Chichilisia of One Piece

Chichilisia is the leader of the Nihou Navy of Kano Country and the father of Uholisia.


Chichilisia is a very tall man with dark sideburns, a chin beard, and a long Fu Manchu beard. On his otherwise balding head, he has tied his remaining hair into braids in two places. He wears a purple robe, with the kanji for Nihou written on the right side of his chest, while his name can be seen on the left side. Furthermore, he wears a long dark purple cloak with a very high collar.


During the fight between Sai and Baby 5 on Dress Rosa, Chinjao mentions that he would not agree to a marriage between the two, as Sai was after all already engaged to Uholisia, the daughter of the leader of the Nihou Navy. This marriage had once been arranged by the two chiefs for political reasons. But things turned out differently and in fact Sai decided to marry Baby 5 instead of Uholisia.

Back home, Sai met Uholisia and broke off the engagement, but she retaliated by beating Sai bloody. Her father’s reaction was no different, pointing his finger at Chinjao in a rage. Nonetheless, Sai eventually married Baby 5, so it can be assumed that the union of Nihou and Happo Navy was not sealed.


  • Chichi, with the kanji 父, means father in Japanese.

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