Daz Bonez of One Piece

Daz Bonez (originally Daz Bones), also known by his alias Mister 1, was an officer agent of the Baroque Company. In this he was considered the strongest member after their boss, the Samurai of the Seas Crocodile. He was also formerly known as the most notorious bounty hunter The Killer (jap. 殺し屋, Koroshiya) from the Westblue. His partner in the baroque company was Miss Doublefinger.

After the fall of the Baroque Company, Daz Bonez was arrested by the Navy along with the other Officer Agents and eventually ended up in the Impel Down. After breaking out of the big prison and the big battle of Marine Ford, he traveled around the New World with Crocodile.



Daz Bonez has a dark complexion and short-cropped gray hair. Noticeable features include his long fingers, wide neck, and a tattoo that stretches across his entire chest, which, like the rest of his body, is well-toned. Translated, this mark stands for the number “one”. He wears a black sleeveless coat with a grey snake symbol on both sides of the chest area. A scarf tied around his waist is the belt replacement for his thick, long, tan pants.

During his incarceration at Impel Down, he wears striped prison clothing. Furthermore, Bonez has acquired a large scar over his right eye. This he received from a blow from a prisoner. Since he was wearing sea stone handcuffs at that moment, he was injured and the scar remained.


Like Roronoa Zoro, Mister 1 is often very arrogant. He also doesn’t seem to be able to take a joke. When Mister 2 turned into him and talked nonsense, he became quite angry and wondered when he had been touched on the cheek by him. To Zoro, he bragged about his past accomplishments. For instance, it was said that no swordsman had ever injured him, to which Zoro intimated that he was a different kind of swordsman from those he had previously defeated.

Another characteristic is that he is always careful and conscientious in his orders. For example, he said to his partner that those who are to be killed will be killed by him.

Also, it is known that he would like to be a superhero.

Furthermore, Bonez seems to be a partner of sorts to Crocodile, as the latter taunts most agents after their defeats, but he still seems to have an interest in his ex-number 1. Daz Bonez still carries out the latter’s orders consistently.

He also doesn’t have much compassion, as he simply pushed a prisoner down into the Blood Pool in Impel Down when he tried to push him out of the way.

Skills & Strength

Bonez has been training his powers.

Daz Bonez is the strongest agent in the Baroque Company, aside from his boss. This, along with the fact that he was once an extremely famous bounty hunter, suggests his strength.Sorry, but since I ate from the Ironblade, not a single swordsman could harm me!

He got his devil powers from the Iron Blade fruit. Through it, he can transform his body into a blade, allowing him to even bounce swords. Moreover, he seems to have trained his devil power as well, which could be seen from his Sparkling Daisy attack. His ability is extremely brutal, as he can even rotate his blades. For this reason, he is also nicknamed “the killer”.

The Iron Man flaunts his abilities.

His strength is high enough that he was locked into the 4th level of Impel Down, where he showed his stamina and wasn’t even impressed by the scorching heat. Even with seastone handcuffs, he was strong enough to recklessly win an altercation against another 4th level inmate.

Furthermore, his body is so hard that he can use it to block even minor cutting waves from Hawkeye, who is known to be the best swordsman in the world. Likewise, rifle bullets are not problematic for him. At the beginning of their short fight, Mihawk even recognized him, which is a testament to his reputation and strength.


Although almost nothing is known about his life story, it is known that he used to be the most notorious and strongest bounty hunter in the Westblue.

He then joined the Baroque Company one day to see how far he would get with his abilities.


Operation Utopia

Mister 1 teased Mister 2

Mister 1’s first appearance was at the bar Spiders Café, which was run by his partner Miss Doublefinger, aka Pola. Unlike his colleagues, he arrived at the appointed place to the second. In tow he had two of Bon Kurei’s men, whom he had knocked unconscious for making “suspicious” movements. After a brief altercation with Mister 2, Miss Doublefinger revealed herself and ended the argument. The agents were ordered to Rainbase.

After all remaining agents were transported to Rainbase with Banchi, they were greeted by Miss Bloody Sunday and advised that they would soon meet their boss. When it was revealed that the Samurai of the Seas and folk hero of Arabasta Crocodile was the one who had been giving them orders for years, everyone was very surprised at first. He explained to them what the point of the Baroque Company was and what tasks they still had to perform. Each was handed a piece of paper with the instructions, which they burned in the fire of a candle after reading through it. After Mister 3 burst in, requesting a second chance, they were given the additional order to search for and destroy the Straw Hat Pirates, as they had been considered extinct by Mister 3 to date. The latter was thrown into a pool full of banana crocodiles as punishment, which greatly embarrassed and frightened everyone. They then swarmed out to complete their individual assignments in partner work.

