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Desire is a former captain of the Sweet pirate gang from East Blue and was a childhood friend of Bartolomeo. She has joined Bill’s Silver Pirate Alliance with her pirate gang.

This article contains information that is unique to the One Piece – Gold special episodes.


Desire is a young slender woman with red erect hair and blonde streaks. Her hairstyle is very similar to Bartolomeo’s. She wears purple eye shadow, white diamond-shaped earrings, and red lipstick, as well as fingernails painted red. Her fingerless gloves are dark red. Her clothing is a long blue coat with images of the sea, which she has rolled up at the sleeves. On her upper left arm is sewn the mark of the Silver Pirate Alliance. She wears a white top and light blue pants with white flounces (note: needs link), held up by a pink belt. The belt buckle has a silver “S” on it. The footwear is dark red boots with a heel. A silver pearl necklace also runs along the left hip.


Desire grew up with Bartolomeo, but obviously doesn’t share his fan love for the Straw Hat Pirates. She was visibly annoyed when he still adored Luffy at their reunion. She, on the other hand, admires Bill and blushed when he told her about his dreams. Desire also has a fondness for chocolate.

Skills and strength

Desire is an outstanding speedboat driver and was able to escape the attacks of the Straw Hat Pirates through elaborate maneuvers. Furthermore, she fights with a long pipe and was able to break Bartolomeo’s pickaxe with one blow and also fend off Aveyron’s bombs.


Bartolomeo and Desire were childhood friends in East Blue.

Desire was from the East Blue and was friends with Bartolomeo. The two had spent a lot of time together until they parted ways and became pirates. However, they both formed independent pirate gangs from each other. Desire became captain of the Sweet pirate gang, a small gang consisting of women. At an uncertain time, the gang reached the New World, but were later attacked by an unknown assailant. In the fight, she lost most of her crew, but when she was already facing death, a pirate named Bill came and saved her. She joined Bill’s Silver Pirate Alliance, unaware that he was in fact the attacker.


When the Straw Hat Pirates, along with Trafalgar Law and the Barto Club, were on their way to Zou, they were attacked by a group of enemy pirates led by Desire. Their mission was to kidnap Monkey D. Luffy and with the help of a simple trick, they succeeded by luring him onto their boat with a huge piece of meat on a fishing rod. The Straw Hats as well as the Barto Club launched a counterattack with the aim of rescuing their captains, but Desire was able to escape them with the prisoners, while Peseta and his men stayed behind to stop them. Desire took them both to the silver mine. There, she visited the Straw Hat captain in his cell and enlightened him while Luffy asked her for food. She gave him some of her chocolate, but was subsequently ordered to take him out of the cell. Desire took him to a stage where their leader Bill was going to execute the rubber boy. To her amazement, Bartolomeo appeared to free his idol and attacked the enemies with a pickaxe, but Desire was able to break it with one blow. Bartolomeo was surprised and asked Desire what she was doing in this place, but the latter simply replied that it was none of his business. Despite everything, Bartolomeo and Luffy managed to escape and Desire gave chase to the fugitives with her crew. They caught up to the two and Desire offered to talk to Bill to let him live provided he handed over the Straw Hat to her in return, but he refused and ran off. She fired at him, causing a huge hole to open up under him, into which the two of them fell, as well as Desire herself.

She survived the fall, but was horrified to find that her ship fared differently. While she told Bartolomeo to hand Luffy over to her, the three of them were attacked by Aveyron. She couldn’t explain why a member of the Silver Pirate Alliance would want to kill her and ran off with them. Desire engaged in a battle of words with Bartolomeo, whom she couldn’t forgive for giving up his dream and instead wanting to make Luffy King of the Pirates. Further, she told them that she found a true friend in Bill, whom she trusts completely. But then the three of them came across a group of mine workers who told that they were once members of Bill’s pirate alliance as well, but were now forced to work by him. Desire could not believe this and ran away, however Aveyron rushed over, revealing to her that he had been ordered by Bill to kill them. The attacker was able to be taken out by Luffy and Desire convinced the enslaved miners to follow her out of the mine. However, they were attacked by Peseta, but Kinemon intervened and helped the group escape the mine. However, Peseta resorted to drastic means and held a member of Desire’s previous pirate gang hostage, causing the escaping group to turn around. Luckily for them, this time Zoro interfered and made short work of Peseta. The former captain of the Sweet pirate gang then gathered with her crew and promised them she would set sail together again after settling her score with Bill.

When the miners escaped to freedom, Bartolomeo, Desire and Luffy were confronted by Bill. Bill now made her understand that he actually wanted to kill her and it was he who attacked her gang at the time, only to look like the savior afterwards so she would loyally follow him. This made her freak out and she charged at him, however Luffy jumped in between and attacked the opponent. Along with Bartolomeo, she watched as Luffy punched Bill through the ground into the underground mine and then attempted to flee with the two of them. However, Bill returned and seemed to be a lot stronger than before. He attacked them with molten iron, distressing them and nearly sending Desire tumbling into the abyss. However, Bartolomeo saved her at the last second and eventually Bill was defeated and the trio escaped while the silver mine collapsed.

Desire reunited with her former band of pirates and declined Bartolomeo’s offer to join the Barto Club. Together with her comrades, she sailed away.

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