Diez Barrels of One Piece

Diez Barrels was X. Drake’s father. Fourteen years ago, he was a former naval officer who, however, switched to piracy and one day came into possession of the Operations Fruit. He eventually wanted to sell it for a high price, which secured him the attention of the Navy and the World Government, but also that of the Donquixote pirate gang, as well as Trafalgar Law and Corazón in particular.


Diez Barrels was a tall man with short orange hair and long sideburns. He had a very elongated face, but small ears, eyes and nose, whereas his mouth was very large. His prominent chin was conspicuous. He had thrown his green captain’s coat over his shoulders, on which were gold epaulettes. Under the coat he wore a brown long-sleeved shirt, which was buttoned up. With it he wore light colored pants, light brown gloves and brown shoes.


He was once a man within the navy, moreover his son looked up to him, but this changed and he became a cruel man who became violent even towards his son.
Furthermore, he was very focused on money, but also naive, so he made a deal with the navy as a pirate. When the fruit was stolen, getting it back was more important to him than his own health.

Skills and strength

As a former naval officer and captain of his own band of pirates, he must have had some strength, but he was no match for Donquixote Doflamingo.


Diez Barrels was once a naval officer, but switched to piracy. His exact former rank as well as his motivation to turn his back on the navy are unknown. His son used to look up to him, but he changed and became violent even towards him. He and his band of pirates got hold of the coveted Operations fruit and agreed a deal with the Navy. They were to meet on Rubeck in the Northblue and trade the fruit for a large quantity of berry. Three days before the planned trade, Corazón spotted them on a neighboring island of Rubeck, on Minion. There they had set up camp in an abandoned town. Just as the Barrels pirates were celebrating their success, their lair exploded and fire spread. However, no sound was heard through Corazón’s Devil Fruit, and so he was able to knock Barrels down and steal the Operation Fruit.

Afterwards, Diez Barrels ordered his subordinates not to take care of his wounds, but to retrieve the Operation Fruit. However, the Donquixote Pirates then also reached Minion, and to prevent his brother from escaping with the Devil Fruit, Donquixote Doflamingo erected his birdcage over the island. The Donquixote pirates got to their base and stole their treasures while Doflamingo was talking to Barrels. He then shot him and took a seat on the back of the corpse. His son X. Drake later confirmed the death by Doflamingo.


  • In his name, the original ディエス (Dies/Diez) is the pronunciation over the X.

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