Daisy of One Piece

Daisy is an Amazon and belongs to the Kuja tribe.


Daisy is a tall, slender woman with long, orange hair. She has thrown on a white coat, similar to that of a naval officer, and a green bra with black spots and dots. She is also wearing black panties, which also have a dark pink piece of fabric attached to them. In her first appearance Daisy also wore black pantyhose.

Personality and strength

The Amazon is a very joyful and talkative person, as she almost always laughs when she says something. She seems nice, but harbors a certain hatred for men. She knows these from her travels with the Kuja pirate gang, unlike the Kuja warriors settled on Amazon Lily. She knows that men are selfish and only ever think of themselves. In her opinion, all men are the same. However, this changes when Luffy causes trouble on the island and ends up being executed. Fortunately, he is able to convince Boa Hancock, Empress of Amazon Lily, of his innocence and is allowed to live.

At a banquet, Daisy and the other Amazons realize that Luffy is actually harmless and different from other men. However, not much is known about her strength yet, except that she must be extremely strong, as she is a member of the Kuja pirates, who are known to only become the strongest Kuja warriors. In addition, she must also have some psychic strength, as she was unaffected by Luffy’s Haoushoku and did not faint.


Arrival at home

Just before the Kuja pirate gang can dock on Amazon Lily, they encounter a naval ship led by Vice Admiral Momonga. He tries to convince Hancock to join the fight against the Whitebeard gang. At this, she notes that she hasn’t seen men in a long time, as all ships always flee when they see the Kuja flag. After Hancock’s arrival on Amazon Lily, she is present at the delivery of the cargo. Later, she helps guard the castle when Boa gives Hancock a bath.

Fight in the arena

Daisy is also present in the battle arena as Luffy is about to be executed. In the process, the rubber boy unleashes his Haoushoku as Sandersonia and Marigold attempt to break the petrified Marguerite. She withstood the Haki outburst and also realized that Luffy’s aura is the chosen Haki, the Haoushoku, that only one person in 1 million possesses.


This fact only occurs in the anime.

Later, when Luffy was accepted by Boa Hancock and given a feast, Daisy, Cosmos, Rindo and Ran were also present, still not trusting the Straw Hat Boy. So they decided to kill him, thinking Hancock had set a trap for him and expected them to finish the job. But when the four of them went to attack him, Luffy yelled at them why don’t they sing, because that’s part of every party. So Luffy picked up a wok and a soup ladle, made noise with them, and started singing Binks’ sake. So even the four Amazons knew that Luffy was harmless and continued to party with him. At this feast Daisy also learned how men have fun, Luffy’s way, namely by sticking chopsticks between her lower lip and up her nostrils.


  • Like many characters in One Piece, Daisy also has a distinctive laugh: Zahahaha
  • As with all the residents of Amazon Lily Island, her name is derived from a plant. In her case, it is the Bellis perennis. Daisy is the English translation.

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