Chimney of One Piece

Chimney is the granddaughter of Grandma Kokoro. Together with her and her pet, who Chimney calls Gonbe the cat, even though Gonbe is a rabbit, the three of them live in Station Shift. She first appears in the CP9 saga and plays a secondary role in it.


Chimney before the time jump

Chimney embodies a lively girl who also dresses accordingly. She has long, yellow hair and wears it in braids that always stick stiffly up. She has a rather large mouth, and when she closes it, a small heart emerges above her lips. Relative to her mouth, she has a downright small nose and barely noticeable eyebrows, though her eyes are wide compared to many of the other characters on the show, as well as appearing rather large and round. Her purple sandals and white shirt over her striped dress once again emphasize her colorful style.


Chimney longs for great adventure and has identical characteristics to her grandmother, Granny Kokoro, who almost always shows a big grin and is quite carefree and curious. She is a happy, innocent girl who is usually always around Grandma Kokoro and Gonbe.

Skills and strengths

Chimney is the granddaughter of a mermaid, Grandma Kokoro, who married a human. She had a 1/2 merman son (male mermaid) at the time, who in turn married another human. The result of this is Chimney, who is 1/4 mermaid and 3/4 human. Although she is not a mermaid like her grandmother, she is an extremely good swimmer. She additionally appears to have a robust character, having solely suffered from nosebleeds when she fell off the Rocketman in Enie’s lobby. She probably owes her remarkable eyesight to her large, round eyes when she spotted the stuck Luffy between two buildings in Water 7 that night.


Water 7

Chimney at Shift station

When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived in Water 7, more specifically at Shift Station, Chimney already took a liking to Luffy. That’s why she and Gonbe later accompanied Grandma Kokoro to the Water City when she noticed the menacing Aqua Laguna.

Enies Lobby

Chimney, Kokoro and Nami escape from the floods in the underwater tunnel
Chimney and the others are rescued by Kokoro

She snuck into the Rocketman along with her pet and accompanied the Straw Hat Pirates, the Franky Family, and the three Galley-La members to Enie’s lobby. She later followed Rob Lucci, Spandam, and Nico Robin, drawing a path on a wall for the Straw Hat Pirates to pursue. This also allowed her to spot an entrance, which she subsequently showed to Luffy, who broke it shortly after with Gear 3. At this time, Rob Lucci was aware that they were being pursued by Chimney and Gonbe, but chose not to harm them, on the grounds that Spandam had not ordered him to do such a thing.

Later, Luffy and Rob Lucci met and engaged in a gigantic fight while Chimney, Gonbe, Granny Kokoro, and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates went through a secret tunnel. The fight between the two opponents escalated and the secret tunnel was eventually flooded. Meanwhile, Kokoro revealed her mermaid skills and thus led the group through the waters into the sea, where they all ended up on a government ship that Franky and Nico Robin had taken control of. When the Navy learned that the Straw Hats planned to use their ship to escape, they destroyed all their warships. Thus, Sanji arrived just in time to rescue Chimney, Gonbe, Granny Kokoro, and Chopper from the ship. However, the Navy cornered the group until they heard the Going Merry. They then all jumped into the sea, swam all the way to their ship, and escaped from Enie’s lobby.

Back in Water 7

Chimney and the rest of the group returned to Water 7, with the girl spending the following time with the Straw Hat Pirates at Galley-La headquarters. When Vice Admiral Garp finally appeared to see Luffy, she was shocked to learn that he was Luffy’s grandfather. Later, she attended the Straw Hats’ big party.

After the departure of the Straw Hat Pirates…

Yokuzuna Plays With Chimney

After the Straw Hat Pirates left and Yokuzuna stopped fighting the Sea Train, Chimney and Gonbe were seen playing Shift together with Yokuzuna at the station. Grandma Kokoro was also sitting next to them.

Two years later, Chimney ran the Shift station on Sundays, where she is a popular station captain. Gonbe sat next to her.

After the events on Dress Rosa, Chimney, along with her grandmother, Iceburg, and others, saw the new profile of Franky and the rest of the Straw Hats in the newspaper.


  • Her favorite food is Sanji’s paille, a type of French fry.

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