Diego of One Piece

Diego is a craftsman and sculpts wax figures. Diego is Regis’ father and lives on Hand Island.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 12 – Episode of Luffy: Adventures on Hand Island.


Diego is a tall man with a tanned skin tone. It is noticeable that he has very narrow legs, in contrast to his broad and muscular upper body. He has long and jagged light hair, largely covered by a red cap, and sideburns. He wears a blue beaded necklace around his neck and a blue jumpsuit that reaches his knees. A light-colored tool belt is attached to his waist, and a dark cape is fastened around his shoulder.


Diego is a peaceful man who loves his son above all else. He also values freedom very much, which is why he admires many pirates. On the other hand, he is also very stubborn and proud of his craft, which is why he doesn’t allow himself any discouragement and doesn’t stop despite his back ailment. Furthermore, he is very emotional, so he often shed tears, for example when Koby told about his past with Luffy.

Skills and strength

Diego is an extremely talented wax modeler who can create deceptively real wax figures. Even under time pressure, he was able to make one of Admiral Kizaru that he could use to fool the entire Navy. However, due to his age and years of pursuing his craft, he also suffers from severe back pain, causing him to walk down stairs, for example, only slowly and backwards.

Moreover, he could imitate Admiral Kizaru’s voice very well, if only with a few words.


Diego met many famous pirates in his life and made wax figures of them. From an early age Diego also taught his son the craft with wax and was proud of him when he made his first figure at the age of six. He then lived with his son Regis in his home until Whitebeard’s death at the Battle of Marine Ford. But when the protection of the Emperor ceased, the island was “protected” by the Navy, whereupon Regis left his father and joined them. While the island’s craftsmen were ordered to the naval base for the creation of giant cannons, Diego stayed behind, as he was too old and considered useless.


As Luffy explored Hand Island in search of something edible, he came across Diego’s house and immediately saw delicious looking fruit, which he ate. However, they tasted awful and turned out to be wax replicas made by Diego. When the artisan then invited the straw hat into his house and opened the door, they both noticed that the house had been destroyed by the Thousand Sunny’s rough landing. Not discouraged by this, Diego nevertheless gave the pirate something to eat that evening, and it turned out that not only had he already heard of Luffy, but he had also met Shanks, whereupon he took him to his basement and presented him with his waxwork cabinet.

There were many wax figures of famous pirates like Whitebeard, Shanks or Mont Blanc Cricket, but also of Ace, whom he once met, on display. Shortly after Chopper and Usopp appeared and after the latter saw a small wax figure Diego told about his son Regis and that he was stationed at the naval base. He went on about what had been going on on the island for the past two years and decided to head to the naval base to convert his son. However, due to his back ailment, he could not set out himself, whereupon Luffy agreed to do so.

The following day, Marine Captain Koby appeared at Diego’s house and told him that his son was currently in prison, whereupon he realized that his son had not lost his conviction and could understand why he joined the Navy in the first place. However, shortly after, Bilić had the island bombed because the Straw Hat Pirates were there, and after Zoro split a cannonball in front of Diego’s eyes, Koby asked the wax craftsman for a favor. He then created a deceptive wax copy of Admiral Kizaru and imitated his voice. He gave the order to capture Bilić, which the marines subsequently did. When Regis then saw his father at the naval base, he ran to him and apologized, but he needed no apology and embraced him. Diego later returned to his basement and made a figurine of Luffy.


  • His work is reminiscent of Madame Tussauds.
  • His meeting with Shanks must have been at least twelve years ago, as he still has both arms and the straw hat.

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