Daruma of One Piece

Daruma is commander of the New Fishmen pirate gang.


Daruma as a child

Daruma is a cigar shark type fishman and the smallest member among the officers of the New Fishman Pirates. As such, he has a very stocky build and short, thick limbs. Most of the time, he moves about on all fours. His flat nostrils are at the level of his large, round eyes. Particularly striking, however, are its razor-sharp, hard teeth, which seem extreme even by shark standards. Daruma also usually has a very grim expression on his face. On his right forearm, he has the symbol of the New Fishmen Pirates tattooed. Daruma wears short Bermuda shorts, a fur vest, and a cap with two protrusions on the side that resemble horns or ears. On the top of the cap is a crista (note: needs link).

As a child and young man, Daruma wore a top hat with a skull. Aside from his clothes, he changed very little, only his forearms gained extreme mass. After aging severely from the energy steroids, Daruma became extremely wrinkled and lost almost all of his teeth.


Like all the members of the new Fishmen pirate gang, Daruma believes that the Fishmen are the dominant race and humans are nothing but lowly scum. Daruma has a very brutal and violent nature in his own right. He even threatens his own people to gnaw the flesh off their bones if they bring him cappuccino and sweets again. His favorite food is the flesh of large fish. He also likes to bite through solid stone walls, despite pain in his teeth. This is why he usually speaks with his mouth full.

Skills and strength

Daruma bites through the earth

As a fish-man, Daruma already has 10 times the physical strength of a normal human by nature, and he is also much more agile in the water. As one of Hody’s officers, however, he exceeds even average fishmen by quite a bit. He additionally multiplied this strength by taking E.S. pills.

Daruma fights exclusively with his razor-sharp teeth, with which he can easily bite through rock. He uses this ability, for example, to undermine his opponents and create trip hazards everywhere. He can also spontaneously combust, as he demonstrated in his fight against Usopp with the all-on-flame standing cutter attack.


Negative influence by Arlong

Daruma and his comrades take action against “traitors

Even as a child, Daruma and his friends were strongly influenced by Arlong’s views. He told them about a “holy war” against the inferior human race in his opinion. But Fisher Tiger was also a great hero to them, whose rampage in Mary Geoise impressed them greatly. Daruma’s greatest wish was to one day join the Sun Pirates, along with the others.

As they grew larger, their violence against humans and sea creatures friendly with them continued to increase. For example, they burned down the home of a fellow fishman who dared to donate blood to a human. Driven by their hatred of humanity, they eventually formed the New Fishmen Pirates and subsequently enslaved over 30,000 pirates. Following in Arlong’s footsteps, they set out to spread fear and terror across the world with the help of energy steroids and an army of over 100,000 men.


The takeover of Fish-Man Island

Daruma was first seen with the other commanders of the new Fishmen pirate gang in the Noah when the pirate Gyro and his gang tried to flee from the new Fishmen pirate gang and Hody Jones set out to stop him. He was also present when Vander Decken IX as well as his boss formed an alliance, commenting that this made two strong allies. Some time later, the New Fishman Pirates set out to implement their plans and take over the island. Hody Jones and Vander Decken IX, along with many of their men, made their way to the castle, while the island’s commanders occupied the various precincts. Daruma was in the factory district where the candy company that supplies Big Mom with candy was located. There, he forced the civilians to step on a picture of Otohime and later gleefully nibbled on the wall of the candy factory, which collapsed as a result.

Straw Hat Pirates vs New Fish-Men Pirates

Daruma vs. Usopp

After lecturing his men, he made his way to Gyoncorde Plaza to witness Neptune’s execution. After the princes defeated the sea monsters but were captured themselves shortly after, and Shirahoshi and Jinbe were also forced to surrender to them, Daruma heard Madame Shyarly’s prophecy that the Straw Hat Monkey D. Luffy would be responsible for the destruction of Fish Man Island. Laughing, he then heard the reactions of those present when Hody Jones revealed that he had killed Otohime.

When the Straw Hat Pirates finally showed up, everyone was freed, and they radically reduced the number of Hody’s followers, Daruma jumped into the fight and undermined Franky’s tank, threatening to topple him. However, Franky then transformed the General Franky and the Fish Man Pirate’s next attempt to dig a trap was stopped by Chopper, who attacked him in Horn Point. Angered, he resumed fighting underground, commenting that Chopper could never defeat him in the trench, but Chopper networked the tunnels, after which he returned to the surface and Usopp launched his Green Star: Skull Exploding Herb attack into the tunnel.

Daruma imprisoned and aged

Stricken, Daruma escaped the tunnel and now faced Usopp. The fight progressed and after Usopp dodged an attack from the fish man, Daruma made fun of him, saying that he was probably the weakest of the Straw Hat Pirates and couldn’t hit him. However, Usopp countered that he had already laid his trap and the fight would be over in three moves. However, their attention was previously drawn to Chopper, who switched to Monster Point. Annoyed that Usopp would find time to talk to his colleague in the middle of the fight, Daruma charged at Usopp, but revealed that his trap was indeed laid out. It struck, and in the wake of several attacks, the straw-hatted archer finally defeated the fish-man with Green Star: Impact Wolf.

Afterwards, Hody Jones, Vander Decken IX, and the commanders of the New Fishmen pirate gang were imprisoned in the palace’s prison tower. However, the after-effects of the E.S. pills caused them all to age increasingly, and Daruma was quickly out of breath.


  • Its name comes from the Japanese papier-mâché lucky charms of the same name. These figurines represent the Zen Bodhidharma 達磨, Daruma). Daruma are considered helpers in the fulfillment of wishes. First, one eye is painted out. Men color the left eye, women the right. Once the wish has been fulfilled, the other eye is painted. Finally, the figure can be burned in a temple.
  • Like many characters in One Piece, he also has a unique laugh, namely several “kya”, pronounced kyakyakya, strung together.
  • His favorite food is bones of big fish.

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