Chiqicheetah of One Piece

Chiqicheetah is a member of the Foxy Pirates. He participated in the Davy Back Fight.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Chiqicheetah can transform into two different shapes thanks to his devilish powers:

In his animal-human form, he walks upright on his two hind legs like a normal human. Instead of paws, he has really pronounced human hands with five fingers each. Also, in this form, he has fur sticking out on his head that resembles hair. His white-black eyes also resemble those of a human. In this form he can be found most of the time.

The second figure.

In his animal form, his entire physique has changed and adapted to that of a cheetah. In this guise, he walks on all four legs, and also no longer seems to have human-shaped feet and hands, but paws. Also, his hair-like, sticking out fur on his head is now gone and his eyes have turned greenish black and look more menacing. He can run even faster on four legs than he can on two. When it comes to speed, this is how Chiqicheetah is found.

Skills and strengths

As you would expect, Chiqicheetah can move very fast with the help of his devil powers, making him the fastest runner in the Foxy Pirate gang. He also has an excellent sense of smell.


In the Roller Race

Chiqicheetah in another guise.

Chiqicheetah competed as the fastest runner in the team of the “Foxy Devils” in the 3rd round against Usopp. Since the 3rd round was also a set point for Foxy’s team, Usopp had to try all the harder, or rather, he once again got an “I have to get out of here” fit. While Usopp had not even completed the first lap after the starting whistle, Chiqicheetah was already in the second. When the defenders of the Straw Hat Pirates were allowed to start after 20 seconds, Chiqicheetah could be seen in a slightly different form, much more similar to a cheetah. This form also seemed to be much faster. In a head-to-head race with Luffy, he eventually won, as Luffy couldn’t make turns and flew out of the stadium. Due to Chiqicheetah’s high speed, he used his “Triple Super Torpedo” to avoid flying out of corners.

While the last minute of the race was running, Chiqicheetah already had a lead of 13 laps and increased it to 15 laps in the last 30 seconds. Nevertheless, Chiqicheetah lost to Usopp in the last 5 seconds by being knocked off the track by a kiwi tree, which was cut down by Zoro.

In Pirate Dodgeball

In Pirate Dodgeball, Chiqicheetah couldn’t last long against the Straw Hat Pirates. He was swept off the field by Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Tsuchi and thus disqualified. Chiqicheetah was one of the 10 participants for Luffy’s record in the Dodgeball game.

At the ox before the mountain

As the fastest runner, Chiqicheetah of course led immediately after the starting whistle. After only two attempts he arrived at the Ochs vor’m Berg, but was disqualified because he was much too fast and couldn’t stop in time. He flew out of the game as the 4th player.


  • He belongs to the family: Felidae (cats and feline). And when cats smell citrus or come in contact with the branches & leaves, they go totally nuts. In the Straw Hat Pirates’s case, it was kiwis. Sanji recognized Chiqicheetah’s weakness and through Zoro, who placed a kiwi tree on the race track in front of Chiqicheetah, thwarted Chiqicheetah from winning against Usopp in the roller skating race.
  • Cheetah is English and means cheetah.

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