Cyrano of One Piece

Cyrano is the villain in “Monsters” and the antagonist of Ryuma.

This article contains information that only appears in the short stories from Wanted!
These stories, which like One Piece are by Eiichiro Oda, serve in part as a template for One Piece

He is part of Samurai Ryuma’s past. He was a master swordsman and in his time it was said that his skills were only surpassed by the“King of Swordsmen„.


Cyrano was a tall man with a strange moustache. He always wore a musketeer hat as well as a long cape. Attached to his belt, he always carried a long, large sword.


D. R. and Cyrano steal from the unsuspecting townspeople

Cyrano was a man who was adored by all. He was kind, good-natured and very helpful. He was also willing to sacrifice his life for other people to protect them.

But this was all just a facade. In reality, Cyrano was a ruthless criminal, who did not hesitate to kill his own men, as well as civilians, just to achieve his goals. Together with his partner, D. R., he roamed the countryside posing as a benevolent savior. Using the Dragon’s Horn, he and D. R. summoned a legendary dragon, which D. R. was able to control. Cyrano sent the inhabitants of the towns they raided, who were afraid of the dragon, out of town to supposedly face the dragon. When the town was deserted, they would rob the town. Cyrano, who expected to gain some honor and prestige in the process, would pretend to be the hero afterwards, often saving another civilian from the flames.

Skills and strength

Cyrano Defeats Ryuma

Cyrano was a master swordsman. He fought with a sword and was very fast and strong. His fighting skills were known everywhere. His swordsmanship earned him the reputation of being the second best swordsman in the world, which suggests exceptional skills. However, the verdict may be clouded by the fact that he only played his fights against the dragon.

Cyrano often underestimated his opponents, which later became his undoing in his second fight against Ryuma.


Cyrano saves flare

Cyrano first appeared, 10 years before the start of Monsters. At that time, in the city where the dragon’s horn was hidden, he was the leader of the men guarding the horn, but the horn was stolen and all the guards murdered. As it later turned out, Cyrano himself had killed his men and usurped the horn.

Three years later, he went down in history as a hero when he saved the unconscious girl Flare from the flames of a city attacked by a dragon. About the event, however, later also turned out to be true. Along with D. R., he had summoned the dragon to rob the town so he could live a life of luxury. To be hailed as a hero, he rescued Flare from the fire, however, after murdering her father. After the event, his legend spread everywhere.


Another seven years later, he finds himself back in the city where Flare lives. The girl, who now works as a waitress in a restaurant, admires Cyrano very much and is overjoyed that he saved her back then. On the same day, Ryuma also arrives in town and gets some free food from Flare. Cyrano, who is about to leave the restaurant, walks past Ryuma and rattles his sword. The samurai takes this as a challenge to a duel. He addresses Cyrano, but is ignored. Cyrano is then attacked by Ryuma, but dodges the attack and now holds his sword to Ryuma’s throat in turn. With that, Cyrano has won. Ryuma is pissed that Cyrano won’t fight to the death, but the latter is not interested in the samurai any further and leaves. Ryuma is later enlightened as to what a hero Cyrano is after all, and is then glad that he wasn’t killed.

Ryuma kills Cyrano

Cyrano later joins them as the townspeople run away in fear of the dragon. Shortly before, D. R. had blown the dragon’s horn after being challenged to battle by Ryuma. The residents think Ryuma is the culprit. Cyrano tells the people to leave town while he fights the dragon. Only Flare and Ryuma remain in town. Flare is depressed and is about to tell Cyrano not to fight when she and Ryuma overhear D.R. and Cyrano talking. Flare gets the complete truth about her past. She takes refuge in her house. Ryuma is pissed off and runs to Cyrano and D.R. to take them down. Cyrano, who now wants to eliminate Ryuma, attacks him head on, however he is defeated, perhaps even killed, by Ryuma with just one swipe of his sword.

D. R. is shocked and makes the dragon appear, but Ryuma cuts off the dragon’s head with only one attack. This is the birth of the legend of Samurai Ryuma.


  • Mihawk “Hawkeye” Dracule is very reminiscent of Cyrano, with the difference being that they have very different character traits.
  • The film Cyrano of Bergerac (note: needs link) probably served as a model for Oda in the development of the character Cyrano.

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