Chopper & Gan Fort vs Shura

When Chopper is supposed to be watching over the The Going Merry at Skypiea’s sacrificial altar, the priest Shura suddenly appears on his bird Fusa and complains that there is only one to kill. At the same moment, Chopper blows his whistle in panic to call Gan Fall for help.

A short moment later the call arrives at his house, where he immediately leaves everything and goes with Pierre on the way to Chopper.

Meanwhile Chopper tries to defend the The Going Merry, but has to realize that he has no chance against Shura when he ignites the The Going Merry with his fire lance.

Just as Shura is about to finish Chopper off for good, Gan Fall shows up and takes over the fight for him.

Gan Fall and Shura are about equal in strength and engage in an extremely fast aerial battle on their mounts. The ex-god seems to be slowly gaining the upper hand and is even able to hurl his opponent down with an impact dial from Fusa.

However, he was caught again and the fight continued. Gan Fall is even able to wound Shura once more with his lance, but Shura used his final trick: he has strung paper-thin cords everywhere, just like in the Test of Cords. At first they don’t bother Gan Fall, he doesn’t even notice them, but then he abruptly gets caught in them and can’t move an inch.

This makes him easy prey for the priest, who hurls him into the lake with one blow. To help him, Chopper jumps into the lake and is now also defeated due to his devil powers. Finally, Shura still carries Pierre into the water and thus wins the fight.

Video of the fight

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