The CP9 (シーピーナイン, Shī Pī Nain) is a secret elite unit of Cipher Pol agents of the World Government that officially does not exist. The CP9 has been around for over 20 years. At the time, it was still led by Spandam’s father, Spandine. The generation of CP9 agents led by Spandam was considered the strongest ever. Their headquarters was the justice tower of Enies Lobby. The existence of the CP9 is kept secret because it has special rights.

For example, their members are allowed to decide on someone’s life even without a trial. Should anyone not cooperate with them, they are classified as traitors to the world government and eliminated.

The CP9 under Spandam’s command

Enies Lobby, the headquarters of the CP9: Director Spandam’s office


The director of the CP9 was Spandam. He had his office in the Justice Tower of Enies Lobby, from where he ran operations. Like his father, Spandam himself is not particularly strong. He only has a Douriki score of 9, which is below the average score of a normal marine. As the commander-in-chief, he only gave the orders that were carried out by the agents. In addition, Spandam, or rather the CP9, was subordinate to quite a few normal government agents and marines.

CP9 top agent: Rob Lucci

Under Spandam’s command were the following agents:

  • Rob Lucci
  • Kaku
  • Jabra
  • Blueno
  • Kumadori
  • Owl
  • Kalifa
  • Nero (New member, he only knows 4 techniques)

Kalifa’s father Laskey served under Spandam’s father Spandine. Furthermore, Who’s Who also belonged to the same generation of agents as Rob Lucci..

Combat Power: Douriki

An average marine has a douriki of 10

Douriki (道力, way of strength) is a Enhet in which physical strength is measured.

Owl masters a technique called Teawase (jap. 六式遊技「手合」, Rokushiki Yuugi: Teawase), which he uses to make this measurement of strength by allowing himself to be attacked and then extrapolating the value – based on the strength of an average marine. According to Spandam, if you have 500 Douriki or more you are a superhuman, but he himself has the smallest known value at 9 Douriki.

All CP9 agents are thus superhumans, Rob Lucci’s Douriki value of 4000 is the highest known in the manga, and the other CP9 agents have supposedly never heard of such a high level. Thus, it could be said that Rob Lucci’s normal physical strength is equivalent to that of 400 marines, but with his Zoan Devil Fruit, it can be assumed to be several more.

Table of known Douriki values

The Douriki values of the CP9Enlarge view
CharacterDouriki ValueDevil FruitSkills
Rob Lucci4000 道力Cat Fruit Model: LeopardProficient in Rokushiki, Seimei Kikan, and can transform into a leopard.
Kaku2200 道力Bull Bull Fruit Model: giraffe.Has mastered Rokushiki and can transform into a giraffe.
Jabra2180 道力Dog-fruit model: wolfHas mastered Rokushiki and can transform into a wolf.
Blueno820 道力Folding Door FruitControls Rokushiki and can make doors appear anywhere.
Kumadori810 道力NoneMasters Rokushiki and the abilities of the Seimei Kikan.
Owl800 道力NoneMastered Rokushiki and the ability of Teawase.
Kalifa630 道力Foam FruitProficient in Rokushiki and can create foam.
Average Marine10 道力NoneAverage skill of a marine soldier.
Spandam9 道力NoneNone, but possesses a sword with devil powers.

Early Missions.

At the early age of 13, Rob Lucci was assigned a mission on a foreign island. He was to end a hostage situation of 500 soldiers by pirates without additional reinforcements. He fulfilled his mission by getting himself captured and executing all the hostages, who he felt had failed in their duty. He then killed the pirates as well.

Thirteen years ago, the future pirate Who’s Who was assigned to guard the gum-gum fruit during a transport. However, the World Government’s ship was attacked by the Red-Haired Pirates and Lucky Roux was able to steal the Devil Fruit. Who’s Who was arrested for his failure.

