Crocodile of One Piece

Desert King (jap. 砂漠の王, Sabaku no Ō) Crocodile was one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas, consequently one of the strongest pirates in the world, and at the same time the boss of his own secret organization called the Baroque Company. In this, he had the code name“Mister 0“. The goal of the “Crocodile” was to subjugate all mankind with the ancient weapon Pluton.


Crocodiles prisoner clothing

Crocodile is a tall man with a broad chest, thick neck, and comparatively thin arms. He has his longer, dark purple hair combed back, but it is loose at the nape of his neck. In harder fights, a few of his hairs usually come loose and hang down the front of his face. A long, horizontal scar stretches across his face, the origin of which is unknown.

Probably his most famous feature, however, is the large gold hook he has attached to his left hand. In all of his appearances thus far (excluding the cover story), Crocodile has been wearing an orange shirt with long sleeves decorated with a black lattice pattern, a thick blue scarf, and a long dark green fur coat with grey rings over it, as well as dark brown pants and matching polished black shoes with a gold buckle.

On his right earlobe is a gold ring piercing. Furthermore, he has a green or red diamond ring on all of his fingers except his middle finger. In addition, “the Crocodile” is a cigar smoker.

After being arrested by the Navy and stripped of his duties as a samurai and transferred to a Navy prison, he was forced to discard his usual clothing and exchange it for a standard black and white convict suit.

He also wears the typical striped robe of a prisoner in the Impel Down. When he was freed by Luffy and the Okama, he was able to get new clothes. These are very similar to his previous clothes.


Crocodile has complete faith in his devilish power; in his case, it’s entirely justified, as he had already (almost) killed Luffy several times. A life is worth next to nothing to him. He doesn’t care if millions of people have to die so he can carry out his plans, which suggests a callous and calculating character. The only thing he really cares about is insults of any kind. When he was insulted by Luffy during their first fight and his partner was amused by it, he even threatened to wipe her out if she didn’t shut up immediately.

Like many other samurai, Crocodile considers himself better than the average pirate and despises naive dreamers like the rookie Luffy. He finds great enjoyment in mocking his enemies and dragging their ideals through the mud. Thus, he sees trust and friendship as nothing more than bad habits, which he can do without for a long time.

Military power is all the more important to him, which is why the ambitious samurai also wanted to bring Pluton into his possession. Thus, shortly before his defeat, he asked Luffy why he didn’t just want to die with honor and instead kept going despite numerous injuries. Unlike the Straw Hat, he has no real friends, only allies that he shamelessly exploits for his own purposes. He simply tried to kill his former partner Nico Robin after she explained that she couldn’t keep her promise to lead him to Pluton.

Crocodile always takes extreme care with all his plans and always has an ace up his sleeve. For example, he had a fake key specially made for the prison in Rainbase after the Straw Hat Pirates came looking. Despite his high intelligence and tactical sophistication, he failed to subdue Arabasta because he failed, as did his agents. Perfect execution of his orders, like accurate reporting, counts as cornerstones of his baroque firm. Violators he has no hesitation in punishing with death.

Although Crocodile seems to have little in common with Luffy, there is something they both dream of in equal measure: the desire to become pirate king. Early in his career, he is said to have exhibited more of Luffy’s traits, but gradually shed them.

Crocodile is appalled by Whitebeard’s “weakness”

Furthermore, Crocodile seems to have a great interest in the death of Whitebeard. At the Great Event at Marine Ford, he immediately attacked the most powerful man in the world shortly after his arrival. According to him, he has a score to settle with him. At the same time, however, he respects him greatly. Thus, after Whitebeard had said that even he would not live forever, he said that he would not have lost then to such a Whitebeard as he had presented himself at the moment. The anger against him is well known even to Grand Admiral Sengoku.

Furthermore, Donquixote Doflamingo is among his self-proclaimed rivals. During the battle between the naval headquarters and the Whitebeard gang, Crocodile received help from the latter, which, however, he did not want at all. It even came to a skirmish between them because Flamingo had insinuated that he had entered into an alliance with Whitebeard, since he had rescued the latter’s 2nd in command, Ace, and had previously refused such an offer on Doflamingo’s part.

