Diamante of One Piece

Diamante is an elite officer of the Donquixote Pirates, commander of the eponymous Diamante Squad, and is considered the Hero of the Colosseum (jap. コロシアムの英雄, Koroshiamu no Eiyū).


Diamante 10 years ago

Diamante is a very tall man with relatively long legs. His face is particularly striking because of the two dark red-orange stripes that run vertically downward from his eyes. He has long unbound dark blond hair and thick pink lips. His clothing consists of a beige long striped shirt, which he wears open so you can see his trained torso, and bright red pants, which are decorated with orange ruffles and some gold checks. He also owns high dark brown boots. On his head he wears a black and white hat decorated with an orange pattern, which at first glance resembles that of a clown. Over his shoulders he has draped a long light red cape, which is also decorated with checks and some light yellow petals sticking out from his collar. This cape is also made of steel.

Ten years earlier he wore a black shirt and white trousers, which had two dark checks printed on the kneecaps. His trousers were held up by a wide belt with a check buckle. His hat didn’t have a pattern then, and the petals on his cape looked a bit different as well. Noticeably, he didn’t have any stripes on his face back then.


Diamante seems to have the strange habit of first denying every compliment from other people, then, when the person praising him wants to stop, accepting it after all – screaming at a high volume. Moreover, Diamante also seems to be very cruel. So you could see that he enjoyed it very much when the Donquixote pirate gang took over Dress Rosa and burned down the royal palace in the process. He also told Rebecca without hesitation how he had killed her mother, and mocked her father for not being able to do anything. Nonetheless, he seems to be a fair sportsman who named Rebecca the winner of the D Block of the Fire Fruit Tournament even against the public’s wishes.

Skills and strengths

Diamond’s devilish power

Since he is the hero of the Colosseum, which according to Donquixote is running successfully, and also sits on the “chair of diamonds”, which indicates a high position within the pirate gang, one can assume great strength in him. Doflamingo even trusts him to fight, if not win, alone against Jesus Burgess as well as Bartolomeo, Rebecca and Lucy during the tournament for the Fire Fruit. This strength comes in part from the Flutter Fruit that Diamante ate.

The Devil Fruit allows him to turn things he touches into a Flutterable material without them losing their characteristic properties such as strength or hardness. Only the weight is apparently affected. For example, Diamante wears a cloak made of steel that can wave in the wind like a flag. This could still serve as a defense against some gladiators. As weapons he also uses a long Rapierwhich he can deform at will thanks to his devil powers, and a mace, which he keeps folded and hidden. It is also mentioned that he is the strongest member of the gang with Trébol and Pica. In addition, he is proficient in both armor and observation shaki.


First encounter with Trafalgar Law

Already 16 years ago Diamante was a commander of the pirate gang of Donquixote Doflamingo. At that time, together with Trébol, he received the young Law, who wanted to join the gang. He also informed him about his health situation and at the same time warned him not to join the gang, as already many young recruiters could barely last two days. Together with Trébol, he introduced him to Corazón, who had just returned from a mission. Corazón supposedly didn’t like children, so he threw Law out the window before the officers could warn him.

A week later, Diamante sat with his crew members at a banquet. The main topic of conversation was their new addition, and Diamante wondered how long he would last. It eventually turned out that he was suffering from Hakuen’s disease and therefore had white spots all over his skin.

Only a short time later, Doflamingo made Law a full-fledged member. Diamante instructed him in the use of the sword for the next few years.

The ultimate devil fruit

Corazón disappeared one day along with young Trafalgar Law. What was striking about this was that since then the Navy had a hard time locating the gang and hunting them down. Because of this, Pica suggested in a meeting of the officers and captain that Corazón might be an informer. Diamante, on the other hand, simply believed it was a stupid coincidence.

