Dachoman of One Piece

Dachoman is a pirate and subordinate of Emperor Kaidou. He belongs to the group of Gifterswhich means that he has developed devilish powers after eating a Smile.


Dachoman is a large man, towering over ordinary humans in size. He wears a helmet with several spikes on his head and has a long ostrich neck covered in fur, which he got from his Smile devil fruit. The fur ends in a full beard at the top of his slightly broad face. He wears a purple jacket, which he wears open, and matching colored pants held up by a belt.

Dachoman initially has a slightly different design in the anime, and is briefly seen in a crowd with other poisoners. His appearance here is more similar to his manga design, as his helmet also has multiple spikes. In contrast, in his later appearance when he faces off against Luffy, he wears a helmet with only one spike and a different decoration and color. In addition, his fur and beard are noticeably lighter.


Dachoman, along with many other Poisoners, was present in Udon when Queen held his Sumo Inferno there against Luffy and Hyogoro. He was one of those who entered the ring against the two prisoners, however he was quickly defeated by Luffy.


  • His name translates loosely to “ostrich man”.
  • His name was only mentioned in the anime credits.

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