Skills & Strength

Sand Fruit Explanation

Before Crocodile was named one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas, his bounty was 81,000,000. This, along with the fact that the World Government placed him in their service as a Samurai of the Seas, emphasizes the strength and danger he poses. After he was stripped of his title and escaped from Impel Down, he continued his activities as a normal pirate in the New World.

As the boss of the Baroque Company, “Crocodile” had a lot of very capable agents/agents under him. His special agents alone were exceedingly strong and posed a great threat. Most of them even had devil powers. His partner Miss Bloody Sunday was also in possession of such a fruit of the devil. Her bounty at the time was 79,000,000, almost the same as the former Crocodiles. Both are known and feared across most of the Grand Line.

Crocodile creates a destructive sandstorm.

Thanks to the Sand Fruit, Crocodile became what is known as a Sand Man, able to dissolve in sand and use his right hand to drain the liquid from all things, thus drying them out. In addition to being able to dry out anything, he can also slash things with the help of his desert sword. He can even split entire dunes in a matter of seconds. A particularly devious technique is the sandstorm, which he can create and make move in any direction. This is how he was able to strike fear into the oasis of Yuba. His most powerful attack is dust-to-dust. He puts his hand on the ground and turns it into a desert. Even stone simply crumbles into sand in the process.

The poison hook is deadly andcan even melt stone.
Devil powers can be trained and enhanced.
What do you think I’ve been doing all these years!
-Crocodile to Luffy during their first battle.

One way to harm the crocodile is to splash him with water or other liquids such as blood. This causes him to lose his ability to dissolve into sand for a short time and makes him vulnerable.

Should it come to that, he can fall back on his gold hook, with which he can easily impale a human. He has also defeated Luffy this way without doing him any other harm. To make his hook even more dangerous, he can remove a protective cover to reveal the poison hook hidden underneath. This contains the extremely deadly scorpion venom, which normally unleashes its lethal effects within a few minutes. If this hook is destroyed, he can extend a small knife with which he can surprise his opponent.


The execution of the Pirate King

At the execution of Roger.

Twenty-two years ago, Crocodile was present at the execution of the King of Pirates, Gol D. Roger, in his native Loguetown. Whether he possessed his distinctive facial scar or gold hook at that time is unknown. However, other outward and character traits such as his receding hair, earring, and cigar smoking were possessed by him even then.

Other past events

Crocodile was appointed Samurai of the Seas when he was in his mid-20s. Shortly thereafter, he engaged in combat with Whitebeard and was soundly defeated. After his defeat, he traveled to Arabasta and lived there as a hero, protecting the land from attacking pirates. Exactly when Crocodile founded the Baroque Company is not known. However, it definitely existed four years before Luffy’s pirate career began.

At some as yet unknown time, he must have encountered the revolutionary Emporio Ivankov, since the latter, as he claimed when escaping from the Impel Down, supposedly knows of a weakness of Crocodile’s which seems to embarrass the latter.

Preparations for “Utopia

Mister 0 takes Robin in.

About four years ago, the then 24-year-old Nico Robin asked “the crocodile” for a position in his Baroque Works. The latter was very pleased with her request, as he needed her ability to read the Poneglyphs in order to get his hands on the Ancient Weapon Pluton. How long he has known about the existence of this weapon is unclear. Thus, she became Crocodile’s right-hand woman and vice-chief of the company.

Two years before the current plotline, he had the rain powder Nebelin spilled in Arbana, the capital of the desert state of Arabasta, beginning his years-long campaign against royalty, especially King Cobra. At the same time, he built himself up into a popular hero in the public eye, hunting down pirates when they were up to mischief in Arabasta. Cobra, for this reason, put great faith in Crocodile, who was thus above suspicion.


The “Crocodile” – First contacts with the Straw Hat Pirates

For the first time, Crocodile is mentioned by Vivi after the victory of Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro over the pair of agents No. 5, consisting of Mister 5 and Miss Valentine. However, it wasn’t intentional as she actually didn’t want to reveal the latter’s identity due to his danger. And rightfully so, because moments after she blabbed, the unlucky ones were already standing on the roof of a house with sketches of Luffy, Zoro, and Nami. Immediately they made their way to their boss, causing pure fear in the navigator. Shortly after, Vivi’s bodyguard Igaram aka Mister 8 left Whisky Peak. While doing so, he mentioned the former bounty of Crocodile and his partner, which was 81,000,000, which shocked the gang quite a bit.