The gang’s next destination was the island of Rubeck. According to Vergo’s information, a secret trade between the Navy and Diez Barrels’ pirate gang was supposed to take place here. This gang wanted to sell the Operation Fruit to the Navy for a lot of money. With the help of the devil powers of this fruit, which is also called the “ultimate devil fruit” for this reason, it should be possible for the owner to give eternal youth to someone else. As a price, however, the owner must sacrifice his life. Three days before the handover, the gang was supposed to meet up with Corazón and Law on Swallow Island, but things turned out differently. The gang landed directly on Minion Island, where the Barrels pirates’ hideout was located. Doflamingo’s gang was clearly outnumbered by Barrels’. Shortly thereafter, Vergo informed his crew of Corazón’s treachery. Doflamingo confined the island to his birdcage to prevent the traitor from escaping and being apprehended later. However, there was no trace of Trafalgar Law, who from now on was in possession of the coveted devil powers. Doflamingo’s plan had failed and he killed his only brother that night.

Takeover of Dress Pink

Doflamingo managed to denounce the reputation of King Riku Doldo III and present himself as a hero, and so his commanders also stepped forward. Diamante later took care of the pursuit of Scarlet and Rebecca. It was he who killed Scarlet with a pistol shot when she went to get food for her daughter.


Meeting with Doflamingo

Diamante was praised by Doflamingo due to the success of the Corrida Colosseum on Dress Rosa. After Trébol handed over a chest containing the late Ace’s Fire Fruit to Doflamingo, it was entrusted to Diamante for supervision.

The tournament at the Corrida Colosseum

Diamante Gives Bellamy Doflamingo’s Message

As it turned out, Ace’s Fire Fruit was the winning prize of the tournament at the Corrida Colosseum. Diamante was one of the opponents that had to be defeated as a participant in order to win the tournament.

With the Block C Battle Royal in full swing, he summoned Bellamy to the Pirates’s lounge in the Coliseum. He felt that the Samurai was being too soft by giving the Hyena another chance after failing in the tournament. He handed the prospect an offer of a second chance to become a leading member of the Flamingo family: Bellamy was to kill Straw Hat Luffy before the end of the tournament.

A little later, he spoke to his captain via Den-den Mushi while he was fighting with Law, informing him that Viola had betrayed the gang and disappeared. When Doflamingo then ordered Lao G to send a unit to the factory to protect it against the Straw Hat Pirates, it came up that Diamante alone would also be quite enough, to which he agreed and took on protecting the factory personally.

Bartolomeo protects Rebecca from Diamante

This didn’t happen, though, as he had his check unit defend the factory while he himself participated in the final of the tournament. Before he could explain the rules, some angry losers from block D came rushing in, wanting to kill Rebecca. He stopped them with the help of his devil powers and pushed them back with his attack Corrida Glefe, after which they were attacked by the Fighting Fishes. The commander then explained that the finale was also a Battle Royal, with the objective being to defeat the Fighting Fish on which the Fire Fruit was chained, take the prize, and then also survive against his opponents to defend the Devil Fruit. When the fight began, Lucy tried to attack that Fighting Fish to get to the fruit. Diamante tried to prevent this, however Lucy managed to simply deflect its attack, breaking its sword as well. When Lucy also managed to break Jesus Barge’s bracers, Diamante noticed that Lucy’s fighting style had changed and doubted that he was actually Straw Hat Luffy.

When the fight was in full swing, Diamante was attacked by Rebecca. However, the attack had no effect as Rebecca was using a blunt sword. Diamante then struck her down with his club and told her that if she was not willing to kill, she would die here. To humiliate her further, he then also told her about her mother’s death and that he was her murderer.

After Usopp and Robin managed to knock out Sugar and all the toys then turned back into their old personalities, he was very annoyed at Trébol’s incompetence. Furthermore, he was very shocked when Lucy collapsed the entire arena with a single attack. After the arena collapsed, Diamante was trapped under the debris and water of the ring, which left him unable to prevent Lucy from claiming and eating the Fire Fruit for herself. When the latter’s helmet and beard fell off as a result, Diamante realized he was a member of the Revolutionaries. Having managed to free himself, he was worried about what to say to Doflamingo when he noticed the freed slaves making their way towards him.