Final Missions

The CP9 on a covert mission


The CP9’s last extended mission was to find the blueprints of the Pluton, which were supposedly in Mayor Iceburg’s possession. Since Iceburg didn’t want to negotiate with the world government, Rob Lucci, Kaku and Kalifa joined the Galley-La to get information. Blueno worked in a pub, since that’s where rumors are known to spread the fastest. In total, these four agents thus lived undercover in Water 7 for five years in order to obtain information about the Pluton’s blueprints. The remaining three agents, Jabra, Owl, and Kumadori, were assigned to other missions. These included assassinations of high-ranking members of the Revolutionary Army.

The Hunt for Pluton & Nico Robin

The two key figures: Nico Robin and Franky

When Nico Robin and the Straw Hat Pirates stopped at Water 7, the CP9’s mission expanded. Now Nico Robin had to be arrested as well, because she’s the only one who can read the plans, which date back to the time of the Poneglyph. Nico Robin’s arrest went off without a hitch, as the CP9 threatened to impose the Buster Call on the Straw Hat Pirates if she refused, at which point she volunteered. Due to Iceburg’s many years around, they managed to track down the current owner of the Pluton’s plans: Cutty Framm, who had since changed his name to Franky.

Together with Nico Robin, who can read the plans, they captured him. With that, the actual mission was successfully completed and the CP9 agents made their way to Enie’s lobby, where Spandam was eagerly awaiting his agents. However, Sanji and Sogeking were also on the sea train to free Robin, and the remaining members of the Straw Hat Pirates, along with the Franky Family and some of the Galley-La craftsmen, pursued the CP9 agents with the second sea train, the Rocketman.

Back in Enie’s Lobby

Spandam is angry because of Owl, Jabra and Kumadori

Spandam was furious because Owl, Jabra, and Kumadori went overboard on a mission:

What is the significance of this article!!!
Our “Revolutionary Army Leader Attack
had orders to kill three people,
but you killed twenty-three!!!
I don’t want to hear any excuses!!!
-CP9 Director, Spandam
Spandam gives Kaku and Kalifa a devil fruit each.

When Lucci, Kaku, Blueno and Kalifa successfully reported back to Enie’s lobby, Spandam was visibly pleased to finally be reunited with all of his agents after five years. As a gift for their successful mission and to make his agents stronger, Spandam gave Kaku and Kalifa each a devil fruit, which he kept in a chest in his office. Jabra, who had already eaten a devil fruit, was very superstitious about this and hid out of fear.

Kaku ate the Bull Fruit, model: giraffe, through which he can transform into a giraffe, Kalifa ate the Foam Fruit, which enables her to create infinite foam. Because their devil powers were still new, they both still had initial problems as they were not yet in control of their powers. After the arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies, the battle began on Enie’s lobby. However, Spandam underestimated the situation until Luffy defeated Agent Blueno. The soldiers on Enie’s lobby turned out not to be strong enough. Therefore, the CP9 had to take up the cause.

The key hunt

The CP9 without Blueno

The CP9 had fun giving the Straw Hat Pirates a “chance” to save Robin. Each pair of sea stone handcuffs comes with a numbered key, and so did Robin’s. Each of the CP9 agents was in possession of one of these keys and took up position in the Justice Tower, in their rooms.

However, the Straw Hat Pirates didn’t know what number Robin’s handcuffs were, nor which CP9 agent had the matching key. So they had no choice but to defeat all the agents as fast as possible to get all the keys, and thus the right one, to be able to free Robin. The matching key was that of Kaku, who was defeated by Zoro, with the number 5.

Ecki with key number 5

The agents had the following keys:

  • Ecki: Key #5
  • Owl: Key #4
  • Kumadori: Key #3
  • Kalifa: Key #2
  • Jabra: Key #1

The Buster Call: The End

Rob Lucci is defeated, theCP9 story

After Spandam accidentally triggered the Buster Call and all the agents were defeated except for Rob Lucci, everything took its course. The approaching Buster Call ships laid waste to the entire Enies Lobby, with the exception of the Bridge of Hesitation, while Luffy fought Lucci.