While most of the Straw Hat Pirates, along with the giants Brogy and Dorry, were fighting Agent Pairs #3 and #5, Sanji found Mister 3’s Den-den Mushi in a wax house in the jungle. Coincidentally, the snail rang, giving the Cook a chance to talk to the boss, Mister 0, in person. Crocodile asked him where his report was, to which Sanji assured him he had eliminated all the Straw Hats. He was pleased to hear this, but as the conversation progressed, the unlucky ones appeared in the Wax House, which the cook quickly managed to eliminate. Crocodile wanted to know what had just happened. The reply was that the Straw Hats were probably not quite defeated, but that the problem was now solved. The crocodile ended the conversation in a friendly way, but he still ordered Mister 2 to go to Little Garden to kill the “liar” Mister 3.

Folk hero Crocodile – fighting with the pig gang.

The Pirates Are History.

It wasn’t until some time later that the Samurai of the Seas was seen back at his Rainbase headquarters, where he learned from his partner Miss Bloody Sunday that pirates were raiding the port city of Nanohana, whereupon he decided to take on the problem in order to save face as a folk hero. It was not long before he reached the town to the cheers of the people. However, his appearance did not cause any panic among the pig pirate gang led by Captain Puppu.

On the contrary, they wanted to prove their strength and attacked him with swords, but thanks to his sand fruit, they had no effect. Crocodile then used his sand devil powers to drain the pirates of water, killing them. To thunderous applause he disappeared again, with a large sack full of treasure in his hands. King Cobra also heard about it, who wanted to thank the “folk hero” for his deeds.

Meeting in Rainbase – Operation “Utopia” gets underway

The final meeting of the remaining agents.

Simultaneously, as the Straw Hat Pirates reached Yuba, a meeting of the remaining Special Agents was taking place at Rainbase’s secret hideout in the Gold Rain Casino. They waited anxiously for the arrival of their boss, who was unknown to them until then. Suddenly he sat on his chair and greeted the agents, who couldn’t believe that one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas was their boss. He then handed out slips of paper on which were written their last orders. After reading them, they burned them over a candle flame. Crocodile, meanwhile, explained what the goal of all their missions was: the fall of the Kingdom of Arabasta as part of Operation Utopia and the acquisition of the Ancient Weapon Pluton.

Once you complete your mission, Arabasta will be ours!
We will subdue the people and the rebels.
Arabasta will become our Utopia overnight!
Utopia is the final mission, and mistakes mean death!
Tomorrow morning at 7:00, the Rubicon will be crossed.
So long!
-Crocodile to his best agents.
Crocodile withdraws water from Mister 3 – his anger is boundless.

Actually, Crocodile was about to dismiss his agents, but suddenly Mister 3, who had been declared dead, appeared, demanding a second chance, since the Straw Hat Pirates and Vivi had escaped him. Enraged at Mister 3’s failure, he grabbed him by the neck, sucked much of his water out of his body, and threw him into a pool full of banana crocodiles. Mister 2 had him take pictures of the pirates he was looking for. The agents were to prevent Princess Vivi and rebel leader Koza from meeting in Katorea by any means necessary, while at the same time clearing out the Straw Hats. After this additional order, the meeting was finally ended.

Face to face – Mister Prince’s trick

Crocodile and his prisoners.

The following day, the Straw Hat Pirates reached the town of Rainbase, where they stormed the Gold Rain Casino – pursued by Captain Smoker, whom Luffy and Usopp had encountered earlier. However, “the Crocodile” was prepared. He let the gang enter as VIPs, luring them into a trap. The pirates and the naval officer fell through a trapdoor into a sea stone cage, where they were greeted by Crocodile. Shortly thereafter, Princess Vivi, accompanied by Miss Bloody Sunday, appeared in the underground base, where she finally came face to face with her nemesis.

