Daikon of One Piece

Daikon is a dwarf from the Kingdom of Tontatta. He is part of the dwarven reconnaissance unit with Inhel, Wicca, Baxcon and Cotton and took part in “Operation Dress Rosa SOP”.


Daikon is a member of the dwarf race and thus has a very small body that fits on the palm of a full-grown human. He has the bushy tail typical of his species, but unlike many of his fellows, he does not have a pointed nose, but a noticeably round and knobbly nose. In general, he has a very round shaped face, though a large mouth and pointed eyes. He wears a tall hat with two points, similar to horns bent back, and covers his torso with a red long-sleeved shirt decorated by six golden buttons. With this he wears green trousers that reach below his knees and large black shoes, the toe of which is turned up at the front. He also wears a green scarf around his neck.


Little is known about Daikon’s personality due to his uncharacteristically quiet nature. However, it is revealed that he acts very bravely and sacrificially when he stopped Lao G at the risk of his life so that the one-legged toy soldier could move on.

Skills and strength

Daikon, like his peers, possesses tremendous physical strength for his diminutive size, allowing him to literally ram a human into the ground, as well as the ability to move at lightning speed so that a human eye cannot even see him. Together with Nubon and Baxcon, he also managed to stop Lao G for a moment, which speaks to his strength.


Operation Dress Pink SOP

Daikon and Co. vs. Lao G

Daikon made his first appearance at the beginning of “Operation SOP”. Together with Inhel, Cotton and Baxcon, he carried Robin through the tunnel leading from the flower field to the underground port, whereupon she thanked them. There, the army split into two groups – while the former group, along with Usopp and Robin, took it upon themselves to take out Sugar so that all those she had turned into toys would be restored to their original forms, the latter group accompanied the one-legged toy soldier to the royal palace to defeat Donquixote Doflamingo once the former group had succeeded.

However, already in the elevator to the palace, Lao G, an officer of Donquixote’s pirate gang, stood in their group’s way and seemed to gain the upper hand. Even as the elevator reached its destination, Lao G maintained the upper hand and easily overpowered the group. Only the shaking of the palace, triggered by the confrontation between Pica and the group around Luffy, managed to upset Lao G, whereupon Daikon, Nubon and Baxcon seized their chance and pushed Lao G to the ground. They bought their commander the time he needed to escape from Lao G and continue towards Doflamingo.

The birdcage

Dressrosa in bird cage

As it later turned out, the three brave dwarves survived the confrontation with the enemy officer and were found by Kinemon and Wicca. Together, they were able to escape from the palace after Sugar was defeated and the victims of their devil power were transformed back. However, enraged by Sugar’s defeat, Doflamingo sealed all of Dress Rosa into a giant birdcage, which he created using his devil power and which threatened to keep closing in, wiping out everyone present as they learned the truth of his machinations. Additionally, he placed a bounty on some people, such as Usopp and Kyros, so new enemies quickly appeared. Daikon’s group managed to escape and reached the old royal plateau, where they encountered former king Riku Doldo III as well as Viola.

While Leo and Kabu had decided to join Rebecca in seeking out Luffy, Daikon and other dwarves decided to go to the Smile Factory to assist Franky in destroying it as well as freeing their friends who were being held as slaves there. After reaching the factory, Bian, Inhel, and Wicca, among others, used the insects to generate a message to the enslaved dwarves that they were being framed, thus instigating a revolt within the factory. This eventually allowed Franky, Daikon, and the others to get into the factory and, after some fighting, destroy it. However, Doflamingo was still up to his mischief and the bird cage continued to contract. They fled from the cage and as they escaped they met Zoro, Kinemon and Kanjuro who revealed their plan to stop the cage. To do this, they used a piece of the Smile factory that was made of sea stone and pressed it against the threads of the cage. They actually managed to slow the contraction, but ultimately only Luffy’s victory over Doflamingo could bring down the massive cage and banish the danger. The inhabitants of Dress Rosa and everyone present were saved, whereupon everyone rejoiced.

The end of tyranny

While Naval Admiral Fujitora was kneeling and publicly apologizing to Riku Doldo III for the Navy’s looking the other way, the commander of the “Riku Army” gave a speech to his people, who received it very emotionally and then saluted him…. However, three days later, as their heroes, the Straw Hats, were about to depart, the marines were ordered to arrest them. The dwarves, however, could not allow this and helped them to escape by, for example, stealing the gunpowder for their weapons or by binding their ships together so that they were incapacitated.

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