Charlotte Snack of One Piece

Charlotte snack is the 25th son of Charlotte Linlin, the 44th child of the Charlotte family, and the older twin brother of Charlotte Bavarois. In the Big Mom pirate gang, he holds the office of Frit Minister (jap. フライ大臣, Furai Daijin) and administers Potato Island. He was one of the four candy commanders. During the time jump, Urouge and his band of pirates ventured into Big Mom’s territory and defeated Snack. Brûlée mentioned that there were only three Candy Commanders left after this incident.


Snack is a tall man with a broad nose. He wears his hair tied up in a bun, held in place by a hairpin. Otherwise he wears a sheepskin jacket, a striped scarf and shoulder plates.


Not much is known about Snack’s personality yet. However, he seems to remain devoted to his family, as he comes to Cacao to fight the Straw Hat Pirates despite being demoted and losing his post.

Skills & Strengths

As the former candy commander of the Big Mom pirate gang with a bounty of 600 million, he must have some impressive strength. Yet he was stripped of his post after his defeat at the hands of Urouge. Furthermore, he carries a huge katana.


During the last two years after Marine Ford’s great war, Snack fought Urouge, who had invaded Whole Cake Island. He was militantly outmatched, so he was relieved of his command.


The Battle of Cacao

Snack gets in Judge’s way

While Luffy was fighting Charlotte Katakuri in the Mirror World, the Big Mom pirate gang was massing all their forces on Cacao to keep the Straw Hat Pirate Captain and his crew from escaping Totto Land after they blew up the big wedding and threw the entire Big Mom territory into chaos. This arsenal included Snack, who followed his brother Oven and noted with interest that Luffy was also part of the Worst Generation. After Luffy made a victorious escape from the Mirror World, Snack was surprised to find that Germa 66 was still alive and had opened the attack on the enemy forces. During the confrontation and escape of Sanji with his captain, Snack confronted the Germa 66 and its leader, Vinsmoke Judge. The outcome of this confrontation is uncertain.
This fact only occurs in the anime.

Wano Country

Later, Charlotte Snack was part of the group around Big Mom who tried to enter Wano Country, but was pushed back down the waterfall by King while trying.


  • The name Snack (note: needs link) joins the naming scheme of the Big Mom pirate gang.

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