Enraged, she attacked him, but was unable to harm him due to his Sand Fruit. With great anticipation, he told of his brilliant plan “Utopia”, which was to be the end of Arabasta. Finally, he indirectly informed the straw hat who was to blame for the sandstorms that prevented old Toto from searching for water every day in Yuba: Crocodile himself.

Then, laughing, he left the premises, but before doing so he threw a false key, which supposedly opened the lock of the cage, into the pool teeming with banana crocodiles, where it was swallowed by just such a monstrous creature. Meanwhile, gates opened, allowing vast amounts of water to pour in. The Straw Hats, the Princess, and Smoker were to drown miserably, so that the plan of the Samurai of the Seas would be inevitable.

Crocodile has been tricked by Mr. Prince.

On the way out, he and his partner suddenly received a call on his baby Den-den Mushi. It was Sanji aka Mr. Prince, who lured the two bosses outside the casino to save his friends himself, while the hooded Chopper ran away from Crocodile as Mr. Prince. The latter was extremely pissed when he realized he had been tricked. He immediately rushed back to his base, as there was no way his prisoners could have escaped, since he himself still held the real key.

In fact, with the help of Mister 3, who was hiding in a ball of wax in the stomach of a banana crocodile, Sanji managed to get a “spare key” and escape. Mister 3 was incapacitated again, placed on a very supportable piece of wood and had a provocative message for Crocodile taped to his stomach. When the latter realized this, his anger boiled over. He vowed to turn the straw hat’s head with his own hands.

Only three minutes – Duel with Luffy

Crocodile is far superior.

As the Straw Hat Pirates set off on Scissors to Arbana, Crocodile grabbed Vivi with his hook. Before he could pull her to him, however, Luffy grabbed the princess and threw her back onto the back of the moving crab, and was instead stopped by the Samurai of the Seas. Luffy was looking forward to the battle with the “Sand Louse” so he could finally pay him back for everything. The “Sand Louse”, on the other hand, was not at all pleased with the rubber boy’s action and made it clear to him that he didn’t have long. To illustrate this, he showed his hourglass. Once their three minutes were up, there would be a decision.

The pirate promised to hurry and attacked his enemy with a wide range of his gum-gum attacks. But none showed even a hint of effect against the Sand Man, who found the whole game rather pathetic and tried to explain that Luffy’s ambitions were all useless. Now the previous pattern turned and Crocodile went on the attack. Luffy was able to dodge the first few attacks, but he was unable to do so with the “Desert Sickle”.

His arm was dehydrated and probably would have been beyond saving had it not been for the water from Yuba that hung around his neck, giving him a way to hydrate. With old vigor the fight was resumed. “The Crocodile” created a sandstorm which, to the captain’s astonishment, did not move in his direction. The target, in fact, was the oasis of Yuba, which made Luffy very angry, as he well remembered old Toto living there. He grabbed Crocodile by his coat and demanded that he stop the sandstorm.

Luffy is defeated.

But instead of doing that, he speared the “rookie” with his gold hook and made it clear that he was just one of many rookies on the Grand Line. In the process, some Yuba water dripped from the wooden bucket Luffy had tied around his neck, revealing Crocodile’s weak spot: water.

Enraged at the young brat for discovering his secret, he hurled him into quicksand and left the scene, certain of his victory, while Luffy slowly sank. Luckily for him, Nico Robin showed up and rescued him, handing him over to Pell, who showed up unexpectedly, for treatment. Crocodile, who was already on his way to Arbana, knew nothing of this.

At the King’s Palace – The Revenge

Crocodile can defeat Chaka quickly for the time being.

Hours after the first battle, Crocodile showed up at the roof of the King’s Palace, where Princess Vivi had just ordered the palace to be blown up so he could talk to the rebels, and prevented this from happening by taking out all the soldiers. Miss Bloody Sunday had also arrived by now and pinned the previously kidnapped King Cobra to the facade.

Crocodile made it clear to the latter that his country could no longer be saved, as a time bomb would go off in the forecourt in 30 minutes, wiping out all the rebels and all of Arbana. Furthermore, he wanted to know where he could find Pluton, one of the Ancient Weapons. When the latter agreed, Lord Chaka finally lost his temper and wanted to charge at “the crocodile”.

