Dalton of One Piece

Dalton is the current king of the Sakura Kingdom, formerly called Drum. He had previously served as garrison chief under Wapol before replacing him as king.


Sketches of Dalton’s body

Dalton is a tall, muscularly built, middle-aged man. He has dark grey to black hair and a rather light complexion. His hair covers the back of his head in particular, while the hair on his forehead can only be seen in a triangular shape in the middle. His chin beard also has such a triangular shape, reaching down to his lower lip. His face also has distinctive angular contours.

At the time he was garrison chief, he usually wore a dark green cloak decorated with white fur trim at the collar and bottom. The sleeves of the coat are trimmed with light brown metallic armor plates. Around his waist Dalton has a dark red belt tied, and for footwear he has heavy black boots.

He carries his huge weapon on his back in a brown leather bag, fixed around his chest with a brown leather strap.

Later as king he wears an additional round shoulder armor and emblems of a king on his clothes. Furthermore, he wears a fur-lined cloak with an embroidered cherry blossom pattern.


Dalton is deeply touched by Hiriluk’s last words

Dalton becomes more involved with his people. For example, he protected them from Wapol’s guards when they fired on the civilians who had entered the fight. He fended off the arrows with his body, but was injured himself in the process.

Moreover, he seems to be a man close to the people and modest, since he refused Dr. Kureha’s offer to take a room in the castle.

After Wapol returned from his escape from Marshall D. Teach alias Blackbeard, Dalton intended to kill him to put an end to the tyranny of the ruler. He himself felt that he would have to answer for the damage done to his people after the revolt against Wapol. At first he had planned to flee Drum, but his heart would not allow it. He was too attached to his homeland.

He would also never allow an innocent civilian to be injured by Wapol’s soldiers.

Skills and strength

Dalton takes out several soldiers with one attack

Dalton once ate of a Zoan devil fruit that allows him to transform into a bison. Add to that his great physical strength and skill with his heavy weapon. He himself thinks that he has a good nose for whether pirates are dangerous or not. Thus, he recognized that the Straw Hat Pirates was harmless and did not intend to do harm in Drum as his people thought. Moreover, during Wapol’s absence, he appears to be in supreme command of Drum’s soldiers. Also, the locals credit him with good leadership skills, as he had a good chance of winning in the election to become ruler of Drum.

Bison Man ShapeBison Shape


At the beginning of the pirate age

Dalton in conversation with the former King Drums

Already at the beginning of the Great Pirate Age, Dalton was worried about the young Wapol, who was soon to become the new ruler of Drum. He tried to make the king of the time understand that Wapol should be dealt with more strictly. The king eventually realized that he had made a mistake, but Wapol was later appointed king anyway.

At the Conference of Kings

Dalton Experiences Vivi In Mary Geoise

Six years before the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on Drum, there was a conference of all the kings whose countries were members of the World Government. Thus, Wapol and his garrison chief at the time, Dalton, were also present in Mary Geoise. However, the outcome of the meeting is unknown. After Kobra spoke out against Wapol, the latter jostled Kobra’s daughter Vivi. Dalton apologized for his king’s behavior. In doing so, he recognized that Vivi had an exceptionally good grasp of politics, even at her young age.

At Hiriluk’s death.

Dalton Must Stop Chopper

After Hiriluk had been lured into a trap by Wapol, he poured himself an explosive substance into a sac bowl, which was to mean his death shortly afterwards. He noticed how Dalton had started to cry, which Wapol was horrified about and afterwards only had laughter for the doctor. When Chopper overheard this, he ran towards Wapol in his human form to kill him, but was stopped by Dalton, who had turned into his bison-human form.

When the Blackbeard gang attacked.

After Blackbeard and his gang attacked Drum, Wapol fled the island. In the absence of the tyrant Wapol, Dalton took over the leadership of the state and the army.


The arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates

After Nami had fallen ill with the 5-day fever, the Straw Hat Pirates went to see a doctor. They headed for Drum, as this was the closest island. Once there, they were met by Dalton and some soldiers. These did not want to let the pirates land, as they were afraid they would attack their home. After the Straw Hat Pirates bowed to Dalton, he let them ashore. He said he had a nose for whether pirates were dangerous or not. He then led the gang to the village and told them about the only doctor, Dr. Kureha. The pirates then decided to make the difficult journey to the top of the Snow Rockies to save Nami’s life.

