Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals


Movie 3 takes place after the Drum Arc, since Chopper is already there, but before the arrival on Arabasta. One inconsistency, however, is that Vivi, who made her first appearance before Arabasta, is missing.


Luffy and his friends are sailing across the sea on the The Going Merry, towards an island. Suddenly, columns of water shoot up, one of which catapults the The Going Merry over the island. Chopper can’t hold on long enough due to the wind and goes overboard while the Lamb is just above the island. The others land together with the The Going Merry on the other side of the island and start searching for Chopper.

Chopper gets to a place where the animals of the island have gathered to pay their last respects to their former ruler, the Gold Lion, as he has recently passed away. They are now looking for a new ruler. Living with the animals is the human boy Mobambi. When his father was murdered by pirates, the animals took him in and raised him.

Since Chopper simply fell out of the sky and landed among the animals, the animals and Mobambi think he is the new ruler they had hoped for. They unceremoniously crown Chopper as their king, which he puts up with mild protests. But in return they expect him to protect them from all dangers.

At the same time, Count Butler, General Hotdog and President Heavy, three strange characters, want to get the treasure of the animals. They know that the treasure must have something to do with the horns of the beasts and begin to hunt for the beasts. Count Butler, however, does not know at first that it is the horns of the King of Beasts that make him invincible. He finds out by rummaging through the shipwreck of Mobambi’s father and now hunts Chopper. Count Butler uses a violin to do this, which he can use to manipulate giant buffalo, the horn-eaters.

Mobambi, who had lost his parents to Count Butler, made an effort to represent the community of animals. However, he does not want to lose his new friend Chopper to Count Butler. He removes the golden horns of the old ruler and brings them to Count Butler. Thus, Count Butler manages to become a huge and strong monster. While Sanji fights President Heavy and Zoro has a battle with General Hotdog, Luffy takes on Count Butler. It is a tough and prolonged battle. But Luffy manages to break the horns of Count Butler’s head and shoot him off the island with a rubber attack.

The Straw Hat Pirates has found Chopper and saved the island. They say goodbye to Mobambi and his animals and follow the log port again, continuing their search for the legendary One Piece.


  • The movie also explains how Sanji got his alias “Mr. Prince”. He wore the sunglasses throughout the movie. Then when the Straw Hats meet the new Beast King Chopper again, Sanji says he would rather be a prince than a king. At the beginning of the fight between Sanji and Heavy, Heavy asks who he is. Sanji’s response to this question was “the prince”. However, during the course of the fight between the two, his sunglasses broke.
  • The DVD was released in Japan on October 21, 2002.

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