Since the Vice Admirals – especially Doberman – were certain that Rob Lucci would not lose, they focused solely on carrying out their mission of destroying Enies Lobby, and did not intervene in the battle themselves. The Buster Call claimed many casualties, for example Onigumo also had the warship Luffy and Lucci were fighting on sunk, which had around 1,000 marines on it, as he was sure Rob Lucci would not die. Luffy and Lucci fought a fierce battle and continued to fight in the bridge pier.

Admiral Aokiji confirms the Navy’s total defeat.

With the last of his strength, Luffy finally managed to beat his adversary with the Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling. The news that Rob had lost Lucci, the Buster Call had cost several warships, and Enie’s lobby had been completely destroyed shook the soldiers and they wanted to continue pursuing the Straw Hat Pirates, but Aokiji pulled the soldiers back and said they had to admit defeat.

M… Report to all ships!!!
Straw Hat Luffy, the pirate, has just defeated….
Rob Lucci of the CP9!!!!
What are you saying!!!
…But that’s crazy!!!
The current CP9 is considered the strongest group in Cipher Pol history,
and all of them, including the leader Rob Lucci,
have been crushed by pirates…?!!!
-Navy soldiers during the buster call on Enies Lobby.

The CP9 after Enies Lobby

Spandam’s Revenge

Rob Lucci talks to Spandam

After the CP9 failed and Enie’s lobby was reduced to rubble by the Buster Call, Spandam wanted to punish his former agents for it. The CP9, having survived thanks to Blueno’s devil powers, escaped Enie’s lobby’s pursuers and followed the sea train tracks to St. Poplar, where they had Rob Lucci treated at a hospital. They also saved the town from the Candy pirate gang, which they defeated with ease. Spandam led Operation Catch the CP9 from his sickbed and dispatched a squad of marines and agents, led by Captain Very Good, to punish the CP9 for their failure.

These kids are being trained to be a new generation of CP9s

The pursuers picked up the trail and eventually encountered the former CP9, however they were no match for it. Eventually, the CP9 took over the navy ship Very Good and its men arrived in and headed out to sea. Spandam and his father Spandine then plotted together to take out the CP9.

Two years later, Spandam and Rob Lucci were seen together on Dress Rosa investigating the black market dealings of Donquixote Doflamingo after the Navy took him away. They are now both members of CP0, as is Kaku.

The CP9 under Spandine’s command

Buster Call on Ohara

The CP9 agents 20 years ago

This CP9 already existed over 20 years ago. Back then under the leadership of Spandine, the father of Spandam. The CP9, including Kalifa’s father Laskey (left picture, right person), was involved in the destruction of Ohara because Spandine was given a golden Den-den Mushi by Grand Admiral Sengoku, who was still an admiral at the time, so he could make a buster call.

Spandine’s CP9 on Ohara

They were dispatched there to arrest the archaeologists and search the Tree of Omniscience for Poneglyphs to have something to hold against the archaeologists of Ohara. Actually, the sole purpose of this operation was to make an example and thus show the entire world what happens when one tries to research True History. Nothing else is known about the members of this generation of the CP9, except that they owned their own ship.


Animal motifs

The animal silhouettes of the CP9
  • Each of the CP9 is reminiscent of an animal.


  • Douriki are somewhat reminiscent of the fighting power from Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ballwhich was measured with so-called scouters.
  • Owl from CP9 was the only character so far that could measure the Douriki value.
  • Note: Whether the CP9 attack was directly against Dragon, or just another Revolutionary leader, is unknown. However, according to the newspaper article, the revolutionaries lost the fight.
  • For more information on the struggles of the CP9.
  • Both Spandam’s and Kalifa’s father (pictured) were part of the CP9 from 20 years ago that was involved in the Buster Call of Ohara. Kumadori’s mother is also known, her name is Kumadori Yamanbako, but she was not part of the CP9 and is still active as a contract killer.

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