Corrida Colosseum

The following article covers the Fire Fruit Tournament held at the Corrida Colosseum on Dress Rosa.

Rules & Information

  • Premature misconduct by participants may result in disqualification by Coliseum employees.
  • In addition to firearms, all types of weapons are allowed, and there are plenty of them available in the preparation room, as well as pieces of armor. However, since there is a weight restriction on protective clothing, most of the participants in the tournament wear no to very little armor. This is for the amusement of the spectators, who do not want to see long fights, but blood splattering.
  • Anyone who falls out of the fighting ring or loses consciousness during the fight will be eliminated from the Battle Royale in the 1st round.
  • The winner of the tournament will receive the former Devil Fruit of Portgas D. Ace.
  • Announcer for the tournament is Gatz.
  • In the water outside the ring are small fighting fish.
  • The injured fighters are carried out of the ring after the fight and treated by Coliseum employees.


Some participants in the waiting room.

Besides 5 participants of the Donquixote Pirates, who want to defend the prize, every person who wanted to could register. Even outlaws are not excluded from this, since in the Colosseum the navy and police have no command. So in addition to the gladiators who otherwise fought in the Corrida Colosseum, members of various countries as well as some pirates and bounty hunters also competed in the tournament. One could register at the entrance. Some fighters gave false names to hide their real identity.

In total the tournament – excluding the 5 fighters of the Donquixote Pirates – reached a number of 556 participants. With Spartan it came to an early elimination, whereby finally only 555 fighters participated. However, with Maynard and Gambia there were unceremoniously two more eliminations.

Members of the Donquixote Pirates:

DiamanteMachviseLao GDellingerSeñor Pink

Remaining participants:

Blue GillyBobby FunkBoo (No. 0305)Cavendish
Dagama (No. 0122)DamaskDon ChinjaoElizabello II.
Gambia (retired early)Gardoa (filler)Hack (No. 0103)Hajrudin
Hera (No. 0421)IdeoJean AngoJesus Burgess (registered under the name “Mr. Store”)
JeetAgyo (registered under the name “Fighting Lion”)Kelly FunkMaynard (No. 0429, registered under the name “Capman”, retired early)
MeadowsMonkey D. Luffy (No 0556, registered under the name “Lucy”)MummyOrlumbus
RebeccaRiku Doldo III (registered under the name “Ricky”).rolling loganSai (No. 0309)
Spartan (retired early)SuleimanTank LepantoUcy (registered under the name “Fighting Bull”)

Round 1

In the 1st round the 555 participants are divided into 4 blocks (A, B, C and D). In each of them a battle royal will take place, which means that only one winner will emerge from each block. The 4 winners then move on to the 2nd round.

Block A

In Block A 140 participants competed, but the round ended very quickly. The contestant who entered the tournament under the name “Mr. Store” quickly defeated all his opponents. After his entry into the next round was certain, he unmasked himself and revealed to the surprise of the spectators that he was the captain of the first ship of the Blackbeard pirate gang, Jesus Burgess.

Block B

Battle Royal
Combat data
Counterparties:Abdullah, Bartolomeo, Bellamy, Blue Gilly, Dagama, Elizabello II, Hack, Jeet, Ricky, Tank Lepanto, Maynard
Location:Corrida Colosseum, Dress Rosa
First Time Attacks:Barrier Crash
King Punch
Shooting Moon
Spring Death Knock
Yonsen Mai Gawara Seiken
In the series
Found in:Manga, Anime, Tv Special 15
Commence combat:Manga Volume 71, Chapter 706
Anime Episode 636
End of fight:Manga Volume 71, Chapter 709
Anime Episode 638

Block B saw 138 fighters compete after Bartolomeo had already secretly defeated Maynard before the block began. Within the block, a larger group of fighters banded together, bribed by Dagama to do so.

Of the notable fighters, Tank Lepanto was defeated first by Abdullah and Jeet. However, when the sneaky fighters went to pick another victim, Bellamy pierced their feet with knives and yanked them backwards by their mouths, incapacitating them as well.

Hack wanted to take care of Bartolomeo shortly after, who didn’t seem to care about the fight until now and even just did his little business. However, the fish-man failed on his barrier-fruit and was finished off by the ‘cannibal’ afterwards.

Meanwhile, the mysterious gladiator Ricky engaged in a duel with the long-legged human Blue Gilly, who eventually took him down with a kick. The Jao Kun Do fighter also turned out to be an ally of Dagama, who was supposed to take out the rest of his fellow fighters for him. However, when the strategist tried to attack Blue Gilly himself from behind with a knife, he reacted in time and kicked those out of the ring, where he was caught by one of the fighting fish. Now finally Elizabello II became active, who finally wanted to execute his dreaded ‘King Punch’. Blue Gilly tried to prevent this, but it was already too late.

