Charlotte Raisin of One Piece

Charlotte raisin is the 33rd son of Charlotte Linlin and the 60th child of the Charlotte family. He is part of Big Mom’s band of pirates.


Raisin’s first color scheme

Raisin is a slenderly built man with a wild long mane. He has an angular face, narrow eyes, and two reddish markings that run vertically on his face. He wears a six button top, white pants, and a cape with a collar. To match his gloves, Raisin wears boots of the same color.

In the anime, Raisin initially has a different color scheme. As part of the Army of Wrath, he has blonde hair, a purple top, a red cape, and brown gloves and boots. Later on Cacao, he has white-bluish hair, a white top, and a dark cape. His gloves are a shade of grey.


Raisin seems to be a loyal member of the Charlotte family, as he was part of the Army of Wrath that sought to avenge their brother Cracker. He also joined the assembled unit on Cacao that ambushed Luffy there. He also seems to be quite intelligent and tried to put himself in Luffy’s shoes, explaining to his siblings that if he were him, he would have avoided a fight with Katakuri, hid in the Mirror World until the agreed meeting place, and then escaped with Brûlée.

Skills & Strength

Raisin is able to jump very high. This is how he caught up with the fleeing Luffy, who was trying to escape over the rooftops of Cacao. Raisin commented that Luffy would make an easy target if he jumped into the air. As a weapon, he uses a sword.


Sanji vs Raisin

Raisin was part of the Army of Wrath that was sent to avenge Charlotte Cracker after his defeat by Luffy. Along with his siblings and numerous Chess soldiers, he fought against Luffy and Nami. After their victory against the Straw Hats, the army returned to the castle.

The next evening, Raisin and his siblings were called together on Cacao to wait for Luffy. The latter was to step out of the last remaining mirror on the island at 01:00. Raisin believed that Luffy would not emerge from the mirror until the appointed time with Brûlée. As expected, at the announced time, Pekoms appeared from the mirror with Luffy. While Pekoms provided a distraction, Luffy leapt into the air to flee across the rooftops. Raisin followed him and set to attack, but was kicked into a building by the suddenly appearing Sanji.

Arrival on Wano Country

Together with his mother and a few siblings, he tracked the Straw Hats on the Queen Mama Chanter to Wano Country, where Emperor Kaidou, with whom Big Mom had already conversed via Den-den Mushi, ruled. However, their arrival did not go unnoticed and they were attacked by Kaidou’s underlings while attempting to infiltrate the country via a waterfall. With the help of Perospero’s devil powers, they initially managed to repel the attacks, but at the top of the waterfall they encountered King, one of the three main representatives of the Beasts Pirates. The latter attacked the ship, causing it to fall and thus transporting the Big Mom pirates present towards the sea. While their mother was lost, the remaining Big Mom pirates were able to survive this unscathed on the ship and discussed how to proceed now. After hearing that their mother had formed an alliance with Kaidou, they attempted to climb the waterfall again on the day of the Fire Festival. This time, however, they were stopped by Marco and pushed down again.


  • Raisin is English and means Raisin. Thus, Raisin’s name is also a food.

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