Clover of One Piece

Professor shamrock was an archaeologist and head of the library at Ohara.


Professor Cloverleaf was an older, rather tall man. He had a green, oval-shaped beard, which together with the hairstyle of the back of his head made a shamrock, which was also decisive for his name. On his almost shaved head you can still see grey hair. He wore a grey jacket and under it a red and white striped shirt. Instead of trousers, he wore a kind of Men’s skirts held up by a belt. On the back of his jacket was the head of a tiger.


His personality was of a good nature. He was a kind and helpful person. Also, the library and the accumulated knowledge in it were more important to him than his life. Thus, he did not want to leave it even though he knew that the navy was approaching. He thought very highly of cultivated manners.

Everybody put your ear to the ground
Hands up and come out!

Can’t you say it a little more friendly?
– Cloverleaf and a world government official.


Robin’s admission to archaeology

The acceptance ceremony for Robin

When Robin went to the Tree of Omniscience as a child to return a book, she was met by Shamrock and some other archaeologists, as she had passed her archaeologist exam. Shortly after, Robin said that she wanted to solve the mystery of the Lost Story. Cloverleaf and the others were shocked to hear this, and told her that it was forbidden.

The World Government feared that this would revive an Ancient Weapon. Robin, however, had observed him and several other of Ohara’s scholars in the basement of the library studying the Poneglyphs. She wanted to take her archaeologist exam so she could do this with them.

When the professor told her that was not possible, Robin ran away. An archaeologist then voiced her concerns that Robin might follow the same path as her mother, Nico Olvia. This was captured by the World Government, according to Shamrock.

Arrival of Nico Olvia and the World Government

Cloverleaf talks to the Five Elders via Den-den Mushi

While Nico Robin was on her way to the Tree of Knowledge a few days later, having been warned about the Navy by Jaguar D. Saul, Olvia arrived there. She apologized to Shamrock and the archaeologists there, as the team of 33 scientists had failed in their search for Poneglyphs. They were attacked by the Navy and the only one who survived that attack was her. The Navy found out from records on the half-destroyed ship of the archaeologists that the group was from Ohara.

Olvia, after some exchange of words, grabbed a rifle and ran off. Shortly after, Robin arrived at the tree. Cloverleaf walked up to her and told her not to tell the World Government officials that she was an archaeologist. It would never occur to them that an eight-year-old girl was a scientist. When the World Government officials arrived at the tree, they searched the library and were less than careful with the books, to which Shamrock and his colleagues were horrified. They were taken outside and guarded. Spandine, who was the director of the CP9 at the time, arrived and with him Nico Olvia on his shoulder. Upon his arrival, a sudden blast took place in the Tree of Omniscience.

Cloverleaf was shot by Spandine on command

Spandine’s Den-den Mushi called in and a member of the World Government told him that they had found a secret cellar containing a poneglyph and writings with strange characters. Spandine wanted to report to the Five Elders and Cloverleaf then demanded to speak with them.

The Five Elders then accused him of trying to revive an Ancient Weapon. Cloverleaf, however, explained to them that they just wanted to know why the Poneglyphs existed, why someone had carved texts on indestructible stones and spread them all over the world. Although they weren’t done with their research, Cloverleaf wanted to tell them what they had found out so far. He first told them the back story of the Poneglyphs. But he didn’t get to say the name of the Great Kingdom because he was shot by Spandine, on the orders of the Five Elders.

The Buster Call

Robin ran to Shamrock, who told her to run to a rescue ship immediately. Spandine then pressed the button on the golden The Den Den Mushi, triggering the Buster Call. Suddenly, the Tree of Knowledge caught fire. The professor instructed his students to save the books, which they immediately did. They took the books and threw them into a nearby body of water to protect them from the fire. When the Buster Call was in the middle of going on, Cloverleaf was seen standing in the Tree of Knowledge with some other scholars. They informed him that they could not save more books.

Is this also history that should be handed down?
People are so stupid!
– Cloverleaf during the Buster Call.

He either died from Ohara’s annihilation, or perished earlier as a result of the gunshot wound inflicted by Spandine.


  • It’s called Clover in the original Jap, which means Dr. Clover.
  • His favorite foods were honey and dark chocolate.

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