Crocus of One Piece

Crocus is a doctor and currently a lighthouse keeper at the Cape of Twins. His original plan was to open a clinic, but he has been caring for Laboon intermittently for 52 years. He was once a member of the Roger pirate gang and accompanied Gol D. Roger on his last voyage to Laugh Tale.


Crocus is an old man at the age of 73. He has white hair, brown eyes, and a beard that goes in two directions. His hair is relatively long and reaches his shoulders. Probably the most noticeable thing about Crocus are the flower petals on the back of his head, which have changed a lot in size and pattern after fifty years. He is also still wearing a pink t-shirt that is trimmed with green fringe and a yellow stripe with green rings. To match the t-shirt, he also has a pair of light gray pants with fringes at the bottom and large sandals. When the Straw Hat Pirates first met him, Zoro and Sanji thought he was a flower.


Crocus is an easy-going man, but also seems to be very helpful. He showed this when he saved the Straw Hat Pirates from the giant squid that attacked them in Laboon’s stomach. He also nurses and protects the giant whale from within his stomach. He can’t stand the people who want to kill Laboon and use him for their own purposes. To that end, he has built himself a special island that can withstand stomach acid because it is covered in metal. When Laboon goes nuts and bangs his head against Reverse Mountain, Crocus runs to a large tranquilizer syringe and uses it to get him to calm down.

You’re still here?
You little worms!
As long as I live,
I’ll protect Laboon!
-Crocus to the Straw Hats and the Baroque Company.

When Miss Wednesday and Mr. 9 attacked the giant whale with bazookas, Crocus intercepted the two cannonballs and fell into the stomach acid. All to save Laboon. However, Monkey D. Luffy knocks them out, after which Crocus is very grateful to the Straw Hat Pirates and also hands them a log port that will guide them on their journey to other islands.

Skills & Strengths

Crocus used to be one of the best doctors around. He was the only one who could alleviate the pirate king’s fatal illness, and was also accepted as a ship’s doctor in his pirate band. He currently lives in the belly of Laboon, where he has installed ducts and doors to care for him from the inside. He soothes Laboon with a large tranquilizer shot so he doesn’t do more damage to himself when he bangs his head against Reverse Mountain. He also has a good command of harpoons, which can be seen when he saves the Straw Hat Pirates from the Monster Squid or when he and his former gang rushed into battle against Shiki’s pirates. In addition, he is proficient in the Observation Shaki.


52 years ago

Crocus 50 years ago

Fifty-two years ago, he met the Rumba band of pirates at the Cape of Twins, who were on their way to the Grand Line from the Westblue. As he welcomed them, he noticed the small whale that the pirate gang had recently left behind as it was too dangerous for him. Crocus asked if the whale was their pet. He also allowed the Rumba pirate gang to rest with him so they could repair their ship, which was damaged on the journey from Westblue to Reverse Mountain. They spent the time together repairing and celebrating.

Three months later the gang sailed on, but left Laboon at Reverse Mountain, thinking the Grand Line too dangerous a place for such a small whale, with a promise to return to him within three years. This promise, however, was never fulfilled.

Aboard the Oro Jackson

Crocus in gold Roger’s day

Crocus used to be one of the best doctors around. When the Roger pirate gang sought him out 28 years ago, they wanted him to cure Gold Roger of his terminal illness. However, not even he could manage to cure him, but he eased the pain that the pirate captain had to endure. The entire crew persuaded him to join the gang as the ship’s doctor, which he did. He hoped to find the pirate gang that had entrusted Laboon to him and had so far been waiting. He accompanied Roger’s band of pirates for a total of three years, during which time they encountered Shiki’s fleet 27 years ago and a battle that would go down in the history books as the Battle of Edd War ensued. However, due to a sudden storm, half of their opponent’s fleet was destroyed and the battle was interrupted. About a year later, they accidentally encountered the Whitebeard pirate gang, which resulted in another legendary battle that lasted for three days and ended in a draw. Kozuki Oden, actually a member of Whitebeard, was then convinced to join the final voyage, and together they visited Skypiea, among other places, and made their way to the New World once again via Fish Man Island. After finding the last Road-Poneglyph on Zou, they headed for the last island of the Grand Line, Laugh Tale, and finally reached their destination. There, they learned all about the True History, the mysterious D, and the Ancient Weapons. But when they stood before the huge treasure, they all laughed tears. However, the captain disbanded the Roger pirate gang a little later, a year before his death, and was the first to leave the ship. The remaining gang then took the samurai to his home island of Wano Country and finally disbanded.

25 years ago

After these three years, during which the Roger pirate gang conquered the Grand Line and was subsequently disbanded, Crocus returned to Laboon without having received the slightest hint of the Rumba pirate gang. He told the whale that he believed his friends, the Rumba pirates, had escaped across the Calm Belt back into the Westblue. However, the whale did not believe him and has been ramming his head against Reverse Mountain ever since.


Meeting with the Straw Hat Pirates

Twenty-five years later, he met the Straw Hat Pirates as they passed the Cape of Twins. By now, Laboon had huge scars and Crocus was nursing the whale from its stomach, which, yes, according to its species, is quite large. To that end, he created an island that could withstand stomach acid, as it was lined with metal. He also made a tunnel system in Laboon’s stomach to better treat him when he hurts himself again. Then, when he led the Straw Hat Pirates across a channel into the sea, he told them that he used to be a doctor. Later, he gave Luffy and his crew a log port after they helped Crocus with Laboon since the Baroque Company attacked him. Furthermore, he informed the Straw Hat Pirates about Laboon and the Grand Line, and upon the Straw Hats’ departure, he spoke in his mind to Roger that Luffy was a tough guy.

After the departure of the straw hat pirates

When Brook, the last survivor of the Rumba Pirates, announced his joining of the Straw Hat Pirates, Laboon was seen roaring happily to the heavens, as if to say that he knew Brook would return to him. Crocus mentioned that Laboon was probably in a good mood that day.

When the newspaper reported the return of the Straw Hat Pirates after the two-year time jump, Crocus was drinking sake with an unknown person at the Cape of Twins.

After the events on Dress Rosa, Crocus saw the new bounties of the Straw Hat Pirates in another newspaper, while Laboon rejoiced in the background.


  • Its name is derived from the Crocus, a plant it looks quite similar to.
  • His favorite dish is the meat of giant squid.

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