Chiya of One Piece

Chiya was the medicine man of the Shandia and lived at the time of Kalgara 400 years ago on Jaya. As a medicine man, he held one of the highest positions among the Shandia, since, according to the belief of the inhabitants, he communicated to them the will of their serpent god. However, he died of tree fever immediately after his first appearance.


Chiya was a thin, older man with a beard and white hair. He also wore a white headdress and a blue pearl necklace around his neck. When he appeared, he was already seriously ill in his bed. Furthermore, he was already missing some teeth.

Although the Shandia were still living on the Grand Line at the time, Chiya already possessed angel wings.


Like all other Shandia, the medicine man was a strict believer. He believed he knew the will of God and communicated to his tribe everything his god supposedly wished. He considered natural disasters, diseases or crop failures to be curses of the gods, which they could appease by human sacrifice.


Chiya only appeared in a flashback of Kalgara. The tree fever had broken out among the Shandia and the inhabitants asked the medicine man, who had fallen himself ill with the plague, for advice. He told them to offer Mouse as a human sacrifice to their god. Immediately after this statement, he died, as did the healer of the village, which caused great panic among the Shandia.


  • The Japanese original speaks of the 神官 (engl. priest), but the term Shaman is also common. Only in the Vivre Card databook is his real name mentioned.

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