Chinjao of One Piece

Chinjao is a member of the Chinjao family from Kano Country and was once the twelfth head of the Happou Navy, sailing the world’s oceans. Until he handed over the leadership of the Happou Navy to his grandson Sai, he was known as Don Chinjao (jap. 首領・チンジャオ, Don Chinjao). In his pirate days, he was also known as Chinjao the Driller (jap. 錐のチンジャオ, Kiri no Chinjao).


Chinjao’s head after Sai’s attack

Don Chinjao is a very tall, roundly built, older man. He wears a long white beard and a tattoo of a number above his left eyebrow; a 12 for his position as the twelfth head of the Eight Treasures Navy. His clothing consists of a dark green jacket with white trim, which he always wears open, a dark brown belt, and yellow pants.

Thirty years ago he had dark hair. His clothes at that time consisted of a long dark shirt with a circle pattern, a light belt and a long, dark captain’s coat, which he had laid over his shoulders. He also had a very long and pointed head, which earned him the nickname of the Drill. This, however, had been caved in on him by Vice-Admiral Garp during their fight. You could still see the large dent in his head shape 30 years later. However, in the battle against Luffy, his head was restored to its original shape by a gum-gum thor-elephant gun.


Don Chinjao goes into a frenzy.

At first glance, Don Chinjao seems like a calm and collected old man. For example, he was silent in his first appearance when his grandsons came to the defense of Luffy, disguised as Lucy, from the Coliseum staff for knocking out Spartan, who, however, attacked the Straw Hat first. Chinjao was silent even as his grandson Sai yelled at the captain for thanking them.

On the other hand, when Don Chinjao holds a grudge against someone, he can go berserk very quickly and the facade of the calm, collected old man completely falls off of him. Interestingly, his beard then begins to stand up wildly. In his blind frenzy, he wouldn’t have even cared if he had been disqualified; only his grandchildren are then able to calm him down. But not only hatred, but also sadness seems to overtake him from time to time, since he can no longer get to his beloved treasure.

Don Chinjao is crying.

Furthermore, he apparently believes that a person’s descendants can be held accountable for the actions of their ancestors. Due to a fight with Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp 30 years ago, Chinjao nearly died, whereupon he swore revenge on the Vice Admiral all the way to his grandson’s generation. However, since he couldn’t take revenge on Garp, he wanted to take out his anger on Luffy, to whom he also mentioned that he would have killed the latter’s father Dragon as well if he had known he was Garp’s son. His cruelty towards Garp even goes so far as to think death is too good for his enemy and wants him to live to see how painful it is to lose someone. He wants this out of revenge for Garp taking away his power and memories of his youth, according to his own statements. According to his own statements, the loss to Garp also broke his will, which is what weighs the worst for him.

Likewise, he has no respect for the so-called Worst Generationwhich includes Luffy, as he considers them pompous and pretentious to be able to hold their own in the New World, and their strength cannot compete with that of the old pirates of his own era, with Blackbeard still seeming the most familiar to him. Therefore, he rather advised Luffy to quit being a pirate, as he could not compete with the admirals and the Four Emperors, or even surpass Gol D. Roger. Moreover, he thought it was good of the Navy to kill Ace because, according to Chinjao, he had been a promising pirate with potential.

Contrast this with the fact that he speaks very politely and shows no lack of courtesy even through his rage – thus he calls Garp, despite being his enemy, Garp-san and addresses the latter’s grandchildren as Luffy-kun. He also addresses his grandsons politely, and it was only their presence that prevented further violence on his part, as he obviously didn’t want to hurt them.

Skills & Strengths

Don Chinjao split the ice.

The fact that he is said to have been worth over 500 million at one time speaks to the former pirate’s strength. Don Chinjao’s head butts were said to be very famous. He headbutted an entire ice continent 30 years ago to get to the treasures on its floor, which were protected by the ice layer. With a headbutt, he was able to shatter a massive stone floor without any damage to himself. Another example of the toughness of his head is his confrontation with Cavendish, who stopped Don Chinjao with his sword Durandal. Chinjao’s head was not pierced by the sword. However, Chinjao could not do anything against Garp’s and Luffy’s attacks reinforced with Haki, even though he claimed himself that nothing was harder than his head.

Likewise, Don Chinjao is able to use Haki. He can use the Busoushoku to harden his fists and head, which then take on the typical black coloration. With this, he was able to block a punch from Luffy, causing even the air to crackle. Furthermore, he is one of the few people capable of using the Haoushoku. He used it in the Battle Royal of Block C to specifically take out lesser fighters. In addition to Busoushoku and Haoushoku, Chinjao is also proficient in Kenbunshoku.

However, by his own admission, he has lost a lot of strength due to age, which is why he could hardly keep up with Lao G or be suitable for longer-lasting fights.


