Chessmarimo of One Piece

Chessmarimo is a mutant created with the help of the Wapol house. He results from Wapol’s henchmen Chess and Marimo.


Visually, Chessmarimo is a mixture of Chess and Marimo. At first, Sanji even thought Marimo was simply sitting on Chess’ shoulders; however, their bodies and clothes have actually merged.


By merging the two servants of Wapol, their personalities also merged into one. Their facial expressions are always the same, and because they both think the same, they also speak simultaneously, which was emphasized by Eiichiro Oda in the manga.


The burning afro arrows

Since Chessmarimo is a combination of Wapol’s two strongest subordinates, Chessmarimo also combines all of their abilities. For example, like Chess, he is excellent with a bow and arrow. In doing so, Chessmarimo shoots burning afros, just as Marimo used them. In close combat, he uses four wooden hammers or four axes each, which he can swing in such a way that even cutting air waves can be created.

They’re fused… and super dangerous!
Otherwise, Wapol would never have become so powerful…
– Doc Kureha about Chessmarimo


After Wapol transformed into the Wapol House, he devoured his loyal subordinates Chess and Marimo, who immediately re-entered through Wapol’s door, now fused into Chessmarimo, into the square in front of Dumm’s Royal Castle to continue the battle against Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji, Chopper, and Dr. Kureha. When Chopper tried to attack their master Wapol, Chessmarimo threw himself in between and blocked the blow. While Luffy now took care of Wapol, Chopper took on Chessmarimo and ate a Rumble Ball in preparation. Chessmarimo, however, only wondered if Chopper was the legendary Yeti and why he was now fighting for the humans who had always treated him badly.

Chessmarimo is defeated

According to Chopper, the fight would last no longer than three minutes, because then the effect of the Rumble Ball would wear off. Chessmarimo then attacked him with flaming arrows, which Chopper deftly dodged with a transformation. Chessmarimo now realized that Chopper, like Dalton, must be in possession of a Zoan Devil Fruit and was appropriately surprised when Chopper escaped his wooden hammers in a fourth form (Double Jump Power) and even survived a blow without damage in a fifth (Double Plush). Chessmarimo appeared unimpressed with Chopper’s further mutation levels and continued to attack. However, he quickly switched to his hatchets after a hammer from Chopper (Double-Arm-Strength) was destroyed. With a flying cut, Chessmarimo was able to land a hit, however all subsequent attacks missed their nimble target. Chopper, who had meanwhile scoped out Chessmarimo, managed to hide unnoticed right in front of Chessmarimo and knocked him out with a well-aimed blow to his weak spot, his chin.


  • He also calls himself Mutant Man.
  • When Luffy first saw Chessmarimo, he was more than taken with his appearance and thought he was cool.

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