Devil Fruits Theories

In this page you will find information theories about Devil Fruit users and existence of certain Devil Fruits in the One Piece series.


  • The devil’s fruit grows on only one tree in the world, the so-called “Tree of Illusion”. This only produces fruit every 50 years. (as in Romance Dawn)
  • How Blackbeard managed to acquire the powers of the Earthquake Fruit when he already had the powers of the Darkness Fruit within him is not yet known. It is also not known whether he actually ate the earthquake fruit or snatched its powers from the dead Whitebeard.

Unconfirmed devil fruits

The devil fruits of the characters listed below are not confirmed and are based only on details of the manga shown so far. Therefore, there is no guarantee as to the accuracy of the data and only describes in which actions the respective characters showed a power that is indicative of a possible devil fruit.


Bobbin from Big Mom’s band of pirates apparently has the ability to send out waves by wiggling his head, causing people around him to fall asleep. This could be due to a currently unnamed devil fruit.


Dalmatian gets readygets ready for the fight

At the Battle of Marineford, Dalmatian appears to have transformed into a dog. Thus, in addition to his face, which could be due to mask, as with Monkey D. Garp, his hands and feet were transformed into the paws of a Dalmatian.


Epoida as a caterpillar

In Marine Ford’s great decisive battle of world powers, Epoida has turned into a caterpillar.

Jewelry Bonney

Bonney changes the age of the soldiers

Jewelry Bonney can apparently change people’s ages at will. For the first time, she used this power on herself to turn herself into a little girl. In battle against the Navy on the Sabaody Archipelago, she used it to incapacitate many soldiers, turning them into either infants or old men.


Karasu apparently possesses a devilish power that allows him to dissolve his body into dozens of crows. He can apparently control them over long distances. Moreover, they are so strong that they can carry people on their backs.

Monkey D. Dragon

The storm in Loguetown

Dragon seems to have control over the wind. When he saved Luffy from Smoker in Loguetown, a storm subsequently arose, carrying Smoker and Buggy away and bringing the scattered Straw Hat Pirates together. Since he himself uttered the word storm in the manga and remained unaffected by it, it would appear that Dragon caused this storm to occur. Also, during the Gray Terminal fire more than 10 years ago, a sudden gust of wind created a massive road in the middle of the sea of flames, which ran directly toward Dragon’s ship.


Note Onigumo (オニグモ中将) translates to “demon spider”.

Onigumo’s skills

In battle, Onigumo has his hair transformed into six additional arms that can carry more swords. In addition, he also later transformed his lower body into that of a spider.


Laffittee with wings

Upon Blackbeard’s arrival at Impel Down, Laffitte had apparently turned his arms into wings.

Sanjuan Wolf

Sanjuan Wolf’s abnormal size

According to the 2018 Databook Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia ~ San-Juan Wolf’s enormous height is based on a Devil Fruit, which gave him the power to become the tallest of all giants.


Urouge becomes a giantand strikes back

Urouge can use his devil powers to convert damage he takes in battle into his own powers. He is also able to enlarge his own body in the process.

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