CP0 (jap. サイファーポール “イージス “ゼロ, Saifā Pōru “Ījisu” Zero), also known as CP0, is the highest-ranking of all the Cipher Pol units and is considered the “strongest intelligence service in the world” (世界最強の諜報機関, Sekai Saikyō no Chōhō-kikan).


The CP0 has only ever appeared in small groups. What they have in common is their white clothing and their sometimes bizarre masks, which keeps the identity of these agents a secret. For the most part, the CP0’s appearance has been quite secretive and veiled thus far, as they also often take more of an observer position, uttering few words. In addition to masks, many members wear hats and are all quite tall, though to varying degrees. One of the CP0 members on Dress Rosa appeared to be a long-sleeved human. Also, it can be assumed that Aigis 0 has some clout as the top intelligence agency of the World Government. In addition, there are former agents of the CP9 among its members. Except for Spandam, every one of them is proficient in Rokushiki, is a user of a Zoan devil power, and is familiar with the use of the Armor and Observation Shaki. A masked agent during his mission in Wano Country was completely unfazed even by a pistol shot directly into his face. Stussy also revealed mastery of Rokushiki.


Stussy uses the finger gun

The CP0 is directly subordinate to the World Nobles. As a result, they only have to answer to the supreme leaders of the world government, and are readily used as personal protection by the Sky Dragonmen, much like the Admirals of the Navy. For example, Rob Lucci followed Saint Charlos’ orders to the letter when he got into a confrontation with King Neptune in Mary Geoise, and only stopped his actions when Saint Mjosgard, in turn, intervened in the action and sided with the Ryuuguu family.

In addition, it seems to be the mission of the CP0 to monitor the secret, illegal business of the world government with pirates or the underworld. Thus, three CP0 agents immediately reached Dress Rosa when Donquixote Doflamingo’s position of power was shaken by the alliance of the Straw Hat and Heart pirate gangs.
Also, shortly after the fall of the former Samurai of the Seas, they headed to Wano Country to personally negotiate with Shogun Kurozumi Orochi for further arms shipments.

CP0 agents may even assassinate monarchs on behalf of World Nobles.



Lucci and Spandam in Dress Pink

The first time three masked members of the CP0 were seen on Dress Rosa was when Trafalgar Law, Usopp, Nico Robin and Caesar Clown were heading to Green Bit to deliver the scientist to Donquixote Doflamingo. According to Robin and Law, there would always be trouble where the CP0 showed up. As revealed in the conversation between Sanji and Viola during their mind transference, the CP0 came in the morning after Donquixote Doflamingo’s resignation was announced in the newspaper.

She reassured the people, informing them that their king had not resigned any of his titles, and that an extra paper would be distributed to the world at 3:00 p.m. in which this grievance would also be rectified. Until then, the citizens were to keep quiet and go on with their lives. After Donquixote Doflamingo was defeated by Luffy, Spandam and Rob Lucci, both now CP0 agents, were seen investigating Doflamingo’s dark machinations in the underground port. Lucci realized that their investigation would come to nothing due to the intervention of the revolutionaries, so he decided to abort the mission.

Whole Cake Island

Stussy is among Big Mom’s guests

During Empress Big Mom’s tea party on Whole Cake Island, in honor of the planned wedding between Sanji and Charlotte Pudding, a woman named Stussy, among others, accepted the invitation to Totto Land. Actually known throughout the underworld as the “Queen of the Pleasure Quarter”, she was ultimately revealed to be part of Aigis 0 as well. She showed some interest in the Tamatebako, but the exact reason for her appearance is currently unclear.

Mary Geoise – The Levely

The CP0 in Mary Geoise

Cipher Pol 0’s next appearance came shortly before the start of the Levely of 1524, when for the first time in a long time, the royal family of Fishmen Island also traveled to the Holy Land to attend the Conference of Kings. Beholding the beautiful daughter of King Neptune, Shirahoshi, Saint Charlos immediately staked his claim to the mermaid and attempted to enslave her. However, when Neptune himself tried to intervene, agents of the CP0 intervened, including Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy, who easily prevented anyone from getting near the world aristocrat. Only the additional appearance of Saint Mjosgard and his dedication to the Ryuuguu family forced even the Cipher Pol agents to end their intervention.

Wano Country

CP0 agents seek out Orochi

After Donquixote Doflamingo was overthrown by the Straw Hat Pirates and subsequently had to be arrested by Vice Admiral Kranich due to his machinations, representatives of the CP0 traveled to Wano Country, as Flamingo was their middleman to Emperor Kaidou’s weapons factory. There, they were in turn met by Shogun Orochi, who now sought to do business directly with the world government. But before a new contract could be signed, he wanted access to Dr. Vegapunk’s research in return.

This demand horrified even the otherwise so calm Aigis 0, but the Shogun answered their protest simply with a pistol, by shooting one of the members directly into the head. Although the latter seemed absolutely unaffected by this, Orochi then made it clear that he need have no fear of the World Nobles or the navy, since not even the CP0 could do anything against one of the Four Emperors, as well as the assembled samurai of Wano Country.


The CP0 watches the battle

After their visit to Orochi on Wano Country, the agents were finally invited to the festivities on Onigashima. There, they eventually witnessed the beginning of the battle between Big Mom’s alliance and the Beasts Pirates under Kaidou against the Straw Hat Pirates and the samurai around the Nine Akazaya. While they rated the death of Orochi as annoying to their cause, they also saw the Emperors’ battle against the New Generation as inevitable.

In their opinion, the fall of two emperors would bring about an uncertain future for the entire world, but this would only be possible if the invaders led by Monkey D. Luffy managed to break the power of the Beasts Pirates’s leadership by defeating them. At the same time, they hoped that by doing so, the enemies of the World Government would take each other out of the game.

They also discussed Vegapunk’s research on Kaidou and how an artificial Devil Fruit was created using Kaidou’s strain genes. One member commented that it was good that the research failed and called attention to the G-5’s report. Using a Go board, the CP0 then acted as an observer showing the numerical balance of power between the two parties, though members also commented that it didn’t matter who emerged victorious as long as Who’s Who died.

Known members

Only a few members of the CP0 are known by name. Even more so, agents keep their faces covered with masks as a matter of principle, giving little indication of their identities. As it turned out, Spandam, Rob Lucci and Kaku had found their way back to the world government after the defeat of Enie’s lobby and were now working for the CP0, whereby Lucci seems to be superior in rank to his former superior. They are joined by Stussy, who is working undercover in the underworld.

The following is a list of known members:

  • Kaku
  • Rob Lucci
  • Spandam
  • Stussy
  • For at least other members, see Unnamed Characters.


  • In Greek mythology, aigis is the name for the legendary Aegis from Zeus, the father of the gods, which Athena also wears from time to time. The aigis is a golden goatskin, sometimes depicted as a shield, with the living serpents of the Gorgon attached to it.
  • A few decades ago, slave trader Carmel also had dealings with some representatives of the Cipher Pol. These have not yet been confirmed as members of the CP0, but their style of dress as well as the nature of their machinations within the underworld suggest that they too belonged to Aigis 0.

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