Devil Dias of One Piece

Devil Dias was the captain of the Akumate pirate gang. He was sold as a slave to the World Nobles.


Devil Dias is a tall, strong man. He has long, black hair that he has tied up into two braids at the top. He has a long face with pointed ears. Diaz wears a brown coat with yellow trim and fur, which he wears open. On his stomach he has the mark of his Jolly Roger tattooed and a horizontal scar extends. He has fastened his light green trousers with a colorfully decorated belt. He wears grey-black boots with them.


Not much is known about Diaz’s personality, but according to his own statement as a pirate he still had a wife and child, whom he wanted to see before his death, for whom he even wanted to give up his pirate life and live a peaceful life with them.

Skills and strength

Nothing is known about Diaz’s strength either, however, based on his bounty of 60 million berry and his former position as captain of a pirate gang, one can speculate on some strength.


Diaz’s necklace explodes.

He was enslaved by the World Nobles and had tried to escape. Like all their slaves, he had a collar on that would explode if he tried to escape. While begging passersby for help, he told them he had a wife and child back home. The child was just a baby when he left home to become a pirate. His child did not even know his face. Eventually, the collar exploded. He survived the explosion severely injured, but unfortunately for him, his owner Rosward showed up with his daughter Shalria. The two World Nobles continued to humiliate the defenseless captain. They let their dog pee on his face, kicked and even shot him.

Later, Hatchan told me that the Navy took him away.


  • It is uncertain whether he survived the incident, but if so, he will spend the rest of his life in prison.
  • The name ‘Devil Dias’ probably comes from the Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Diaswho was the first European to sail around the southern tip of Africa in 1487/88. (see also origin of the names)
  • His profile can be seen in One Piece – Stampede in Buena Festa’s cave on Delta.

This fact only occurs in the anime.

  • In the anime, you don’t learn his name, his bounty, or that he’s captain of the Akumate Pirates, as Sentomaru doesn’t make an appearance in the episode in question.

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