Count Times of One Piece

Count Times, the media mogul from the Northblue, participated in the Turtle Car Race at Gran Tesoro.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Gold (2016).


Count Times has wild orange hair, a thin mustache and chin beard, and very distinctive facial features. In addition to his pointed, prominent chin, his long, red nose is particularly striking. He wears a dark safety helmet with a racing stripe in the middle of the top and goggles. He also wears a red suit, red suit pants and white gloves and white boots. He also has a pipe in his mouth.


When Monkey D. Luffy, Tony Tony Chopper and Usopp participated in the Turtle Car Race, Count Times was also part of the starting field. He had the car number 2 and held back for a long time, while his opponents promoted each other out of the race or the track. It wasn’t until only the Kent Beef Jr. cars were in the race alongside him, as well as Pork and the Straw Hat Pirates, that he took the lead. He led the field until shortly before the finish line and was the only one besides the Straw Hat Pirates not to use any tricks, but just like Kent Beef Jr. he had to admit defeat to the Straw Hats by a razor-thin margin after they had briefly flown off the track.

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