Daifugo of One Piece

Daifugo is a star of the Beasts Pirates and vice-prison warden of the prisoner mines in Udon on Wano Country.


Daifugo’s appearance is heavily influenced by eating a Smile fruit, so he has six legs. He has a thin but muscular torso and covers his entire head with a helmet. His light hair sticks out from the back of this, tied into a braid with a scorpion stinger at the end. Daifugo wears an open dark vest with a fringed shoulder guard, with the number “65” written on the back. He also wears dark, tight-fitting pants and dark boots on each of his six feet. There are spikes on his knees.


Daifugo is a merciless, cruel man who doesn’t shy away from going after a defenseless old man. When the old man even refused to betray a friend, Daifugo even wanted to kill him.

Skills and strength

The fact that he has made it to the star and vice-prison warden of Udon shows that he must be quite strong and talented. By eating the Smile Fruit, Model Scorpion, he has grown four more legs and his hair has formed into a scorpion stinger, which he can also use to kill people. Nevertheless, he was no match for the weakened Luffy and was defeated by him after only one attack.


The prisoner mines

Daifugo noticed that Hyogoro was carrying too many food stamps. Since Hyogoro was already an old little man, he couldn’t possibly earn that many tokens by working. As punishment for trying to trick their system, Daifugo stepped on the old man several times and asked him who gave him those tokens. When Hyogoro refused, Daifugo tried to kill him, but was stopped by Luffy, who defeated Daifugo with just one kick. However, he quickly righted himself and was present when Babanuki subsequently told his superior Queen about the recent incidents in Udon. Commenting on Luffy’s subsequent wrestling matches, Daifugo claimed that the Straw Hat would be long dead if he was allowed in the ring. However, he reacted in shock at Luffy’s superiority even against Alpacaman and other Smile devil fruit users.

The next day, Big Mom suddenly appeared in Udon and Daifugo asked Babanuki if they should attack her, but he replied that they shouldn’t provoke her. Then, when Luffy was able to remove his necklace, he again looked on in shock. After Queen was subsequently able to tie up Big Mom and take her away, he tried to end the riot and shot Excite bullets at the inmates, dehydrating them. Eventually, however, Luffy was able to take control of the Udon Mine, and despite his comment about what happens when someone attacks an overseer, the formerly tormented inmates threatened to beat him up.

Raid on Onigashima

He was later tamed by Tama and went alongside her on Speed’s ship to Onigashima on the day of the Fire Festival. There, with Speed and Gazelleman Tamas Kibi, he distributed Dangos to more Gifters, drawing them to the side of Luffy’s alliance.


  • Its name is derived from the Japanese card game Daifugo (note: needs link). This corresponds in English to the card game President (card game).

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