At that moment, Arabasta’s elite soldiers, the Tsumegeri Guards, suddenly appeared. They wanted revenge for their country and attacked the supposed folk hero with their weapons – but failed because of his devilish powers. Miss Bloody Sunday asked if she should take care of the men, to which he replied that the problem would solve itself since all the warriors were under the influence of Hercules Water. Indeed Crocodile was right: in only a few seconds all the enemies had dropped dead. Now Chaka faced the samurai in his jackal form, but he was no match for him either and was quickly defeated.

Nevertheless, Mr. 0 got the better of them and was able to score a 2-0 against Luffy.

Shortly after the defeat the rebel leader Koza reached the palace, where he understood the cruel intrigue of Mister 0. He immediately wanted to inform his rebels, but was stopped by Vivi, who feared mass panic and therefore suggested a surrender. Crocodile, who did not like the plan at all, now decided to put an end to the princess. Then Chaka mobilized his last reserves of strength and protected the two from the dangerous gold hook, so that Koza could raise the white flag.

In the process, a Billion disguised as the king’s soldier shot at Koza, resulting in a titanic battle. Vivi’s plan had failed and Crocodile took care of Vivi, grabbing her by the neck and holding her over the precipice. As he spoke to her, his arm dissolved into sand and she tumbled downward. At that moment, Luffy came flying at bird-man Pell and rescued her. Afterwards, the Straw Hat faced the “Crocodile” a second time, whose entire team of agents had been defeated by the Straw Hats.

Luffy jumped at Crocodile and surprisingly the pirate managed to hit him. More attacks followed before the boy in the straw hat explained that Yuba’s water had revealed to him the Samurai of the Seas’ weakness: he cannot turn to sand when in contact with water. Crocodile showed his respect for this realization, but then continued the fight. In this, he was spat on by Luffy with a water bubble and then hit hard by a gum-gum bazooka.

He sent his partner to the mausoleum with Kobra, and meanwhile used his most powerful technique: dust-to-dust. This attack put the Straw Hat in a bind and allowed Crocodile to grab it by the neck. He quickly fired a few more water bullets that missed their target, giving Crocodile the opportunity to drain the captain’s water. Once again, Crocodile was able to triumph over Monkey D. Luffy and make his way to the mausoleum as well. Meanwhile, the last of the missed water orbs fell from the sky back to earth, reviving Luffy, who immediately went in search of the “Crocodile”.

Showdown at the Mausoleum – Rookie vs Samurai of the Seas

Miss Bloody Sunday is finished off after her breach of contract.

On his way to the Tomb of the Kings, Crocodile encountered Tashigi, already badly injured by Miss Bloody Sunday, to whom he explained that the Navy no longer stood a chance against him. Then he marched on to the mausoleum, where he bumped into Nico Robin and the Poneglyph through a secret door opened by Kobra into the catacombs. The latter, however, lied to her partner when asked if the Poneglyph described where Pluton was hidden and how she worked. Instead, she pretended that only Arabasta’s history was written on the large stone. Crocodile was very angry about this and told the vice-boss that she had not kept her promise and therefore he did not need her anymore. The latter had already expected something like this and wanted to kill him with a dagger and a small bottle of water. Her plan failed, however, as he had dissolved into sand. With his gold hook, he impaled her and at the same time noticed the collapse of the catacombs, which had been triggered by King Kobra via a hidden switch.

Crocodile is defeated -The bloodshed comes to an end.

Before Crocodile could escape, Luffy, who had learned from Tashigi where the “Sand Louse” was, got in his way. The latter was very angry about the return of the Straw Hat and wondered what he was going to fight him with, since his water barrel had been used up in their second fight. After the first kick of Luffy’s foot, he quickly knew the answer. The liquid blood that was all over the young pirate’s body was to blame for the hit he took. During the duel, the time bomb that was supposed to kill all of Crocodile’s enemies was found by the Straw Hats and taken away from the rebels, as well as the King’s soldiers, by Pell in a life-threatening move. Crocodile and Monkey D. Luffy, meanwhile, gave each other no quarter in the final battle and both took hard hits. For example, Luffy was caught several times by Crocodile’s poison hook, which he had unleashed at the beginning of the duel. Time and again, the Samurai of the Seas wondered why the rookie could stand still when the scorpion venom should have killed him long ago. The pirate captain even managed to break off the hook and fling Crocodile into the air. From there he used his final attack, the Desert Dagger, which was no match for Luffy’s final array, the Gomu Gomu no Hurricane, and simply crumbled into sand. Crocodile took the full brunt of the attack, was hurled through the meter-thick layer of stone into the sky, and landed on the ground at the rebels’ feet, where he lay unconscious. Thus, after the final, third battle, the victor was Monkey D. Luffy, whose victory over the ruler of the desert brought peace to Arabasta, as it miraculously began to rain again moments later.