Don Chinjao’s head shape is changed by Garp’s punch.

Thirty years ago, during his active pirate days, Chinjao used his head to recover a great treasure that belonged to his ancestors and lay beneath an indestructible layer of ice. With a single attack, he split the ice continent in two. A short time later, the pirate was engaged in a fight by Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp and was nearly killed. The Vice Admiral, by his own account, smashed eight mountains as training so he could mess with Chinjao’s head. A fight ensued between the two opponents, with Garp slamming the drill ‘s pointed head shape into the drill ‘s head, creating a large dent in it. When the ice spread over the treasure again and the pirate could no longer destroy it due to his new head shape, he could no longer get to his treasure; he ended his pirate life and swore revenge on the vice admiral until his grandchildren’s generation. Moreover, it is said to have been worth over 500,000,000 at the time.


Corrida Colosseum

Chinjao makes Luffyto give himself away.

Along with his grandsons Sai and Boo, he traveled to Dress Rosa to compete in the Tournament for the Fire Fruit at the Corrida Colosseum. When Luffy was to be eliminated from the tournament early after an altercation with Spartan in the waiting room, the Chinjao family stood up for him because the Straw Hat captain had not started the fight himself.

As the B-Block battle was in full swing, the former pirate joined Luffy and Cavendish, disguised as Lucy, who were watching the Battle Royale. Chinjao immediately asked Luffy how the latter’s grandfather Garp was doing, to which the Straw Hat captain abruptly asked how he knew the Vice Admiral. The ex-pirate then briefly recounted his encounter with Garp, causing Cavendish to recognize Luffy’s true identity. At the memory of his fight with Garp, the usually seemingly peaceful Don Chinjao went completely berserk and attacked both Luffy and Cavendish. To prevent him from being disqualified, his grandsons Sai and Boo stepped in to try and calm him down and remind him of their real goal. Luffy, meanwhile, managed to escape the commotion.

Chinjao is defeated, but has his head form back.

In Block C, Don Chinjao had no significant problems with the opponents who faced him and rightly saw him as a major threat. He unceremoniously took them out with his Haoushoku, after which he stressed that he was only interested in one opponent. With only 40 Battle Royals fighters remaining, he single-mindedly made his way to his target: Luffy. While fighting his way to Luffy, Chinjao ordered his grandson Sai to avenge his brother Boo. Shortly after, he encountered Jean Ango, who threw weapons at Luffy, hitting the stomach area of Chinjao, whom it merely hurt, but not much. With a headbutt, he knocked the bounty hunter out of the ring with one punch. Only Sai, Ideo, Luffy and Don Chinjao remained, with him knocking Ideo out of the ring for getting in his way and Luffy taking care of Sai with a kick, which he also kicked out of the arena. In front of an astonished audience, Chinjao and Luffy then met with a Haki enhanced punch that caused a shockwave.

Chinjao is trying to say thank you.

After this attack, Chinjao faintly remembered the past and the treasure he couldn’t reach after Garp defeated him, whereupon he started crying loudly and yelling in rage at the same time. Luffy confused this behavior and attacked the ex-pirate with a Hawk-Rifle. Another exchange of words ensued, in which Chinjao advised the rubber man to give up his pirate life, as he could not outdo Roger. A short while later, Luffy tried to end the fight by bracing himself against Chinjao’s head, leaping into the air and aiming a Haki enhanced Elephant Gun at Chinjao. This not only knocked the former pirate out and sent him into the water, but also gave him back his old, pointy head shape. His grandchildren were worried about him when they saw him split the ring as he fell to the ground and fell into the water.

When C-Block ended, Luffy was immediately confronted again by Cavendish, but he had no chance of even hurting the rubber man. A little later, the Chinjao clan interfered, with Sai speaking for his grandfather and asking Luffy for a word. Don Chinjao could only speak softly, but he thanked the Straw Hat captain and also wanted the Happou Navy, which his grandson Sai headed, to be put under Luffy’s leadership.

Prisoner of the Donquixote pirate gang

Captured participants

As it later turned out, Chinjao, as well as all the other losers of the tournament, was tricked into a trap, locking them in a room underneath the coliseum, along with a bunch of toys. After Sai ended up there as well, Chinjao Doflamingo swore revenge down to his grandchildren’s generation. After a few other tournament participants also ended up in the room, Don Chinjao explained that many countries, including their own, would suffer from the arms treaties made by Doflamingo. Then, when Sai was dragged out of the room, by Trébol’s forces, both Boo and Chinjao were extremely alarmed. He later had a conversation with King Riku Doldo III, to whom he explained that he would very much like to have grandchildren, since, caused by Sugar’s devil powers, he had completely forgotten about Boo and Sai. As it later turned out, Chinjao was also turned into a toy and forced to work. When Sugar lost consciousness, the curse was broken and he transformed back.

