Chip of One Piece

Chip is one of the two sons of Scorpion, the bounty hunter.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Chip is the younger of Scorpion’s sons and has brown hair and a pot haircut. He wears a green sweater and blue pants with straps.


Scorpion wants to become a bounty hunter again for his kids

The three of them once lived on a small farm in wasteland and were not very rich. When Scorpion heard Chip and Dip complaining about hunger, he announced to them that he would become a bounty hunter again. Since his kids just had Ace’s wanted poster in hand, he decided to find and defeat him. He set off, leaving his children alone. After some time, they followed him into the desert and started searching for their father. Moreover, they had not had a decent meal for ten days.


Chip And Dip Stop Their Dad From Shooting

While the Straw Hats and Ace were resting in the desert, food was stolen from a fishing line. Ace eventually found the culprits, two young boys. Dip took out his pistol and tried to shoot at the fire fists, however Ace deflected the bullet with ease. They were then joined by the members of the Straw Hat Pirates. Desperate, Dip asked the group for help as they wanted to find her father. The latter later showed up as well, riding Popo the ostrich along with Luffy. The bounty hunter started a fight with Ace, in which he had little chance. As he lay on the ground, his sons came into his sight. They wanted him to stop bounty hunting, but Scorpion didn’t even think about it. After a short conversation, Scorpion wanted to attack again, but Chip and Dip stopped him. When he dropped his bazooka, it fell under a rock and fired a shot. Ace saved the small family from the boulders and they decided to return to Wasteland.

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