The search for Kureha

After Dalton took the Straw Hat Pirates in, they headed to Cocoa Weed to find the only remaining doctor in the country, Dr. Kureha. Dalton noted that he felt guilty for sending Luffy, Nami, and Sanji on their way to the mountaintop; he also revealed that he was to blame for the fact that there were no more doctors in Drum.

The fight against Wapol

Dalton tries to save Drum by blowing himself and the lock

Meanwhile, the people of Drum had armed themselves and made their way to the castle. Meanwhile, Dalton faced Wapol’s soldiers in Big Horn. However, with the help of his Devil Fruit, he was able to defeat them without any problems. Marimo and Chess then stood in his way. They knew Dalton’s weak point, so Chess began to target defenseless civilians. Dalton stood in his way without hesitation, but he was severely injured by three arrow hits to the chest.

While he was unconscious, an avalanche was triggered in the mountains, which now reached Big Horn and buried Dalton under it. When the villagers tried to rescue him, Wapol’s men got in their way. Zoro, watching this, asked Usopp if these soldiers were enemies. When he answered in the affirmative, Zoro began fighting the soldiers.

After Zoro won the battle, the villagers as well as Vivi and Usopp began to rescue Dalton from the snow. Later, he is treated by the top 20 doctors. A short time later, Dalton awoke and immediately made the decision to chase Wapol away for good. To do this, because he was still too weak to walk the long way himself, he was carried piggyback by Usopp and later by Zoro. Thereupon they rode an old cable car from Gyasta to the top of the mountain.

During the ride, Dalton remembered his betrayal of Wapol. The latter had locked him in a cell and beaten him bloody again and again. Chess and Marimo also had fun with Dalton, saying that Hiriluk had egged him on. Wapol offered, provided he apologized, to forgive Dalton, but he did not apologize and whistled at his position as a servant and at the king.

Shortly after, Dalton pulls sticks of dynamite from his jacket to blow himself and Wapol up. When they reached the top, they witnessed Luffy hurling Wapol into the distance. Dalton was glad that the tyranny had finally ended.

Chopper’s farewell

After Chopper decided to become a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, he left the castle as well as the Snow Rockies and said goodbye to Kureha and Dalton. When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at the village, they heard cannon shots and looked up to the mountain top. In the cannons was a powder that Hiriluk had spent 30 years researching. They saw that a huge cherry blossom dream stretched across the Snow Rockies. The red powder that stuck to the snow in the atmosphere turned the snow a cherry blossom pink.

Later, Kureha was seen again, sitting with Dalton on the edge of the Snow Rockies. Kureha said that Hiriluk had only worked one real miracle, which was that Chopper had gone to sea. She also noted that Chopper had shown a good nose for Luffy. She felt that the “Will of the D” did indeed live on.

The new wanted posters go around the world

Dalton shows Kurehathe new profiles

After the events in Enie’s lobby, we see Dalton, now crowned king, showing Dr. Kureha the wanted posters with the new bounties of the Straw Hat Pirates. He also refuses Dr. Kureha’s offer of a room in the castle, saying that he would rather live in the village.

Two years later

Dalton is seen holding a newspaper in front of a castle in the valley, while Sakura’s new peacekeeping force, which he has assembled from residents and Lapins, marches up beside him.

The Levely in Mary Geoise

While preparing for the Levely, Dalton was shocked to discover that Kureha would be accompanying him as ship’s doctor bound for Mary Geoise. En route by sea to the World Conference, he gleefully noted the news of Luffy’s actions in Big Mom’s territory and finally reached the Holy Land with Dr. Kureha. While Wapol was insulting Princess Vivi, Dalton interfered and intimidated him into talking to her about Luffy afterwards. In the process, Wapol, who wouldn’t shut up, was eventually completely ignored. Later, Dalton attended the World Conference of Kings as regent over Sakura and looked over at Wapol while sitting down.


  • He loves rice with chestnuts (sweet chestnuts).
  • He has a habit of giving others additional and completely trivial information that he wasn’t even asked about.

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