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Conis is a resident of Sky Island and the daughter of Pagaya. Her pet is Sue the cloud fox. Along with her father, she helped the Straw Hat Pirates after they arrived on Sky Island.


Sketches of Conis

Conis is a young, slender woman with blonde hair. She has two long braids hanging down and like the other inhabitants of Sky Island, two circular braids on her hair. She also has wings on her back like all the inhabitants of Sky. She wears a pink dress with a floral pattern and on her feet she wears sandals. She is also often seen with a blue harp.

Personality and Strength

Conis is extremely helpful. This is shown when Luffy arrived with his crew and Conis helped them from the beginning. She cares deeply for the well being of the people of Sky Island, as well as her father. This was also the reason why she betrayed the Straw Hat Pirates, as she didn’t want Enel’s punishment to hit the people she loves. When she’s tense, she bites her lips more often than not. Just like her father, she is hopeful that soon Enel’s reign will end.

Conis can play the harp very well and can handle a waver. She is also good with a bazooka and knows a lot about how to use different dials.


Arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates at Angel Beach

Conis collapses

Conis was playing her harp when the Straw Hats arrived at Angel Beach. They were greeted politely by her and she helped Luffy open a fruit. When she found out that the Straw Hats came from the Blue Sea, she decided to help them. When her father Pagaya came home, Nami borrowed his Waver and rode it around. The other straw hats were invited to eat. While they ate, Conis explained to them what kinds of dials there were and how to use them. When Nami still wasn’t back after a while, she and her father were worried that she might have gone to the Upper Yard, the place where the god lives. Conis enlightened the Straw Hats about the Upper Yard and warned them about the God’s punishment.

Shortly thereafter, the White Berets arrived at Angel Beach to arrest the Straw Hats. A fight ensued, which the Straw Hats quickly won. Conis and Pagaya then explained to the Straw Hats that they could not help them now. The only way for them to escape was if they crossed the White Sea to Cloud End. As the Straw Hats tried to escape and Robin, Chopper, Nami and Zoro were already aboard the The Going Merry, they were taken away by the special Speedy Shrimp. Conis then led the remaining Straw Hats to the harbor and showed them the Floating Crow.

When she went to give the boat to the Straw Hats, Luffy noticed that she was shaking all the time and was very pale. Not knowing what to do, Conis broke down crying and explained that it was she who had called the Lobster Express. After Conis revealed it, the punishment of God immediately came upon her. However, she was rescued by Gan Fall and taken to him. During the flight, Conis told Gan Fall to come back, for he was the true god.

The Battle Against Enel

Conis is pushed from the Upper Yard by Pagaya

When Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji were fighting Satori, Conis was talking to Pagaya and Gan Fall in the latter’s house about pirates. Gan Fall stated in this conversation that he had been good friends with a pirate over twenty years ago. The talk was about Gold Roger. Gan Fall went on to talk about the eternal battle against the Shandia and that soon the voice of the island would be heard to end the war. Shortly after, he heard Chopper’s call for help and flew off on Pierre. Pagaya and Conis stayed behind.

Conis pulls out her bazooka

She later set off with her father to help the Straw Hats. On the way, they took Aisa with them. They then ran into Nami, Usopp, Sanji, and Gan Fall. Suddenly, Nora appeared and Nami, Aisa and Gan Fall were separated from the others. Conis and Pagaya stayed behind on the Going Merry, tending to Sanji and Usopp, who had been injured by Enel. To encourage them, Pagaya honked his boat’s horn.

Pagaya and Conis later heard cries for help from one of the Ex-God’s warriors. He enlightened them about the captivity of the Divine Soldierss and that Enel planned to destroy Sky Island. He was still telling about the construction of Maxim’s Ark when God’s punishment came upon them. Pagaya was able to react in time and pushed Conis off the Upper Yard. During the fall, she had to witness her father being hit by God’s punishment. Grieving the loss of her father, she set out to warn the celestials.

Conis finally reached Angel Island and tried to warn the celestials. However, they were warned beforehand that Conis was now an accomplice of the Straw Hat Pirates. She was already expected by the White Berets. These tried to stop Conis and shot at her. She ran over the commander of the White Berets with her Waver and jumped off her Waver onto the beach. Conis asked to be heard, but was only insulted. When a member of the White Berets attacked her with a knife, she pulled out her bazooka and made him understand that it was a fire bazooka. She shouted to the Sky Dwellers to flee to the Blue Sea, as Enel was planning to destroy Sky Island. However, the sky dwellers wouldn’t believe her and one child even threw a rock at her. Conis then screamed that she did not accept Enel as her god. Since the sky dwellers were now afraid of being hit by God’s punishment, they fled and Conis was left alone. Eventually, the sky dwellers did slowly begin to believe her.

Conis prays to her god

While the Celestials fled, Commander McKinley enlightened Conis about Enel’s origins. Conis then said that she needed to get back to the Upper Yard to find her friends. Eventually, she reached the The Going Merry again, only to find that neither Sanji nor Usopp were present.

While Luffy fought with Enel, she waited all the while on the Going Merry to show the Straw Hats the way back to the Blue Sea later. She asked Sue if he believed in God. Crying, Conis fell to her knees and prayed to her God.

Please… If you exist… Give us a miracle… DEAR GOD, PLEASE SAVE MY FRIENDS!!!!
-On theThe Going Merry, Conis to her God

Finally, Luffy managed to defeat Enel and the voice of the island rang out to end the war.

Life After the War

Conis in the cover story

After Enel was defeated, Conis, along with Nami and Luffy, helped take the meat that the priests of the Upper Yard were storing to the rest of the Straw Hats. She was very happy to see that everyone was alright. When Zoro asked her where her father was and she wanted to tell what happened, Pagaya appeared in front of them out of nowhere. Later, she and the Shandia chief tended to the injured Wyper and celebrated the end of the war with the others.

When the Straw Hats had collected some gold, they wanted to leave Sky Island. Conis and Pagaya showed them the way to Clouds End and bid them farewell there. As a gift from Heaven, Conis summoned another balloon octopus, which would escort them safely to Blue Sea.

Later, Conis walked with Laki, Aisa, and Nora on Earth for a picnic. Conis wore the same clothes as always and in her hand she held a picnic basket.

Two years later, Conis and Laki had opened a pumpkin cafe, pumpkin noodles being their most popular specialty. When the newspaper reported the return of the Straw Hat Pirates, Pagaya and McKinley were guests.


Difference between Anime (left) and Manga (right)
  • The anime differs from the manga in the following:

Manga When Conis tried to warn the residents of Angel Island, a child threw a rock at her.AnimeIn the anime, however, the same child threw a tomato at her.

  • Her favorite drink is pumpkin coffee.

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