The agents in front of Nanohana

While Mister 2 was making himself unpopular in Nanohana disguised as King Cobra, the highest ranking pair of agents were heading towards the city in a captured ship. However, the ship did not slow down and immediately destroyed another part of the city. On board of the ship were countless weapons, which were needed by the rebels, so that they could attack Arbana. Afterwards a meeting between the pair of agents and Mister 2 should take place, but he was unmasked by a small boy named Kappa. To prevent the little boy from informing the rebel leader Koza, Bonez and his partner severely injured him so that he no longer had the strength to tell the truth. This act was also blamed on the king and his soldiers.

Iron man vs. pirate hunters

The agents on the outskirts

Knowing now that the Straw Hat Pirates was on its way to stop the rebels, the agents waited at the edge of town for the Straw Hats and the Princess to arrive. Through a trick by the gang, where they all hid under cloaks and rode members of the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops to various locations, they managed to catch the officer agents off guard. Usopp fired a bullet at Mister 1, who simply deflected it with his hand. However, he and Miss Doublefinger followed another pair of ducks through the west gate. Once inside, they confronted their pursuers. They were Zoro and Nami, the latter cheering on her partner and not planning to fight herself. This annoyed Mister 1 and Miss Doublefinger so much that “by the textbook” they wanted to finish Nami off first, since she was the obviously weaker opponent. While Nami continued to run from Miss Doublefinger, Daz Bonez chatted with Zoro, who considered the Baroque Company and its members ridiculous and stupid, as he himself was once asked by Mr. 7 to join. After further goading from Zoro, the fight between the two began, in which Mister 1 impressively demonstrated his devilish strength, which he himself claimed made him “invulnerable”.

The King’s Strike is the End

A very bloody fight broke out, in which Zoro was severely wounded several times in the chest. Although he came up with a wide range of attacks, he failed to cut his opponent. When Mister 1 used his Spiral Hollow technique, Zoro was unable to parry and took a wide variety of attacks. As the fight progressed, he was even buried under the rubble of a destroyed house. Believing he had defeated the swordsman, he turned away from Zoro, who had gotten back up, remembering his years of training. The disgruntled agent had had enough. He set off for an Atomic Spurt, before completing it, however, he was slashed by Zoro’s King Strike. Realizing his defeat, Mr. 1 asked Zoro if he wanted to part diamonds next, to which the latter said that was a waste. The high-ranking agent had been defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates, as had all his colleagues.

Back to the Baroque

Jazz and Crocodile in prison

After Mister 1 was arrested on Arabasta, they delivered him to a nearby prison, where he was one of the strongest prisoners along with Mister 0 and Mister 4. When Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine and Mister 5 broke into the prison, he and his former boss refused to escape. Eventually, they were taken to Impel Down Grand Prison with Mister 2 and Mister 3, who had also been captured by Hina Blackcage.

The great escape

Jazz & Co. set out to capture a ship for the refugees.

Until recently, Daz Bonez was stuck in the world government’s largest prison, Impel Down – specifically, the 4th level. There, a prisoner went berserk, trying to knock Daz Bonez out of the way during his brief escape. However, he didn’t expect the former agent to be so resilient and fight back. After this attack, the convict ended up in the blood pool and most likely died.

Bonez, after reuniting with his former boss Crocodile and the alliance he had joined, which included Luffy and Jinbe, was able to escape his cell and energetically assist his group. Then, when Luffy fought Magellan along with Bonez’s former colleague Galdino, he set out with his boss, Jinbe, and Buggy to capture a warship for escape. Buggy did not fight with them, but this was not necessary, as the other three fighters were able to win against quite a few marines without the slightest problems. After this action, they sailed towards the fugitives. Jinbe’s whale sharks eventually brought the fugitives to the ship. Thus, 241 prisoners had managed to escape.

Battle of Marine Ford

Jazz protects Luffy from Mihawk.

Now that they were finally free, the prisoners made their way to Marine Ford. Most of them joined Whitebeard, but Crocodile, and therefore his henchman Daz Bonez, fought Whitebeard’s gang, as the ex-samurai had a score to settle. After Luffy’s Haoushoku breakout, all the pirates began to support him, even his enemy Crocodile. When Luffy was attacked by Hawkeye on his way to Ace, Daz Bonez intercepted the cutting wave, but was defeated shortly after. The swordsman now wanted to finish the job, but Crocodile interfered and took over the fight.

After the battle

Crocodile and Bonez want to leave for the New World once more.

Daz Bonez and Crocodile then retreated to some Grand Line island to heal their wounds. They read the latest report about Luffy in the newspaper, and wondered mostly how the serious injuries could have all healed already. The crocodile noted, however, that his were healed as well, and afterwards asked his partner if he would come with them to the New World once more. Bonez calmly agreed.


  • His favorite dish is raw ham with mate tea, whereas he dislikes fried pork.

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