Alliance against Doflamingo

Together against the tyrant

When Pica’s factory and palace were moved and Doflamingo’s devilish powers forced the islanders to fight each other or Luffy and his friends, Luffy, Zoro and Law set out to take out Doflamingo. Cavendish, Don Chinjao as well as Hajrudin and many other gladiators from the Corrida Colosseum who had been turned into toys joined the three. Don Chinjao took the opportunity to tell Luffy that he no longer held a grudge against him. He further explained that it was actually the Happo Navy’s job to find and destroy Don Flamingo’s black market, however they would now pay their debt to the Straw Hat and get Doflamingo’s head for him. So the new alliance raced off together to take on the Donquixote pirate gang, and while Luffy, Jeet, Abdullah, Law and Zoro ran with the bull Ucy across the Pica statue to level 2, the rest of the gladiators took the long way from level to level, fighting their way through the crowds. When they almost reached level 3, however, they were stopped by the officers of the Donquixote Pirates. Don Chinjao still wanted to charge through, but was stopped by Gladius from reaching the third level of the new King’s Square. The gladiators then decided to fight the officers so that the Straw Hat could make it to Doflamingo unhindered. Don Chinjao fought against Lao G at this.

Sai protects babe 5

However, when Don Chinjao witnessed Sai stopping Baby 5 from killing himself as he did not want such a victory, Chinjao became furious as he felt that as a leader one should be as cruel as possible to one’s enemies and it was a shame to help the enemy. Chinjao’s anger became so great that he wanted to kill both Baby 5 and Sai. However, this gave Sai the incentive to discover unimagined powers within himself and repel the attack from him to protect Baby 5, at which point, however, Chinjao’s pointed head was knocked down. Chinjao was impressed by his grandson’s power and explained that he himself had currently lost a lot of strength due to his age and fighting Luffy, but Sai’s kicks were now strong enough to break icebergs as well, which is why he named Sai’s new technique and now finally stepped down as leader of the Eight Treasures Navy so Sai could now lead them. However, the two were interrupted by Lao G, who had since gathered forces and defeated Don Chinjao in one blow.

The healed gladiators charge forward

To avenge the attack on his grandfather as well as protect his new fiancée Baby 5, Sai shortly defeated Lao G. As it turned out, Don Chinjao had not lost consciousness and was just as shocked as his grandson to hear Baby 5 say that Sai now had two ceremonies to prepare for – Her wedding and his funeral. But they were not granted time to recover, for the battle in Dress Rosa continued, and so Pica attacked his wounded enemies. Don Chinjao, Sai and Baby 5 survived the attack and watched as Pica strode towards the old King’s Plateau to put an end to Riku Doldo III. However, he was prevented from doing so by Zoro and was ultimately defeated, greatly impressing Don Chinjao and everyone present. Ultimately, as Doflamingo’s birdcage continued to close in, the former head of Sai’s family was ordered to tend to the injured, or rather wake them up before the cage could reach them. They succeeded in this, but Doflamingo’s cage became more threatening by the minute, and Luffy’s battered allies gradually ran out of strength. It was not until Mansherry, the princess of the dwarves of the Tontatta Kingdom, was freed that they were given new courage, as she temporarily healed them all of their wounds, spurring them on to fight on, defeating the remaining Donquixote pirates and helping the civilians to escape. Afterwards, Don Chinjao helped stop the birdcage with the help of Bartolomeo’s barrier, but they could only slow it down and ultimately only Luffy’s victory over Doflamingo put an end to the terror. Everyone was relieved when the cage finally disappeared.

The end of tyranny

Doflamingo was defeated and Dress Rosa saved, so Chinjao and other Alliance fighters recovered against the former at the palace. Three days later, the Straw Hats were about to depart, but the marines were ordered to prevent them from doing so. The former participants in the tournament, as well as many allies, intervened to allow their rescuers to escape, and they eventually met up with Naval Admiral Fujitora together at the Eastern Harbor. However, when he launched a devastating attack on them, most of them, including Don Chinjao, fled to the flagship of the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet. There Sai, Cavendish, Bartolomeo, Hajrudin, Ideo, Leo and Orlumbus announced that they would henceforth sail under Luffy’s flag, which the latter initially refused. But eventually, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet was formed under the membership of the Happou Navy, and after Sai received Luffy’s Vivre Card, they parted ways for the time being and began their journey home.

The stories of the self-proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet

Don Chinjao and the Happou Navy reached his home, whereupon Sai spoke to Uholisia, his former fiancée, and broke off the engagement. She was furious and beat him up, while Don Chinjao got a good telling off from her father. In the end, however, the wedding between the now 13th head of the Happou Navy and the formerly hostile Baby 5 took place, to the delight of all present.


  • Chinjao (note: needs link) is a dish of Chinese cuisine.

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