Cidre of One Piece

Cidre is a bounty hunter and the leader of the Cidre Guild.

This article contains information that is unique to the One Piece – Stampede special episodes.


Concept art from anime

Cidre is a tall man with a very broad back, whereas his legs look very narrow. He has longer purple hair as well as a beard of the same color. A noticeable feature of his face is a huge scar that runs across his forehead. He covers his torso with a dark zippered jacket, and two brown straps secure two barrels to his back. From these two hoses lead to his hands, to each of which he has attached a device to amplify his attacks using carbon dioxide. On his left hand this is considerably larger than on his right. His dark green trousers are fastened with a dark belt, and on his feet he wears dark boots.

Before he met Douglas Bullet a few years ago, he didn’t have the scar on his forehead. He wore his hair more loose then and he hadn’t grown his beard yet.


Cidre hates pirates from the bottom of his soul and intends to kill all pirates. He especially hates Douglas Bullet, calling him the worst of all pirates. From his hatred towards him also stems his assumption that the devil power users among the pirates can only instigate chaos. His Cidre Guild thus also takes no prisoners, and he also always impresses upon his people to kill all pirates they see. He doesn’t even shy away from attacking one of the Seven Samurai, as long as they could later claim it was the act of another pirate. This, and the fact that he also tried to kill Luffy, who has a bounty of over a billion, shows that Cidre has a lot of confidence in his abilities. As a leader, he is ruthless and leads with an iron fist. Aside from his two commanders, the rest of Cidre’s guild were forced to fight for his cause. He did not even shy away from holding their families hostage to force the men to obey.
However, Cidre states that he has no interest in dreams or the One Piece, as they are not real. All he would be interested in is his revenge on pirates as well as whatever money he can get for them.

Skills and strength

Cidre blows up the floor

As the leader of his own bounty hunter guild, Cidre has the authority to give orders to all of his subordinates. His style of leadership in this regard – aside from his two commanders – is one of fear and dread. His fighting style is characterized by his muscular upper body on the one hand, and his carbonic acid fighting devices on the other. This gives him a very close combat fighting style that is designed for pure strength. With the help of his devices, he can also fly through the air.

As mentioned earlier, he relies heavily on his carbonic acid fighting contraptions in combat, which help him deliver very powerful punches that can blow up the ground. Using his strongest fighting device, which he actually made for Douglas Bullet, he was able to punch Luffy through several metal walls. Still, this didn’t bother Luffy and eventually he was clearly outmatched by Luffy in Gear 3.

Haki he doesn’t seem to possess, at least doesn’t visibly use it.


Douglas Bullet’s raid

A few years ago, the pirate Douglas Bullet invaded his village and left it completely destroyed and in flames. Cidre was left without a chance and lay defeated on the ground while he witnessed all this. He then swore revenge on the pirates, especially those with devil powers.

Later, with this goal in mind, he founded a bounty hunter group, the Cidre Guild. With this, he established his base, a soda factory, on an island in the New World. He made the male islanders work and fight for him, while using the integrity of their families as leverage.


Cidre fights Luffy…

Buena Festa tried to invite Cidre for his pirate festival so that he would be there for more action. He was already very interested when he heard that Douglas Bullet would be attending, but Festa and Cidre began to argue when Festa heard that Cidre had just attacked the Straw Hats, who were also among the guests of honor. However, Cidre did not care about this.

Cidre had his men attack the Thousand Sunny until it escaped by a coup de burst. However, the island the Thousand Sunny headed for afterwards was the base of Cidre’s guild. Cidre again had his men chase Luffy, who ended up in a spa where Hancock was recovering. When Cidre heard that Boa Hancock was also on the island, he gave the order to kill her as well, later explaining to the Navy that this had been the work of the Straw Hat. However, the two were able to escape Cidre’s men again and went straight to the factory, where Cidre decided to fight Luffy in person.

…but he doesn’t stand a chance.

A fight broke out between the two, but Luffy clearly had the upper hand. Together with his two commanders Ginger and Guarana, he then retreated back to the factory and ordered his subordinates to hold off the pursuers while he prepared for the fight with Luffy. He donned his strongest battle suit, which he had actually made for his revenge on Douglas Bullet, and after Luffy flew past the two commanders using Gomu Gomu no Rocket, the battle ensued once again. Boa Hancock, meanwhile, took care of the Guarana and Ginger. During the fight, Cidre told the Straw Hat about the latter’s past and his motivation for fighting pirates, especially those with devil powers. However, while Boa Hancock easily won their fight, it also quickly became apparent that Cidre was no match for Luffy. Although his new fighting device made him significantly stronger, the Straw Hat Captain even attested to the bounty hunter leader’s lack of conviction, which is why he couldn’t defeat a pirate at all. Eventually, Luffy switched to Gear 3 mode and defeated Cidre with just one punch.

With his defeat, the islanders were once again liberated and rejoiced with their families, while Buena Festa laughed in disappointment that Cidre was all talk and weak after all.


  • His name seems to derive from the French word for cider, cider.
  • By his own admission, he’s taken down 99 pirates; Luffy should earn him his 100th bounty.

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