Bellamy meanwhile took on Bartolomeo, but he couldn’t get past his barriers either. He finally managed to get a hand on the rookie, but just then Elizabello used his King Punch. The powerful punch seemed to have defeated every remaining fighter, making Gatz already want to declare the King of Prodense the winner, but Bartolomeo remained unharmed by his devilish powers. He finally defeated Elizabello with ‘Barrier Crash’, making him the winner of Block B…

Abdullah & Jeet defeated Tank Lepanto.Bellamy takes out the duo in brutal fashion.Hack fails to score with Bartolomeo.Blue Gilly defeats Ricky.
Dagama’s ambush is foiled.The King Punch……seems to be taking out all the remaining fighters.Bartolomeo triumphs over Elizabello II.

Block C

Battle Royal
Luffy’s 59th Fight
Combat data
Counterparties:Bobby Funk, Boo, Don Chinjao, Hajrudin, Ideo, Jean Ango, Kelly Funk, Monkey D. Luffy, Sai, Ucy
Location:Corrida Colosseum, Dress Rosa
Winner:Monkey D. Luffy
First Time Attacks:Gihaio
Jake Jake Nininbaori
Rarara Rambo
Hasshoken Ougi: Mukiryu Mukirikugi
Gomu Gomu no Hawk Rifle
Gomu Gomu no-Thor-Elephant-Gun
In the series
Found in:Manga, Anime, Tv Special 15
Commence combat:Manga Volume 72, Chapter 712
Anime Episode 642
End of fight:Manga Volume 72, Chapter 719
Anime Episode 649

Block C initially consisted of 139 fighters.

Luffy, who joined the tournament disguised as ‘Lucy’, made a big impression from the start. He soon made friends with the fighting bull, which he christened Ucy. Riding him, they finished off a few fighters before finally encountering Hajrudin. The giant from Elbaf attacked the two and rammed them into the ground. While Ucy was instantly defeated by the attack, the rubber man got back up to the amazement of the audience and furiously finished off Hajrudin with a single punch enhanced with Gear 2 as well as Busoushoku. The giant’s body lying in the way was then explosively knocked out of the ring by the boxing champion Ideo.

The block finally headed towards its climax, with Don Chinjao already showing off his haoushoku. Boo, meanwhile, ran into the Funk brothers and appeared to defeat older brother Kelly with just a single blow of the Hasshoken. The younger brother Bobby balked at a fight, but the Happo Navy Vice Commander’s Busoushoku-enhanced axe failed to hit his body. Kelly meanwhile ordered Bobby to ‘carry’ him. Using his devil power, he then transformed into a jacket, which his brother then put on. Kelly thereby took control of the latter’s stronger body and pounded incessantly on the soon to be unconscious Boo.

Bounty hunter Jean Ango, meanwhile, stole ‘Lucy’s’ helmet and hinted that he knew about its true identity. Meanwhile, Don Chinjao also fought his way towards Luffy, whom he wanted to eliminate out of a grudge against his grandfather Garp. He also told Sai that he wanted revenge for Boo.

Kelly, meanwhile, with the stronger body, finished off more participants. Noticing Sai approaching, the assassin scoffed at the latter’s inability to protect his brother. Sai, however, retorted that he had discarded all brotherly feelings in the school of hate. He then used the fists raining down from Kelly as steps to defeat the latter from above with a kick from the Hasshoken.

While Luffy was still running from Chinjao, he also wanted to get the helmet back from Ango. Ango replied that he was able to make a lot of money as a bounty hunter because of the big escape from Impel Down and that he plans to catch all the escapees someday. Meanwhile, he was firing weapons at Luffy that he had taken from other fighters, but the pirate simply dodged the projectiles by using the Kenbunshoku. Instead, some of them landed in Chinjao’s stomach. After Luffy retrieved his helmet from the shocked Jean Ango, he was finally knocked out of the ring by a headbutt from the legendary Don.

Meanwhile, Sai and Ideo were having a duel of equals. At that moment, however, Luffy decided to finally face Don Chinjao, since he would have to knock him out to advance anyway. The two fighters approached each other, but Sai and Ideo’s fight got in their way. The former surprised Luffy from behind with a kick, while the latter caught a punch from Chinjao. Both were thrown out of the ring.

The Busoushoku-enhanced fists of the two pirates finally clashed, after which they were the only remaining combatants in the ring.

As the fight progressed, Luffy gave Don Chinjao a powerful Gomu Gomu no Hawk Rifle and took him down on it for a short time. Don Chinjao provoked Luffy by saying that killing Ace had been a good move by the Navy, and that Luffy would never surpass Gold Roger. This enraged the Straw Hat so much that he took to the air to deliver the final blow, the Gomu Gomu no-Thor-Elephant-Gun. Don Chinjao tried to counter this with one of his headbutts, but failed and he was hit by Luffy. This caused Chinjao’s pointy head form to reappear and he crashed to the ground, badly hit. There, he split the ring and landed in the water, making Luffy the victor of Block C.