After the baroque company – prisoner of the navy.

Crocodile is stripped of his position as Samurai of the Seas.

After his defeat, he was found by the Navy and stripped of his rank as one of the Samurai of the Seas by Lieutenant Tashigi, causing him to lose all the rights and privileges he had as a samurai and become just a “normal” pirate. For illegally using the Nebulin, attempting to overthrow a kingdom of the World Government, and secretly running a mafia organization, Tashigi had him arrested. He was then taken aboard the ship, which, along with Mister 1 and Mister 4, took him to a Navy prison. In this one, the agents were by far the most heavily imprisoned.

Transferred to the Impel Down

Crocodile does not want to escape.

One day Miss Goldenweek, Miss Valentine and Mister 5 broke into the prison to free their ex-colleagues/colleagues. In the process, Daz Bonez and Crocodile also had the opportunity to escape, but had no desire to do so, having accepted their imprisonment in the meantime. Thus, the two men were the only ones to remain there while the other agents reopened Spider’s Café in Arabasta. Later, they were taken to Impel Down Maximum Security Prison along with Mister 2 and Mister 3, who had not been traveling with the others and were captured by Hina Blackcage.

Impel Down – The rescue by Luffy

The joint escape of the alliance.

Crocodile came to the unofficial sixth level of the Impel Down. This is where the most dangerous criminals are imprisoned, either forever or awaiting execution. Ace and Jinbe were also in this level. Luffy came to the Impel Down with the goal of freeing his brother Ace. When he finally reached Level 6 with the company of Ivankov and Inazuma, he learned that Ace had already been taken away. Jinbe said that if they hurried, they could still catch him. However, the elevator and stairs were blocked. Crocodile called attention to himself, as he had heard the three intruders talking about the battle in Marine Ford. Crocodile, like many others in Level 6, wanted to kill Whitebeard. Luffy refused to release Crocodile, but Ivankov persuaded him. He knew Crocodile and felt he would still be useful. Inazuma freed Crocodile and also Jinbe, as he shared Luffy’s intention to save Ace. They were all taken to the fifth level with the help of Inazuma’s devil powers. While Ivankov explained the escape plan to the Okama, Luffy, Crocodile, and Jinbe stormed up the stairs to level 4, where they fought the guards together. Also, Crocodile freed Daz Bonez, the former Mister 1 of the Baroque Company. The guardian beasts showed up, but they didn’t stand a chance against Luffy, Crocodile and Jinbe.

Crocodile en route to the escape ships.

Later, the advance of Buggy and the other Level 2 prisoners was stopped by the Guardian Beasts. These had come to Level 1 via elevator and stopped the troops without any problems. Just at that moment Crocodile appeared in front of Mister 3 and Buggy. The latter only briefly took notice of his former subordinate, thinking him a weakling. Meanwhile, Jinbe and Luffy, who had also appeared, had made short work of the guardian beasts.

By uniting the two uprisings in Impel Down, they all eventually made it back to the light of day. However, they found that the warships they would have used to escape were already gone. However, they could still see the masts of the ships, as many inmates said, so Jinbe decided that he would take care of it. They then broke off a large piece of the gate, Jinbe taking it on his back to transport Crocodile, Daz Bonez and Buggy to the ships. There, Crocodile and Daz Bonez were surrounded by marines.

They wanted to throw them into the water, but to the two ex-agents of the Baroque Company, the soldiers were no match. Together with Jinbe, they had captured a ship. Jinbe summoned whales to ferry the prisoners still standing at the entrance to the ship. But with that, they had not yet managed to escape, as the remaining warships were bombarding them. Crocodile and others took care of them, but suddenly the Gate of Justice opened unexpectedly before them. Bon Kurei had seen to that by impersonating Magellan. The escape of 241 prisoners from Impel Down had been successful.

