Daddy Masterson of One Piece

Daddy Masterson only appears in the anime as well as the novel Rogue Town! and is a notorious bounty hunter from the East Blue.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Daddy Masterson wears a hat that looks not entirely unlike a cowboy hat. He also wears a coat in which he keeps his pistols and a striped shirt. His face is adorned with a beard.


He is basically a very calm person. Even in dangerous situations, he remains very calm. For example, he kept his cool when he was surrounded by some petty criminals, having turned their buddies in to the navy. He shot all of them, only one remained alive, because he was still too young. This also shows that he is not cold hearted towards his enemies as he gives a boy a second chance. He also loves his daughter more than anything, so he says that Carol is more important to him than the glory of being the strongest man in the world.

Skills and Strength

Daddy Masterson has already made a name for himself in East Blue for being an excellent shot. For example, he defeated four people at the same time with his pistols, and he once managed to injure Yasopp’s shoulder, but lost the duel against him. He always carries 50 pistols with him, hence his nickname.


Daddy, hero of the navy

Daddy vs Yasopp

All that is known about Daddy’s past is that he was once in the Navy with Smoker. He held the rank of captain, which had the makings of an admiral. The reason he had left the navy and became a bounty hunter was because of his daughter Carol. He also dueled with Yasopp, father of Usopp and member of Shanks’ pirate gang. However, he lost the duel.


Meeting with Smoker

Daddy at Smoker’s quarters

In Loguetown, Daddy Masterson delivered three criminals, Peete, the rifleman, and the Ralley brothers, wanted for murder, to Smoker in his office at the Loguetown naval base, and also said to him that he had taken one straight to the graveyard. All four together earned him a million berries. As he was about to leave, Smoker was still saying to him how low he had sunk because he was only chasing petty criminals. The latter replied that he would no longer put his life on the line so easily because of his daughter Carol.

Duel with Usopp

Daddy duels with Usopp

When Usopp fought with Carol over the swimming goggles, and he claimed that he was worth 30 million berries, Carol ran to her father, who had suddenly appeared. She handed him the swimming goggles as a birthday present and told her father that Usopp was worth 30 million berries. Afterwards, however, he also admitted that he had lied. Since Daddy was going to let him go, Usopp thought he was afraid of him. So he told Daddy to hand over the goggles immediately. He then challenged Usopp to a duel.

There were many onlookers at the duel, including Nami. However, before it came to a fight, Usopp threw a bullet that covered everything in smoke and took off. Masterson then shot Usopp’s gun away, and Usopp was on the ground. Suddenly Nami intervened and as she called him Usopp, Daddy asked if he happened to be Yasopp’s son. He told them the story that had happened between him and Usopp’s father.

After that, Usopp demanded another duel. Daddy let him choose his weapon. Usopp chose his slingshot, and Daddy tells him to shoot at the weather whale of a house far away. If he missed, Daddy has his gun ready and would shoot him. However, he hit the crown of the whale and thus won. Carol then also handed him the swimming goggles. Daddy’s further career is unknown.


Daddy in the Novel
  • Daddy and his daughter Carol had been intended by Oda for the Loguetown arc, but due to lack of space and time, that part was dropped from the manga. Thus, Daddy only appeared in the filler and in the novel Rogue Town!, with his appearance in the novel differing from that of the anime.
  • While Daddy Masterson wants to shoot Usopp in the anime if he fails to hit the weathercock, in the novel he simply demands that Usopp abandon his Grand Line plans and go home.

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