directly to the shrine of Enel.

But since the warrior showed unacceptable manners for Robin and damaged a ruin that she said was priceless in value, he was summarily put out of action by her.

For the first time without the obligatory grim expression on his face, a Divine Soldiers was seen fleeing and begging for mercy, shortly before he received the coup de grace or “mercy shot” from the Shandia warrior Braham. A short time later, several Divine Soldierss again found themselves – not quite as badly, but still in distress – before the barrel of Genbo’s bazooka, which also defeated them with one shot from it.

There the much stronger commander of the God’s Warriors Yama appeared in battle for the first time and defeated Genbo with ease, but was himself defeated by Robin, who was also attacked by him.

At the same time, the two commanders Hotori and Kotori boarded The Going Merry, previously visited by Enel, and attacked the two remaining Nami and Gan Fall there to take revenge for defeating the priest Satori. However, after a dial-heavy battle, the two attackers were easily defeated. The Divine Soldiers present at the fight between Chopper and Priest Gedatsu, after calling out his superior on his strange behavior of rolling his eyes backwards, was mistakenly almost killed by the latter. Chopper saved his life, after which he switched sides and, along with the little reindeer, planned to eliminate the priest.

However, this plan was quickly thwarted and the Divine Soldiers was brought down with a single attack accelerated by his jet dials.

When Enel stopped the Shandia warrior Kamakiri from escaping on a Sky Road with the help of a huge lightning bolt after a short period of time, the said lightning bolt jumped onto the Sky Road and eliminated a total of twenty warriors active in the fight for survival. In this action, the self-proclaimed god also caught some of his own god warriors who were thus eliminated. Thus, of the God’s army, including himself and the priest Ohm, only thirteen men were left. Later, the battle of a Divine Soldiers against a simple Shandia was interrupted by the appearance of the giant serpent Nora.

What happened to the two fighting men is unknown, but it is likely that they were both crushed by it. More Divine Soldierss showed up on a Sky Road to stop some surviving Shandia from getting up to Enel’s place of worship via the Giant Jack. Nami, with her Waver and Aisa in tow, was abruptly caught in the middle.

While one level up Zoro, Wyper, Gan Fall, the Giant Serpent, and the Priest Ohm engaged in combat, the last five Divine Soldierss burst in to Aum’s reinforcements and three Shandia to Wyper’s, and were all defeated in the ensuing Test of Iron. One of them was kicked and impaled against the barbed wire cage shell by the battle devil just after it began. The next two Divine Soldierss to be eliminated from the fight were also on the Shandia leader’s account.

The last Divine Soldiers still capable of fighting was unceremoniously put out of action by Zoro; with that, all Divine Soldierss were eliminated from the fight for survival.

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