Clockwork Island Adventure


The movie takes place after the Loguetown Arc, as Zoro is already using his acquired swords in the movie.


Luffy & Co. are on an island for a rest, when Luffy spots a ship sailing far out to sea. It happens to look exactly like the The Going Merry. At first it’s really just a big coincidence, until Usopp confirms with a shout that it really is the Lamb. Luffy still tries to reach the ship with a gum-gum gun, but it’s already too far away. So the hijackers make off with the ship and the crew’s clothes.

So Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Sanji and Usopp are stuck. They find a wedding clothes store on the island where they can get new clothes. They also borrow a swan pedal boat, which they can now use to give chase.

At sea, they suddenly hear the cries of a little boy for help. When they spot him, Sanji jumps into the water to save him. But suddenly some kind of mechanism is triggered and Luffy and the rest are caught in a net along with their paddleboat.

The two captors introduce themselves as Akisu and Borodo, the Thief Brothers, and eventually they decide to release Luffy & Co. Just then Borodo tells them about the Trump pirate gang when Boo Jack and Honey Queen, two of the Trump pirates, appear in front of them.

Usopp panics and rows away as fast as he can, but during this action Akisu’s music box falls off the boat. It is the last reminder of his parents, though he has never seen them. Akisu stops Usopp by hitting him, and Borodo retrieves the music box from the water.

But Boo Jack and Honey Queen have caught up with them and destroy the boat with a bomb. But that’s not all, they also kidnap Nami. After the smoke clears, Borodo decides to build a boat out of the wreckage and give chase again. Luffy and the rest, in order to get Nami and the Going Merry out of the clutches of the Trump pirates, head to Clockwork Island. For that is where the Trump pirate gang’s headquarters are.

When they finally reach Clockwork Island, they set out to climb Spiral Mountain, but they have to get through some obstacles and traps first. At the top, Usopp pulls out his binoculars and looks up at the Trump Pirates’ castle and spots the The Going Merry on the roof.

But before they leave, they buy new everyday clothes. Among other things, they pass a store for watches. As Luffy & Co. walk on, the store’s owners notice the little boy who was traveling with the pirates. He bore an uncanny resemblance to their son Akisu, whom they tragically had to abandon.

Luffy and the others now fly in a sailing vessel to the castle of the Trump pirates. Halfway there, Boo Jack and Honey Queen meet them again and put up fierce resistance. When Sanji accidentally kicks Boo Jack’s spikes, he goes down badly injured and the gang’s Cook is also taken.

Once the remaining are safely back on the ground, Luffy and the others storm the castle courtyard. While Bear King, the leader of the Trump pirates, is delivered a cannon, Luffy & Co. meet Skunk One, the human stink bomb. The latter defeats Usopp and now takes him into the castle as well. He is tied to Sanji on a giant cross.

Luffy, Zoro, Borodo and Akisu get trapped in the castle. In a room with a large spiral, the ceiling and floor are approached as soon as someone enters the room.

While Luffy and Zoro deal with the trap and disable it, Borodo sets off with the now unconscious Akisu.

After a short while, Pin Joker, another member of the Trump Pirates, arrives, defeats Zoro and takes him to the throne room, where he too is now hung on a cross. Luffy is still stuck in the trap. Bear King is about to blast Sanji, Usopp, and Zoro away with his latest weapon, but at the last moment Borodo gets right in front of the cannon’s field of fire with the elevator. Bear King breaks off the charge, but he doesn’t let Borodo get away with it, he knocks him to the ground with a few punches.

When Akisu, who is no longer unconscious, joins the fight and is also defeated, only Luffy is left. That’s when Akisu’s music box suddenly lands at Luffy’s feet and a huge rage rises up inside him. The clock had fallen out of Akisu’s pocket and down the elevator shaft. Luffy now goes completely berserk and just pushes the blanket he’d only been able to hold at a distance upwards, through all the floors, all the way into the Trump pirate throne room.

Luffy sets off an explosion that finally frees Sanji, Usopp, and Zoro.

Now the fight really gets going as Zoro fights Pin Joker, Sanji gets a pair of shoes from Usopp and takes on the spiky Boo Jack, Nami takes on Honey Queen, and Usopp fights Skunk One.

All of Luffy’s crew defeat their opponents. Only Luffy himself is still fighting Bear King and after a tough battle against the captain of the Trump pirates, he is able to win.

However, the fierce battle damages the island’s key, which had previously held Clockwork Island together. The precious island music box plays one last time, then the island collapses. The inhabitants are able to save themselves with their parachutes. In the end, Akisu’s parents want him to stay with them, but he refuses and goes back out to sea with Borodo.

Luffy & Co. have been able to rescue Nami and the Going Merry and are now sailing on….


  • The DVD release date in Japan was October 21, 2001.

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