Charlotte Yuen of One Piece

Charlotte Yuen is the 35th son of Charlotte Linlin, the 64th child of the Charlotte family and part of Big Mom’s band of pirates.


Charlotte Yuen is a rather tall and slender man with small black eyes. On his head he wears a round helmet-like headgear with two pointed horns that covers almost his entire head. Yuen’s outerwear consists of some sort of armor, around his waist he has tied a bright cloth and his vertical striped pants are wide cut. He also wears light-colored gloves and a dark cloak. As a weapon he carries a long staff.


Yuen is a loyal member of the Big Mom pirates. He was part of the army that gathered on Cacao to take down Luffy. When he fought Sanji, he became angry that Sanji turned his back on him because he cared about Pekoms. He felt this was rude and attacked the Cook.

Skills & Strength

Yuen is able to apply Geppou and thus move in the air. In his opinion, this is a simple technique that anyone can use. As a weapon, he uses a long staff with a ball at the top that he can massively magnify. With an attack from his weapon, Yuen was able to knock Sanji back down hard onto the ground with Luffy in tow from the air.


Yonji vs. Yuen

Yuen, along with many of his siblings and other soldiers, gathered on Cacao to wait for Luffy. The latter was to emerge from the only remaining intact mirror in Deadland at 1:00. They planned to attack the Straw Hat Captain should he step out of the mirror.

When Luffy finally emerged from the mirror with Pekoms’ help, Sanji rushed to his captain’s aid. While Pekoms was being held up by the Big Mom pirates, the Cook grabbed Luffy and fled into the air with him. However, they were followed by Yuen, who knocked them both back to the ground with a powerful blow from his weapon. The next moment, to the surprise of the Big Mom pirates, the supposedly defeated Germa 66 appeared. Sanji and Luffy then continued their escape and Yuen again tried to stop the two. Before Yuen could strike, Yonji suddenly destroyed the large bullet from Yuen’s gun and grabbed Big Mom’s offspring by the head. Yonji then hurled him through some buildings with his extended arm, taking out other members of the Big Mom pirates at the same time.


  • Its name may derive from the Chinese dessert Tangyuan (note: needs link), and thus, like many of its siblings’ names, would refer to something to eat.
  • Yuen has a habit of ending his sentences with a -yu.

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