Damask of One Piece

Damask is a pyromaniac who participated in Doflamingo’s tournament for Ace’s Fire Fruit.


Damask is a normal sized man. His most distinctive feature is probably his gray gas mask, which resembles a pilot’s cap, has two long straps on both sides. In the middle of the mask is a large round opening. Furthermore, he has narrow eyes and white curly hair, which protrudes from under his mask. He also has a pale, grayish skin color. His only clothing is a blue Keikogi and brown gloves. He does not wear shoes.


Not much is known about Damask’s personality. However, based on his nickname, he seems to have an obsession with fire.

Skills and strength

Due to the fact that he is participating in the Fire Fruit Tournament, he seems to be a capable and strong fighter. The opening of his mask seems to have a flamethrower built into it, which he can use to create massive streams of flame.


Along with Cavendish, Orlumbus, Meadows, Fighting Lion, Rebecca, Mummy, Rolling Logan, Acilia, Suleiman, as well as 128 other fighters, he was assigned to D Block. When D Block was finally launched, Damask also got ready to fight. He was one of the last 20 fighters, however Cavendish’s second personality Hakuba suddenly awoke. The latter attacked all remaining fighters. Damask tried to attack the pirate with his flames, but only hit Mummy. Shortly after he was hit by Hakuba and defeated.

It was only during the final battle against Doflamingo and his birdcage that Damask reappeared. Along with several other gladiators, he faced Donquixote Doflamingo to buy Luffy enough time to regenerate his Haki. However, they were quickly dispatched by the Samurai of the Seas. Their efforts paid off, however, as Luffy was able to defeat Doflamingo for good shortly after.

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