Hajrudin attacks ‘Lucy’ & Ucy.Luffy takes revenge on Hajrudin.Kelly Funk punches the already unconscious Boo.Sai takes revenge on Kelly.
Chinjao promotes Jean Ango out of the tournament.Luffy kicks Sai, who is standing in the way, out of the ring….…and Don Chinjao knocks Ideo off the field.Luffy and Chinjao’s fists collide.
Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Hawk RifleHasshoken Ougi: Mukiryu Mukirikugi vs……Gomu Gomu no-Thor-Elephant-Gun

Block D

Battle Royal
Combat data
Counterparties:Acilia, Cavendish, Damask, Gambia (Filler), Gardoa (Filler), Hera (Filler), Fighting Lion, Meadows, Mummy, Orlumbus, Rebecca, Rolling Logan, Spartan (Filler), Suleiman
Location:Corrida Colosseum, Dress Rosa
In the series
Found in:Manga, Anime
Commence combat:Manga Volume 73, Chapter 722
Anime Episode 652
End of fight:Manga Volume 74, Chapter 734
Anime Episode 666

Block D of the tournament started with 138 participants.

Before the fights could start the “Pirate Prince” Cavendish, who was very popular with the spectators, held a short speech in which he denounced the behavior of the audience towards Rebecca, who was hated all over the country. The latter nevertheless continued to have a hard time in the ensuing clash and was booed by the spectators. As it was known for her, she used a very own fighting style, with which she wanted to avoid hurting someone. So she stayed on the edge of the fighting field and only dodged all attacks with lightning speed, which in turn caused her opponents to fall out of the ring and be eliminated. Eventually, however, Rolling Logan confronted her.

Some time later, Rebecca had joined forces with Acilia, who seemed to be sympathetic to the Riku family. There was no sign of Rolling Logan at that time, so it can be assumed that he was eliminated.

Eventually, however, Acilia also disappeared from the scene as Rebecca engaged in a duel with Suleiman. There were only about 30 fighters left in the race, with Orlumbus having just defeated the Fighting Lion elsewhere with the help of his whip. However, to everyone’s incomprehension, all of the remaining fighters, including Cavendish, Mummy and Damask, suddenly lost consciousness. Only one moving body could be spotted by announcer Gatz. This one was Rebecca. Shortly before, Cavendish had intervened in the fight between her and Suleiman, however, he suddenly fell asleep. This caused his face to change into a sinister grimace and he transformed into the demon Hakuba, who always appears when Cavendish is asleep. Hakuba is lightning fast and an extremely strong swordsman, so it was easy for him to take out all the participants one after the other. Only Rebecca was able to dodge. After Cavendish fell asleep again, she was thus declared the winner of the D Block.

Cavendish enters the ring.Rolling Logan confronts Rebecca.Acilia fights at Rebecca’s side.
Hakuba awakens.All remaining participants will be slashed.All but Rebecca are defeated.


Battle Royal
Combat data
Jesus Burgess
Location:Corrida Colosseum, Dress Rosa
First Time Attacks:Hadou Elbow
Ryu no Kagizume
Ryusoken: Ryu no Ibuki
Corrida Glefe
In the series
Found in:Manga, Anime, TV Special 15
Commence combat:Manga Chapter 74, Chapter 735
Anime Episode 668
End of fight:Manga Chapter, Chapter 744
Anime Episode 678

After the four preliminary round fights, Jesus Burgess, Bartolomeo, Lucy and Rebecca were finally determined as finalists, who were now allowed to compete with the “Hero of the Colosseum”, Diamante, in the final. After the five combatants entered the ring, it was revealed to them by Gatz that the prize, the Fire Fruit, was kept in a box attached to a large fighting fish.

These same fish circled the entire ring during the fight and did not hesitate for a second to jump up and attack Jesus Burgess. The latter countered with a huge elbow strike, whereupon the fish showed itself, carrying Ace’s former Devil Fruit. As Lucy went to grab his prize, however, Diamante prevented him from doing so with an attack, at which point Burgess also rejoined the fray. Like the Fighting Fish before, he tried to take out Lucy with the help of his elbow armor, but the latter returned one of his own powerful attacks in response, shattering Jesus’ armor.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the battlefield, Rebecca had confronted Diamante, which left him cold. With a blow of his club he brought the princess to her knees, whereupon Bartolomeo, at Lucy’s command, placed himself protectively before her. On this occasion the follower of Donquixote revealed to the gladiator that it was he who had once murdered her mother.

Shortly afterwards, however, the proceedings were interrupted by panic in the ranks. This was due to the fact that all the living toys had suddenly changed back, due to Usopp’s subterranean victory over Sugar. Lucy wanted to take advantage of the turmoil to end the tournament once and for all. With a massive attack, he blew up the entire ring, causing his opponents to fall into the water below.

The Revolutionary himself, however, took his chance and grabbed the wanted Fighting Fish with lightning speed. Before Diamante or Jesus Burgess could intervene, he ate the Devil Fruit he had won, making him the winner of the tournament.

Lucy enters the ring.Lucy vs. Jesus Burgess.Diamante attacked Lucy.Bartolomeo protected Rebecca.
Lucy blasts the ring.Sabo won…Sabo won……and has now mastered the Fist of Fire.

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