Desan and Croquis of One Piece

Desan and Croquis are two pirates who were present on Delta during the Pirates Festival.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Stampede (2019).


The duo Desan and Croquis consists of two middle-aged men. While one is quite thin, the other is quite plump.

The skinny one of the two has a tanned skin tone and wild blond hair. He is wearing a sleeveless green shirt, a green sash, and blue pants. He was also seen holding a saber in his left hand.

The other, however, has a paler skin tone and shorter brown hair. He has a scar on his left temple and covers his upper body only with an openly worn shirt of reddish color. He also wears a green sash, but somewhat lighter, and light-colored pants.


Desan and Croquis attended the pirate expo on Delta. After Douglas Bullet interfered with the treasure hunt and the navy appeared, they charged at Smoker alongside other pirates, including Captain Seven, who was also joined by Hina and Tashigi. However, they stood no chance against Smoker, who defeated them easily with his Logia powers. It turned out that the Samurai of the Seas Buggy was also among the pirates.


  • The voice actors for Desan and Croquis are two Japanese models from the men ‘ (note: needs link)s lifestyle and fashion magazine Men ‘s Non-no, which is also distributed by Shueisha.

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