The Battle of Marine Ford

Crocodile attacks Whitebeard.

The naval ship headed toward the Marine Ford and finally arrived at the Gate of Justice in front of it. Koby, who was in the Marine Ford, spotted an object falling from the sky. This was the ship carrying the refugees from Impel Down. Crocodile accused Ivankov of overdoing it with the beckoning. They landed on the Aokiji-frozen wave of Whitebeard, falling from there directly onto another warship, destroying both ships. All eyes were on them, and Whitebeard’s alliance was glad that so many pirates had escaped the Impel Down. But were there any reactions from the Navy, some marines panicked because Crocodile had shown up and Smoker wondered about Crocodile’s cooperation with Luffy. Ivankov wondered about Crocodile’s whereabouts, as he was about to attack Whitebeard. Luffy came out of nowhere and stopped this with a kick of his own. Crocodile then told Luffy they had a deal. Luffy replied that Ace cared a lot about Whitebeard and that was why he would not allow Whitebeard to be attacked.

Crocodile protects Luffy from the latter’s pursuer, Hawkeye.

While the others fought the Navy, Crocodile and Daz Bonez took care of the Whitebeard pirates. Crocodile was about to make another attack on Whitebeard. He noticed too late the approaching Jozu, who hit him in the face with Brilliant Punk despite his Logia power. He landed on Donquixote Doflamingo. Jozu set after him and was about to strike when Flamingo was on his back and he remained motionless. Crocodile warned Flamingo not to get in his way, but he only smiled and replied that the two should team up. The former Mister 0 dismissed the idea and flung Jozu and Flamingo away with Sables.

After the battle

In the middle of the fight, Sengoku demanded that Ace be executed. All of a sudden, the two executioners were slashed. The culprit was Crocodile, who Sengoku actually thought was busy killing Whitebeard. Crocodile however was going to do this later, his goal for now would be to not let the navy get to their destination. To everyone’s surprise, his head suddenly fell off. The originator of this was Flamingo, who then also started a fight with the ex-samurai.

When Mihawk “Hawkeye” Dracule tried to attack Luffy, Daz Bonez came to his aid at Crocodile’s command. Hawkeye summarily defeated him, however Crocodile personally interfered in the fight and repelled Hawkeye’s attack on Luffy.

After the death of Ace and Whitebeard, Crocodile did not allow the navy to achieve another goal as well, which was to kill Luffy. So he helped Jinbe and Luffy and protected them from Akainu. Eventually, the war ended and Crocodile left the battlefield.

Crocodile and Daz Bonez retired to some Grand Line island to heal their wounds. They read the latest report about Luffy in the newspaper, and wondered mostly how the serious injuries could have all healed already. The crocodile, however, noted that his were also healed and then asked his partner if he would come with them to the New World again. The latter calmly agreed.

Two years later

Two years later, after the escape of the Straw Hat Pirates from Totto Land, Crocodile was seen reading the newspaper account of that very act. He was in a pompous house and armed men could be seen in the background.


Crocodile as a child
Crocodile as a woman
Crocodile in the anime without a scar on his face
  • Like almost all samurai of the seas, he has an animal in his name: the crocodile.
  • His clothing style is very reminiscent of an Italian mafia boss.
  • The cigars he smokes have the name of the Baroque Works written on them.
  • His successor as the Samurai of the Seas was Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard.
  • In the anime, his distinctive scar on his face or gold hook on his right hand was forgotten at some points.
  • According to SBS volume 36, Crocodile would have received twice the bounty had the world government known of his machinations as head of the Baroque Company sooner.
  • In the SBS to Volume 63, Eiichiro Oda drew Crocodile as a child in addition to the current Samurai of the Seas.
  • In SBS volume 76, Oda shows us what Crocodile would look like if he were female.
  • According to the SBS to Volume 89, Crocodile’s favorite foods are crocodile meat and tomatoes, while he dislikes ketchup.
  • The SBS to Volume 90 shows what Crocodile’s son would look like. 

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