Cipher Pol

The Cipher Pol. サイファーポール, Saifā Pōru; from English Cipher Police ≈ Cipher Police), abbreviated CP, is the Intelligence agency the world government. The individual factions are active throughout the world, acting wherever the World Government sees a threat to itself. Officially only the departments CP1 to CP8 exist, the existence of a ninth Cipher Pol is kept secret from the public, because it receives special orders, which are subject to strictest secrecy. Examples are the acquisition of the construction plans of the ancient weapon Pluton or the search for the Poneglyph on Ohara 22 years ago.

The CP9 ship 22 years ago

The agents of the CP9 form the elite of the Cipher Pol and have both excellent combat training and special powers, such as the license to eliminate uncooperative citizens without trial. All CP9 agents are also proficient in Rokushiki, making them superhuman fighters. Except for Spandam and Kalifa, whose fathers Spandine and Laskey were part of the then-CP9 over 20 years ago, all agents are also orphans raised and trained by the World Government.

Headquarters of the Ninth Cipher Pol is the Justice Tower on Enies Lobby, from where the agents receive their orders. Commander-in-chief Spandam is in turn Commander-General Kong and subordinate to the Five Elders. As it later turns out, there also exists a zeroth Cipher Pol division, which bears the name suffix “Aigis” and receives its orders directly from Mary Geoise of the World Nobles. It is considered the “strongest intelligence agency in the world”which puts it even above the CP9. Normal government officials like Corgi, who report to the Cipher Pol, wear black suits and a badge with the symbol of the World Government.

Known CipherPole Units


CP0 in Mary Geoise

The CP0, or CP0 for short, is at the head of the Cipher Pol. The organization bears the title of “the world’s most powerful intelligence agency” and reports directly to the World Nobles. According to Robin and Law, there is always trouble wherever the CP0 appears.

She first appeared on Dress Rosa, apparently acting on behalf of the former Tenryuubito Donquixote Doflamingo. Their task was to reassure the population on the morning of his resignation. They explained to the inhabitants that the news of his resignation as King of Dress Rosa and Samurai of the Seas was a hoax. Later, they were also present during the reverie in Mary Geoise and paid a visit to Orochi on Wano Country afterwards.

Cipher Pole No. 1 – 4

Nothing else is known about divisions CP1 through CP4, except that they are also deployed around the world to provide information to the world government.

Spandams CP5 8 years ago

Cipher Pole No. 5

The CP5 used to be under the command of Spandam, before he was promoted. It is noticeable that all CP5 agents wear grey and white suits, but otherwise hardly differ from the normal government agents.

The CP5 was ordered by Spandam to use the Battle Frankys to bomb Court President Jorge’s Justice ship and frame Tom for the assassination to ensure he was executed. Spandam’s plan worked and Tom was sentenced to death. A few years later, Spandam managed to convince the Five Elders to search for the Ancient Weapon Pluton plans. He was later eventually appointed director of CP9. During his time as director of CP5, Spandam did not yet wear a mask.

Cipher Pole #6

Almost nothing is known about the CP6. The only known member of this division is Jerry. His assignment was to guard the rearmost car of the Puffing Tom sea train, along with some regular government agents and marines. Jerry is from a karate island in the Southblue and is a boxing champion. However, he was no match for Sanji.

Cipher Pole No. 7

Almost nothing is known about the CP7 either. The only known member is ramen martial artist Wanze. He was the cook of the sea train and guard of the 4th carriage, but also lost to Sanji.

Cipher Pole No. 8

There is no information about the CP8, except that it is probably the highest cipher pole unit after the CP9.


Agents of the CP9

The CP9 is the top secret section of the Cipher Pol. All agents are proficient in the World Government Combat Technique Rokushiki, which makes them superhuman fighters. The only exceptions are rookie Nero and Director Spandam, who have only mastered four and none of the six techniques, respectively. Additionally, the CP9 received a Golden Den-den Mushi from Admiral Aokiji, giving them the authority to initiate a Buster Call.

Twenty-two years ago, Spandine was in charge of the CP9, but later his son Spandam took over as supreme commander. After the crushing defeat on Enies Lobby, the agents of the CP9 were forced to leave the island. Spandam then had the Navy pursue them to punish them for their failure. However, the former agents managed to escape.

Spandam and his father Spandine then plotted together to take out the CP9. Later it became known that besides Rob Lucci and Kaku, Spandam also joined the CP0, but is now apparently subordinate to Rob Lucci. Nothing is known about the whereabouts of the remaining agents, or whether there are already new CP9 agents.

Next generation of the Cipher Pol

The next generation of Cipher Pol agents is being trained


In the cover story of chapter 519, you see a group of kids being trained by someone. These are the next generation of Cipher Pol agents who are already in training. In the distance you can see Rob Lucci and the rest of the former CP9 agents who are now on the run.


  • The fact that the CP9 does not even officially exist almost rules out the existence of a CP10.
  • The name Cipher Pol, which in all likelihood derives from the words Cipher (“digit”) and Pole (short for “police”), is very reminiscent of the International Criminal Police Organization, or Interpol. Similar to Cipher Pol, which is active in the more than 170 member states of the world government, Interpol is an international association that works to strengthen cooperation between national police forces and has a presence in 190 member states around the world. The acronyms of the individual Cipher Pol sections, CP1 to CP9, are also strongly reminiscent of intelligence and police agencies from around the world, such as the United States Central Foreign Intelligence Agency – Central Intelligence Agency – or the British domestic intelligence agency MI5.

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