Den of One Piece

The is Tom’s younger brother. Besides his work as a ship carpenter, he explores the lake forest.


Den is a Bering Sea Wolf Merfolk. He usually wears a hat with which he tames an enormous mane of long hair. He also has round glasses with dark frames and a hoop earring on each ear. His nose is long, pointed, and curves sharply downward. He wears a mustache as well as a chin beard, which, contrary to his hair, are dark. A pearl necklace adorns his broad neck. His t-shirt is dark, belly-baring, and decorated with some sort of floral pattern; the same logo can be found tattooed on his upper arms. Around his long fin he has wrapped a belt, from which hangs a pouch with tools, and a cloth.


Den has a very friendly, nice personality and is a thoroughly cheerful character. So you see him smiling in almost every situation.

Skills and strength

He, like his brother Tom, is also a shipwright and most likely a very talented one. The craft of coating also suits him. Den is also an explorer of the lake forest, which has already given him some knowledge about it.


Finally finding himself on Fish-Man Island, Franky decided to go in search of relatives of his idol Tom, locating Den. Den once kept in touch with Grandma Kokoro by letter, which is why he recognized Franky. He also already knew about Iceburg and his brother’s death. For Franky’s sake, of course, Den gladly agreed to coate the Thousand Sunny, explaining to the cyborg why he himself was an Merfolk, but Tom was a Pisces Man.

Together they met up with Jinbe in the lake forest, who was by this time a wanted criminal again, waiting for Luffy and company. When they finally joined, Den was very surprised to see Princess Shirahoshi outside the palace. As a result, Den also watched Hody Jones’ speech, but remained in the Sea Forest with Hatchan and Camie during the Straw Hat Pirates’s battles. He was still there after the battle when the Sea Kings brought Noah to the Sea Forest, which shocked Den.

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