After the tournament

Afterwards he was seen together with Trébol guarding the entrance to the Smile factory and already managed to eliminate some attackers. However, they left it again at the behest of their young master, who felt it did not need protecting due to its being made of sea stone, and so the strongest members of the Donquixote Pirates gathered at the new King’s Plateau at Flower Hill and discussed the current situation. Diamante tried to justify the loss of the Fire Fruit, not expecting even the number two revolutionary to enter the tournament, but Doflamingo forgave him outright. While Pica then faced off against the oncoming alliance, consisting of a few Straw Hats as well as individual participants in the tournament, Diamante and Trébol were reminiscing alongside their captain about the young Trafalgar D. Law when Bellamy showed up to make sure if it really was Flamingo’s job to Dellinger to take him out.

Diamante vs. Kyros

Diamante vs. Kyros

When Rebecca reached the fourth level a little later, with the goal of freeing Mansherry, Diamante confronted her. But the former had lost her will to fight and avoided the fight. While Diamante clarified that it was he who pistol-whipped her mother Scarlet, Rebecca frantically called out to the toy soldier. At that moment, Kyros intervened in the fight and declared that he would not allow Diamante to take another family member from him. Immediately after, Luffy as well as Law also appeared and Kyros entrusted Doflamingo to them as he had enough to deal with the elite officer. Diamante wouldn’t let the two move towards his young master, but with the help of Law’s devil power, the two disappeared before his attack could catch them.

While the final battles began on Dress Rosa, the battle between Kyros and Diamante also entered the decisive phase. However, Diamante used all sorts of tricks with the help of his devil power, so he made the ground flutter, which caused the one-legged Kyros to struggle, and further exploited his weaknesses. Thus, he kept attacking Rebecca, forcing Kyros to intervene to protect her. However, Kyros could not stop Diamante’s next attack on Rebecca and yelled at her to flee. This she failed to do and at the last moment Robin appeared and protected Rebecca instead of her father. Robin assured Kyros that she would now take care of protecting his daughter and he could fully concentrate on his opponent, whereupon he thanked her. Kyros mobilized the last of his strength, so Diamante launched a powerful attack, using Half Moon Gelfe to tear a deep crater in the sunflower field.

Kyros was able to escape the attack due to his high speed, but the elite officer directly continued with the next deadly technique called “Death Enjambre”. For this, he revealed several cannons under his cloak, which he had made foldable with the help of his devil powers, and then shot vast amounts of confetti into the air. This he then transformed back into thousands of spiked balls.

Diamante is defeated

Within seconds, a rain of spiky projectiles rained down on Kyros, Robin, and Rebecca, with the Straw Hat using her devil powers to protect herself and her charge. Kyros, on the other hand, horrified Diamante by deflecting each of the bullets one by one with lightning-fast sword thrusts, and continued to charge towards his opponent to deliver a crushing blow.

To prevent this, the Donquixote Pirate shot him in cold blood in the thigh, causing the former hero of the Colosseum to fall to the ground, defenseless against the hail of spiked bullets. Before Rebecca could intervene in a rage, however, Kyros was already struggling back to his feet to prevent his daughter from having to wield a sword again. Filled with rage, he made a powerful leap in Diamante’s direction and executed a devastating sword attack that broke through even Diamante’s attempts at defense and sliced the ruthless pirate’s stomach open. Diamante then crashed his head onto Rebecca’s grave and passed out.

After Doflamingo was also defeated and the tyranny ended, the navy captured the Donquixote pirates, including Diamante.


  • Diamante is the Spanish word for “diamond”. This fits the card motif chosen by Eiichiro Oda for Doflamingo’s subordinates, who all form a Playing card“. Thus, during the conversation with Doflamingo, four chairs can be seen, each taking on a suit of the “French Hand”.
  • Diamante is the only one besides Pica, Trébol and Vergo who also calls his captain Doffy besides young gentleman or young master.
  • Diamante came in 98th place in the 5th character popularity poll.
  • His favorite drink is red wine.

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